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Spring is in Bloom– Pants Edition

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I mentioned in a previous post that I recently bought some new clothes and one of the items that I bought are a pair of flowered pants.  I was super-excited to wear them as a nod to the first day of Spring.  I had planned to wear them with another new item, my chambray shirt, but the look didn’t come together quite like this.  Instead, I paired them with a sleeveless teal shell that I got for Christmas and my navy blue boyfriend cardigan.  I had some issues with what shoes I wanted to wear and in the end I didn’t really have the time that I wanted to decide or try other options because I would have been late to work.

I felt pretty great in the outfit, but after looking at the photo I think that the proportions are a bit off.  I think that I look top heavy and something with a slimmer silhouette would have been better.  Oh well.


Day to Night–Casual to Business

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While browsing through my fashion blogs I came across this outfit on J’s Everyday Fashion.  As soon as I saw it I clicked to save it on Pinterest because I instantly knew that I had all the elements in my closet to re-create this outfit.  I love when I get really excited and inspired to get dressed and play in my closet.

This morning I didn’t want to wear a skirt to my sit in front of a computer desk job.  So, I wore the top half of the outfit and paired it with some dark wash skinny jeans.  These jeans were in the under-the-bed-storage bag and I just pulled them out.  I am super-duper excited that I was able to wear them today because it wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t fit in to them. . . .

For class this evening I needed to make my outfit more business and less casual.  Plus, the top can tend to slide and show a bit too much cleavage for class.  I also don’t have a black necklace like in the inspiration photo so I think that layering a black tank top with ruffle neckline solved those two issues.  I reallllllly need to replace my pointy-toed black shoes– I’m working on it, but apparently I am looking for the unicorn of shoes.  I swapped the jeans for my light colored khaki skirt, pantyhose, and basic black pumps.

There you have it!  Two takes on this outfit–one dressy and one casual.  Which do you prefer?


Her Green Eyes Were Smiling

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Happy (Belated) St. Patrick’s Day.  I hope that you had an enjoyable day whether you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some green beer, corned beef and cabbage, or were just happy that it was Friday and the weekend was imminent.

Here is my green-hued outfit from Friday March 17, 2017.

This year I went with a green turtleneck sweater, lighter wash bootcut jeans, my tan suede booties, a cognac brown belt, and silver and green statement earrings.  I had a dressier outfit idea in mind for the holiday but it didn’t fall on a teaching day so I went with this outfit, instead.

The last few times that I’ve worn this sweater I’ve paired it with gold-toned jewelry and 2 of the 3 times with a longer gold necklace.  This time I opted to do it with silver accessories and without a necklace.  I also wanted to go with jeans since I’ve dressed it up with a skirt and black dress pants previously.  In hindsight, I wish I would have gone with a skinny silver belt or a black belt, but I didn’t.  Next week it’s back to school– Spring Break is over so I’ll be posting more if a mix of business casual and casual outfits.  I also celebrated a small milestone if weight loss (down 5 lbs. since the beginning of the year) and splurged on some new clothes and a magazine.  I will no doubt be incorporating these items into my outfitss over the next few weeks:

A chambray dress, flower printed ankle length pants, a kimono top, a blush colored short-sleeved blouse, and a chambray button-up!