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Thursday of last week we had a warm spike in the temperature– nearly 55 degrees F!  Well, that was how the day started out and by the time the workday was over the temperature was more “normal” for January at around 35 degrees.  Since it was more mild of a day I took the opportunity to go with an outfit that was more streamlined and not as layered.  My outfit idea came from this pin, here.  It’s a basic outfit– dark wash skinny jeans, a black and white printed blouse, and a yellow topper piece.  I used items that I have in my closet to re-create this look.  It isn’t an exact replica of the pinspiration, but it’s close enough in my opinion.

Although she is wearing black pointy-toed slingbacks I opted to go with my black ballet flats with silver medallion on the toe.  Also, my black and white printed blouse isn’t an animal print and it has a smaller print.  Additionally, my topper is more mustard yellow than golden-yellow and a boyfriend cardigan as opposed to a jacket or blazer.  I added a black braided belt, too, because my highwaisted pants like to slide down.  What do you think?  This isn’t my favorite outfit but I wouldn’t say that it’s my least favorite outfit, either.

On Friday and Saturday I went pretty casual with my outfits.  Friday I wore a bright magenta pink hoodie with jeans and white converse and on Saturday I wore a white sweater with jeans and my knock-off Sperry shoes.  My husband even voiced his concern over my casual outfit on Friday.  And, of course that was the day that my re-scheduled meeting took place.  But, you know what?  My supervisor had on a black hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes. 🙂


Fall 2016 Gallery

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Here is a gallery of the outfits that I have worn during the Fall 2016.  For the first time in 5 years I am not teaching.  I have taken the semester off to pursue an opportunity as a Customer Care Rep. at a Fortune 500 company.  After the training my schedule will allow for me to teach an evening class or two, but that has yet to be decided.

2 Week Blogger Break

Comfort Over Beauty

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This is the first week in a bit that I will be working 5 days!  It doesn’t even seem like I had two back to back 4-day work weeks with the holidays sandwiched in there but I did.  This is also the last week before the Spring semester begins.  I will be teaching one section of Effective Speaking at a new satellite location of my college.  I am extremely excited because it is so close to my home and I’m really looking forward to getting back in to the classroom after having 2 semesters off.  I feel as if I have a new outlook towards my course and I have set up my class entirely different.  More about that later.

Monday morning I had a meeting scheduled with my new supervisor.  I met her briefly last week— just enough to put a face with a name.  I purposefully dressed up for our initial meeting but about 30 minutes beforehand she messaged me that she needed to reschedule for later in the week.  I was pretty bummed about it since I was excited to meet her and learn about the next phase of my job.

My outfit idea was based on this pin here.  In the photo a black and white geometric skirt is paired with a red blouse, black blazer, black pumps, and gold toned jewelry.  Although I don’t have a skirt like that one I do have a pair of black and white trousers that I thought would look good paired with red and black.  And, red is a very dominant color– one of my favorites and makes me feel confident which I thought would be useful for my meeting.

I wore my red button-down and black blazer with my trousers.  I had originally planned to wear my pointy-toed black pumps but I need to replace them and my foot has been sore lately.  I had a friend in high school who used to say “Beauty over comfort!” and for a long time I subscribed to that thought, but not anymore.  I would rather be comfortable and sensible.  I don’t think that my black Oxford style shoes look bad, but I do think that the pumps looked better.  I wore the only shorter length gold necklace that I had and then I added my new brooch to the lapel of my jacket.  It’s red and gold and was a Christmas present from my sister.  I like to add fun things like that to my outfits because they can be good conversation starters.

On Tuesday the weather was milder than it had been recently so I took the opportunity to wear an outfit that had less layers.  I wore my black skinny jeans with a new sweater that I received for Christmas.  It’s cream with black and silver jewels as a design.  The sweater is a bracelet sleeve length so I did take my leather jacket to throw over top just in case I was chilly.

I went with black and silver earrings, my silver watch, and short black boots.  I don’t know that there is anything absolutely groundbreaking about this outfit but I liked it and it was a perfect choice for the weather.  I was excited to wear one of my new Christmas sweaters.