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Back in the Saddle

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Monday was the official start to Fall 2014! This semester I am teaching two sections of Effective Speaking. One class is Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm-6:45pm and the second section is a Friday only class from 9am-11:40am.

My first day of class went smoothly, all in all. It’s a funny thing adjusting from where you leave off at the end of one semester back to the beginning. I often forget to announce simple “rules” about stepping out to use the restroom or bringing a snack to class because they are so basic that I think everyone already know them. But, I am good at the big things like handing out the syllabus, introducing myself, talking about the large assignments and general scope of the class.

Getting ready for class was a bit of a haphazard event, though! I left around 4:15 pm, knowing that it’s about a 45 minute drive door-to-door. I needed to make some copies and print out a class roster on campus and I wanted to make sure that I was in or near my classroom about 30 minutes early for the first day. What I didn’t anticipate was the traffic that I would run in to, the printer in my office would be moved, and there would be a line for the copy machine. But, it all worked out and I printed the documents I needed, made copies, and made it to the classroom about 15 minutes before class.

Blue ruffled dress: JCP. Flowered cardigan: Old Navy. Gold hoop earrings: JCP. Purple bubble necklace: Versona. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Gold starfish bracelet: Versona. Blue pumps: Payless.

Blue ruffled dress: JCP. Flowered cardigan: Old Navy. Gold hoop earrings: JCP. Purple bubble necklace: Versona. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Gold starfish bracelet: Versona. Blue pumps: Payless.

For my outfit, I decided to go with something that felt “teacher-ish” and modest. In my opinion, that is this professional looking shift dress with a cardigan. I like the subtle detail of the dress with the peplum ruffle. I also tried to add a bit of personality by highlighting the purple in the flowered cardigan with my necklace. I added simple gold earrings, a dainty gold watch, and fun starfish bracelet. I went with my low-heeled blue pumps to complete the look.

All-in-all, I liked the outfit and felt that it projected the vibe that I was going for. However, for whatever reason it was very hot and humid in my classroom and I just wanted to take off the cardigan, but I didn’t because I felt that it would be too unprofessional. (We don’t have any dress code rules against sleeveless shirts or dresses, but it is more of my preference for this early on in the semester.)

It’s hard to really get a gist of my students after the first day. A few of them will usually leave an impression, but mostly I am just handing out the syllabus and talking at them. We don’t get to interact too much on day 1. But, Day 2 is a different story!

What do you think about this dress? Does this look like an outfit that you think conjures up “teacher?” Please leave me a comment below. Also, check back soon for my second day outfit. Now that school is in session I will be back to regular and frequent posting.


Are You Ready?

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Classes officially start next week.  Monday, August 25 for me since I have a M/W class and then a Fri only class.  Everyone keeps asking me if I’m ready and I’m like, YES!  I know that they are referring to my readiness in the sense of having my syllabus done (yes) and copied (no), my learning management tool setup (no), my first weeks lecture prepared (sort of), etc.  And, in that sense it’s a “no.”  But, I am ready to go back.

I know that many people find that odd, but that’s how I roll.  It’s normal for me.  August means back to school and I’ve been doing it for most of my life.  Counting my time as a teacher, I’ve spent 22 years returning to the classroom in August.  That’s a significant portion of my life (68% to be exact.)  And, let’s face it— the first 5 years are free.  That includes K-11, a year of post-secondary, 3 years to finish my BA in English and then I took a 4 year break before academia called me back, 2 years for my MA in Communication and then another short break before I delved into teaching.  The beginning of the semester is so full of possibilities!  I’ve been doing this long enough to know that once I hit week 3 or 4 things will start to speed up and all of a sudden it will feel like someone put a brick on the gas pedal, but I’m used to it and I have learned how to ride the waves.

I know that I haven’t been in contact with you much this month, but that is about to change.  Since I will be teaching on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I would like to plan to have outfit posts up the following day(s): Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday OR Sunday.  However, I am thinking that may not work for Monday’s outfit because I am planning on volunteering on Tuesday mornings and then working at the bar Tuesday evening’s.  I feel like Monday’s post is going to get pushed to Wednesday’s.  That would make the schedule something like Wednesday, Friday, and Sat/Sun.  Also, I might throw something in there on Monday’s from Date Night or the weekend.  All of that to say, please check back for regular posting starting next week.  Also, I will continue to post makeup videos on my youtube channel.

But, I would like to share with you the outfits that I have been wearing throughout these last two weeks.  I had originally hoped to make each of these an individual post, but that didn’t happen.

On the left is a very casual outfit that I wore the day we went to pick out our new kitten. My Aunt and Uncle live on a sizeable plot of land and love the outdoors. Since I knew that we would be outside, playing with their dog, and handling kitties I didn’t get overly dressed up. Plus, it was a sunny Summer day! Our new kitten, Pumpkin, is on the right.

This outfit is a little more composed, and I wore this to run some errands. Although the purple ballet flats are cute, they were a mistake that day because it downpoured and they nearly got ruined!

Thursday morning I went out and about running errands and shopping. I wore my skinny jeans and a loose turquoise silky button up. I pulled my hair back and added statement earrings. I slipped on the purple ballet flats from earlier in the week. No, they weren’t ruined. Later that day, I came home to shower and get ready for date night! I bought these shoes earlier in the day, mostly to wear to my volunteer position, but I wanted to break them in. I paired them with my skinny jeans that I cuffed to show a bit of ankle, a button up gingham shirt, and added a pop of color with a hot pink belt. I wanted to make the look more girly so I went with a blinged-out necklace, curly hair, and pink lips! This was a good outfit for a dinner and a movie.

Monday morning of this week I had to get up bright and early to attend the All-College Update. They have these meetings two or three times per semester and they are really informative meetings to attend to get a snapshot of what’s going on in my workplace and an idea of some of the bigger initiatives that they are working on. The only downfall is that they are usually really early in the morning! But, I set the alarm, got up, got dressed, and did hair and makeup for the office in the first time in what felt like, forever!

Lastly, earlier this week I got my hair did! I was so excited because it’s been 5 months since I’ve had my hair cut and professionally colored! There wasn’t much of a reason to have it professionally colored over the Summer since I wasn’t teaching. I just used box color. Also, since I was wearing it up a lot for my restaurant job, it didn’t bother me too much that the style had grown out. But, I wear it down mostly for teaching and it was time to get it styled!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this trip through my last two weeks of Summer. Even though it isn’t the official end of Summer, it’s the end of my Summer. Fall semester = Fall! I also wanted to mention that August 27 (ish) is the 3 year birthday of my blog! I started posting back in August of 2011, so this will begin my 3rd year. But, I’ll talk more about that later.

I know that this was a very long post, so high-five if you made it this far!

One Piece; Many Ways: Teal Blazer

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Hey, hey, hey!  Blogging has been spotty to say the least, but I am working on getting back into the swing of things.  And soon I will have no choice, because my calendar keeps sending me reminders that classes start in less than 2 weeks!  My syllabi are done, they just need some finishing touches.  But, I am ready to go back to school.  (Remind me that I said that the first time I start whining about grading around week 3.)

I have some outfit posts that I’ve been corralling, but nothing too spectacular so don’t worry!  Lately, it’s mostly been shorts and a tank top or jeans and a t-shirt for me.  In the meantime, as everyone’s attention starts to shift towards Fall and cooler temperatures, transitional outfits are a must!  For me personally, that always means grabbing a cardigan, blazer, or lightweight jacket.  Many times I need these in the mornings when it is a little cool and crisp or inside in the air conditioning, but they’re not necessary by mid-afternoon.  Here is another edition of One Piece; Many Ways featuring a transition layer—- a teal blazer.  I purchased this blazer from Target.  It is bracelet length sleeve and lined with a silky teal and turquoise chevron pattern.  I can leave the sleeves down, or cuff them so a bit of that lining shows as an accent.


On the very left, I’ve added this blazer over a bright and colorful top.  This top is sleeveless, so the extra coverage is needed.  I’ve added a cami underneath to avoid being too risqué in the classroom.  I’ve gone with tan trousers, brown shoes, and accents of gold jewelry.

I’ve also added this blazer over a 3/4 length sleeve silky shift dress to give it a bit of structure.  I’ve gone with brown round toe pumps and purple and gold jewelry.

In the center, I’ve played upon the color scheme of the lining, and paired this blazer with a silky turquoise button-up and teal-y bubble necklace for an almost monochromatic look.  I went with a dark khaki skirt and flat brown riding boots to complete the look.

I’ve thrown this blazer over another dress to help transition from Fall to Winter.  I’ve layered this dress over thick brown tights and a long-sleeved scoop neck t-shirt.  I’ve given this outfit structure with the wide brown belt and kept it grounded with a large gold watch.

Lastly, on the far right is another pants option.  I’ve gone with a play on blue and pink by using teal and blush.  Underneath the blazer I am wearing a short-sleeved sweater.  This time, I’ve gone with cool silver and grey accessories to play off the blush color of the trousers.

These are just a few ways that I’ve styled this simple blazer from Target.  It’s not necessary for you to have this exact blazer to take inspiration from these looks.  It’s not even necessary that you have a teal blazer.  You could pull off a pants, blouse, and blazer combination in any color scheme.  Or, you could even replace the teal blazer with a cardigan in a similar hue— the choice is yours!

Here are some other One Piece; Many Ways that I’ve done to help show you how to use the items hanging in your closet:

One Piece; Many Ways: Black and Gold Pencil Skirt

One Piece; Many Ways: Flowered Dress

One Piece; Many Ways


Two Days Away

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This week I had to go out-of-town for a few days for work.  It sounds glamorous,  but it’s really not.  I traveled to Buffalo, NY to represent my bar in a flair competition.  Since I was driving, there was no other limitations to what I could haul with me than what I could fit into my car!  Obviously, if I would have flown somewhere, I would have had to pack differently.  Not majorly different, but many of the things that I carried with me would have to have been in a checked bag.

Speaking of bags, I took one suitcase when zippered down will fit within most airline carry-on dimensions.  However, if I pack the main compartment full, the outside zipper pockets, and unzip it to allow for about 2 inches of more height, it will not fit!  In addition to that bag, I also carried my purse with me.  It’s very similar to this one.  Lastly, I had a plastic shopping bag that I put my dirty work shoes in and kept separate from everything else.

This is the outfit that I wore in the car during the drive there:

Driving Outfit

I went with medium colored denim jeans because my work outfit requires me to wear dark denim jeans.  I took two complete uniforms with me, just in case.  For that reason, I wanted a contrasting pair of denim.  I went with a casual v-neck t-shirt and my tennis shoes.  I knew that I had planned to work out, and this eliminated the need for me to pack my work shoes, tennis shoes, flip-flops, and another pair of everyday shoes.  I tried to be space conscious, as much as possible.

Here are the clothes that I packed for a two-ish day trip.  (I left Tuesday afternoon and drove 4 hours to the hotel.  Check-out was at noon on Thursday and I drove all afternoon back home to Ohio.)

The top left is my pajamas/workout gear (t-shirt, capri pants, and sports bra) and my pool gear ( one-piece swim suit, towel, and flip-flops.)  I did work out and use the pool/hot tub during my stay, so I am glad that I planned ahead and brought these items.  The top right is the outfit that I planned to wear after the competition.  I knew that my friends and co-workers would want to go out and have a few drinks, so I picked something that would pair well with my uniform work jeans.  And, just in case it was chilly or the air conditioning was turned way up, an oatmeal colored cardigan.  I had originally grabbed a black one, but then swapped it out so that the cardigan could work with other items I packed.

The bottom left was the outfit that I had planned to wear on Thursday and for the ride home.  Depending on how warm it was, I had both denim shorts and jeans.  Also, I had the cardigan that I could throw over top the t-shirt for another layer, if need be.  The bottom right is a 3/4 sleeved sweatshirt that I threw in on a whim and figured that I could wear with jean shorts or pants.  All in all, I did a good job of packing for the trip and taking an appropriate amount of clothes, as well as the right clothes for the weather.  I was cold most of the time and the extra layering items that I brought were really put to use.  I didn’t wear the leopard print shirt, though because I didn’t go out after the competition.

Now, for the fun stuff!  I tried to exercise some constraint, but I also didn’t want to not take something just for the sake of looking like I am a light packer—because I’m not!  I did try to think of what makeup and hair looks I was actually going to try and achieve.  I knew that for Wednesday night, I was going to wear my hair pulled back and do my makeup in m “everyday style”— a Marilyn Monroe-esque look with nude lids, black gel liner, pinky blush, and either red, hot pink, or muted pink lips.  I also knew that since I would be getting up super early for testing Wednesday morning, that I would go with minimal makeup– base, bit on the eyes, swipe of blush, and some lip balm.  That just left me Tuesday evening and Thursday morning to account for.  My other go-to look is purple eyes, peachy cheeks, and nude or peach lips.  I basically packed everything to achieve these two looks and then some additional products that could be used to get me some other looks. The top left (below) is all the makeup and brushes that I took with me.

For hair, I wanted to avoid taking my hot rollers and straightening iron, but I couldn’t.  After I wash and dry my hair, even though I am pulling it back into a high pony, I still like the volume and finished look that setting it in rollers gives to me.  And, it helps to style my bangs.  But, if I am wearing my hair down, I like to run a flat iron through it to make it look sleek and shiny.  The top right are the hair styling tools that I carted along with me.

In addition to hair and makeup, I also needed to take all of my beauty products: eye makeup remover wipes, face lotion, eye cream, face wash, cotton swabs and cotton balls,tweezers, and miscellaneous hair paraphenelia. The bottom right includes all of those items. Last, but not least are shower essentials.  I knew that they hotel would have mini sizes of shampoo and conditioner, but I need a lot of conditioner and only certain kinds work with my hair, so I took my own conditioner. This also includes my body spray, deodorant, razor and shaving cream, toothbrush/toothpaste, body lotion, and leave-in hair conditioner.

All of these items were packed into the following bags:

Bags and Such

All of the makeup went into the flowered bag in the bottom left corner.  The makeup brushes and bag of hair ties went into the hot pink bag in the bottom right.  The hair styling tools and beauty products are in the clear zipper bag in the left center.  There was another ziptop bag that I used for my body wash and lotion.  The makeup and brushes went into my purse and the other two bags, hot rollers, and hair tools went into the suitcase with my clothes.

There you have it!  I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.  I hope to be back to a more regular schedule and outfit posts soon.


2014 Resolutions Check-in/ Update

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The first day of the month seems like as good as any to write a Resolutions 2014 check-in post. I wanted to put this post up earlier in the week to coincide with an actual milestone, but it just didn’t happen. (More on that in a moment.)

Let me remind you of my goals/resolutions for the year of 2014:
pay off credit card debt by end of year
look into student loans
retirement plan/savings
future planning with teaching–check out options/other schools

Health/Well Being
drink more water (6 eight ounce glasses, per day.)
work out (3x’s per week. Cardio and weights)
lose 4 lbs. by 2/27/2014
Brush teeth/ remove makeup nightly before bed

cultivate/improve friendships
travel more
blog- regular posting, organization, ad revenue
read 12 books
sew/make stuff (3 useable items by end of year)

First up, Finances/Work.  This category is one that abides by the adage, “slow and steady wins the race.”  Each month, I pour anywhere from $900-$1,000 into my debts of student loan, credit card, and car.  That seems like a lot, but sometimes is barely seems like a drop in the bucket when I see that my debt owed is hovering around $40,000!  Two months ago, I (kinda) started the 7 Baby Steps to Beat Debt and Build Wealth by Dave Ramsey.  It was easy because I already had step 1 done.  Step 2 is paying off debts starting with the smallest one first, regardless of interest rate.  This is quite a departure from normal financial advice that tells you to tackle the highest interest rate debt first and then go from there.

But, Ramsey’s approach makes sense because sometimes you need a “WIN” to make it feel worthwhile.  And, by going after the smallest debt first, that win comes quickly and helps to keep you committed.  Plus, it eliminates one monthly payment which can make things feel more streamlined and less stressful.  My first win won’t be my credit card, but will actually be my car payment.  And, I’m o.k. with that.  My credit card has a very low interest rate.  Plus, after I payoff my car, it will be a very short time before that car payment amount + my normal payment on my c.c allow me to pay it off.

Because the Fall semester begins at the end of this month, I probably won’t be teaching at any other schools besides my current one.  I didn’t really look into positions at other schools as much as I wanted to because the application process is pretty intense and I always get hung up on letters of recommendation.  I need to cultivate a professional relationship with someone who can provide me a letter for my teaching/classroom abilities.  What I do want to accomplish, is scheduling a meeting with my department chair to discuss the future opportunities for me at my current location.  I think that could be very beneficial.  Also, it will help give me some goals and items to work towards.

The goals for the Health/Well Being category always seem to be the same!  But, that’s o.k.  Some things happen over time, while others are one and done.  On a daily basis, I do try to focus on drinking water.  I do not count the glasses of water that I consume like I once did, but after a cup of coffee (or 2) in the morning I try to switch to water.  Also, when I am out at a restaurant I always ask for a glass of water in addition to any cocktail or wine that I get.  With meals at home, water is the primary drink.  Sometimes there is wine, too.  As long as I keep this as a goal and work towards drinking water, all goes well.

Since I last updated you here, I have been doing well with working out.  From approximately, March-May (90 days) I had only worked out 18 times.  But, I have dramatically improved upon that!  From May 19-July 31 (75 days), I have worked out 44 times!  Although, as I write this I haven’t worked out in the last 4 days.  That is mostly due to my crazy work schedule and just needing a bit of a break from the gym.  But, I haven’t given up!  In addition to working out—cardio and weights, I have also been doing really well at watching what I eat and using to log it and count my calories.  I’ve been eating 1,400 calories per day for about 14 weeks.  Earlier this week, I hit a 100 day streak of logging in and tracking what I eat.  I’ve been watching my calories for a while now, but I just got real with my workout schedule and weight routine about 10 weeks ago.  But, I’M DOING IT!  Every day is a new challenge and there are lots of obstacles, but it has been working.

I’ve lost about 6 lbs. give or take, depending on what two days that you compare, and I’m extremely happy.  Now, I am getting to the point where I am starting to work on toning my muscles and sculpting my body.  I just want to continue to make this a lifestyle change and not something that I do for two months and then stop, then start again when I gain back a few pounds. I do want to re-vamp the weight routine that I was using, though. I’m going to shift focus away from cardio and towards weights. I may also raise my calories per day, but I’m a bit scared to do that since I’m going to cut cardio. I’ll have to play with it a bit to see what I need to still get results!

Lastly, is the idea of washing my face and brushing my teeth.  I just can’t.  I wish that I could, but I can’t.  I guess that this will have to be something that I work up to.

In my Misc. category, I have been kind of hit or miss.  I thought that I would spend the Summer doing a lot more things than I actually have!  I did go to lunch with a co-worker/friend yesterday, so I feel pretty good about that and the idea of cultivating friendships.

We had the big trip to Vegas planned for the end of Summer, but that looks like it is officially off.  There were a few times when it looked like it was going to be cancelled, but then it was o.k.  And now, since the travel date is just a few weeks away and we haven’t made any arrangements for flight or hotel, it is most certainly off and I don’t want to talk about it. I will be traveling to Buffalo, NY for work– if that counts as “travel.”

I have been spending some time reading over the Summer, and I just posted in my Book Report my thoughts on my last read book.  I am on par to make, and possibly exceed the goal of 12 books for 2014.  We shall see.  In addition to reading, I have also been spending time sewing.  I hemmed another pair of jeans for work a few weeks ago, and I posted about completing my first project, a flowered skirt.  I am in the process of making another skirt with the same pattern, using those adjustments that I mentioned.  I’ve cut out the fabric and all I have left to do is stitch it up.  But, I set up my sewing machine on the dining room table, so I need a few hours where I can work on it uninterrupted and that has been hard to come by lately.

Perhaps the greatest strides that I have made in this category have been with the blog, and my “brand.”  You may have noticed, that I updated the Site Map in the left-hand navigation pane sometime last month.  I had been posting some new categories and wanted the navigation to reflect that.  Also, some old categories had become obsolete and I saw no reason to let them take up space.  I also added buttons to help you find and contact Teach in Style on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and e-mail.  Lastly, there’s that little youtube channel that I created
;) to indulge my desire to play with hair and makeup tutorials.  I hope that you are enjoying the changes and upgrades that I make to the site.  If you want to help me continue to build my brand and add/upgrade the equipment that I use, please consider making a donation to me!

I think that about covers it! Here are my new goals as we slide into the final bit of 2014:
Pay off car by end of year
Work through Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps
Future Planning–schedule meeting with Dept. Chair
Health/Well Being
Drink water
Work out 3x’s per week (cardio/weights)
Keep off lost weight/tone and trim
Sew 2 of 3 items

Thanks for reading!


Feeling Green (and Blue)

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They say that the only thing constant is change.  And I wholeheartedly believe that.  But, it doesn’t mean that change is any easier to deal with!  In fact, I think that it may be one of the hardest.  My schedule/routine has been disrupted for the past few weeks because of different factors and it will be different for the next few weeks, too.  My schedule probably won’t “even out” until the Fall semester starts in three weeks!

Just like the constant rocking, tilting, and rolling of a boat can make one seasick, the constant change in my routine is making me queasy.  I’m finding that my balance has shifted to spending most of my time doing the things that don’t bring me much joy.  I just have to keep telling myself that things like work are necessary evils in my life.  Working and earning money is what allows me the time and means to do the things that I enjoy—blog, youtube, shop, spend time with family and friends, etc.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have a date night with my favorite man last Thursday.  We saw a commercial for folded ravioli at Macaroni Grille earlier in the week and made a plan to go there for dinner and then see the movie Lucy after.  I’m generally off on Thursdays so it gives me some time to get all dolled up for our dates!  This past Thursday, I decided to go with dark wash jeans, a sparkly silver top, and accents of dark green.  I also went with dramatic green eye makeup with lots of black liner and mascara.  Since I am required to wear my hair up for work, I relish the opportunity to wear it down and show off how long it’s gotten over the past few years!

Green cardigan: Target. Silver sparkly tanktop: JCP. Green statement earrings: Versona. Silver watch: Fossil. Pandora bracelet: gifts. Dark denim jeans: JCP. Silver mary janes: Shoe Carnival.

Green cardigan: Target. Silver sparkly tanktop: JCP. Green statement earrings: Versona. Silver watch: Fossil. Pandora bracelet: gifts. Dark denim jeans: JCP. Silver mary janes: Shoe Carnival.

I love the way that the whole outfit came together. And, here are the details on my makeup look:

As always, thanks for reading (and watching, hopefully.) I enjoy blogging and miss it when I have to push it to the side for other activities.


Video No. 2

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As I mentioned in my last post, I had to work all weekend at my restaurant job tending bar.  It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen every once in awhile.  Since I worked late Friday night I didn’t do much on Saturday morning.  A quick trip to the grocery store was about all that I accomplished.  Then, it was off to work late on Saturday night.  Sunday morning I went into work for both the day shift and the early evening shift.  I worked from 9:30 am to about 9:30 pm.  I don’t know if it was working so much in such a short amount of time, but Monday morning I felt like ish.

I spent the whole day switching between the couch and the bed, lying around watching youtube videos, t.v. online, and scrolling through Pinterest.  It wasn’t until about 4 pm that I made myself get up and get moving.  I had a cup of coffee and started making dinner since my BF was expected home sometime after 5 pm from his first day at his new gig.  Once I started moving about and got some coffee into my system I felt infinitely better!  After dinner, we went to the pool but it was colder than I expected and I didn’t want to take the icy plunge.  We went to the hot tub but didn’t stay long because it was too cold, too.

Tuesday morning I had a lot on my agenda since Monday was basically a wash.  I got up early and filmed a video for my new you tube channel.  You can check it out here:

Then, I went to the gym and hemmed a new pair of jeans I bought a few weeks ago for work.  After my shower, I worked on editing my video and then got ready and went to work!  This morning I went for another training shift at my new volunteer gig.  This is my third training shift and I think that now I move into the next phase of training!  Fingers-crossed.

Please excuse the lack of outfit posts, but when you don’t go anywhere there are no outfits to showcase.  I did want to share my video with you in case you are interested in makeup and tutorials.




Weekend of Work

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This week has flown by!  Most people spend the whole week wishing for the weekend, but I spend my whole weekend waiting for the weekdays.  I know it seems backwards, but its only because of my job.  Well, one of my jobs.  I’ve mentioned before that I am a bartender for a local restaurant.  That means that I work most every Friday and Saturday evening from about 4 pm- 1 am, give or take.  This rarely changes.  This week, I am also opening on Sunday and then working through the bulk of the evening, about 9 am- 9 pm.  Yep.

I’ll pretty much work my entire amount of hours (30ish) in the next three days.  I know it could always be worse, but I think it’s pretty bad as it is.  But, the actual work that I do is mostly fun and I enjoy meeting and talking with the guests.  Plus, by doing this for a few more years, I should be debt free before I’m 40! LOL.  (I detest student loans.)

I did manage to sneak in a training shift at my new volunteer gig, a business appointment with my dad, and dinner with my aunt and uncle to meet the kittens.  Hopefully, one of their three kittens will become our next pet.  They’re about 3 weeks old right now, but they are starting to crawl around and show their personalities.  One of them is already spoken for, so we are trying to decided between the remaining two.

Here are some of the outfits that I’ve worn this week:

Navy cardigan: Target. White short-sleeved button-up: JCP. Khaki trousers: (thrifted.) Brown ballet flats: Target.

Navy cardigan: Target. Earrings: JCP (?) White short-sleeved button-up: JCP. Khaki trousers: (thrifted.) Silver watch: Fossil. Brown ballet flats: Target.

Blue striped button-up: NY&Co. White camisole: Wal-Mart. Brown trousers: NY&Co. Brown belt: Wal-Mart. Silver watch: Fossil. Brown shoes: Mudd.

Blue striped button-up: NY&Co. White camisole: Wal-Mart. Brown trousers: NY&Co. Brown belt: Wal-Mart. Silver watch: Fossil. Brown shoes: Mudd.

The first outfit is the “uniform” of sorts that I am supposed to wear at my volunteer gig.  No one told me when I needed to start adhering to it, but I thought that I should since I fit in better that way.  The second outfit I wore to a business appointment with my dad.  Thursday was sort of overcast and I knew we would be indoors in the air conditioning for most of the morning, so I wasn’t worried about the long sleeves and pants.  I didn’t snap any pics of my outfit to go meet the kittens, but only because it was uber-casual.  I wore dark wash jeans with a black t-shirt from The Alton Brown show and a my old tennis shoes.  I knew that we would be outside running around playing with the dog and handling the kittens, so I didn’t want to wear anything too dressy.


There you have it!  Now, I am off to get ready for my weekend of work and maybe film a video for the youtube channel.