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I mentioned last post that I am getting into the first “crunch time” for my students.  It can be somewhat of a painful process for me and them.  We are in the middle of week 5, so about a third of the way through, and this is usually about the time that they have their first major test or project.  Some of them may have had one last week depending on the course.  Usually around weeks 7-9 there may be a midterm or a second large test or project due.

I know that sometimes students feel as if teachers may sit around and conspire to have all of the large projects and tests due at the same time, but we don’t.  It’s just how it usually works out when you take a 15 or 16 week semester and start chopping it up into units and such.

This week my students have a preparation outline and reference page due.  This is basically their speech written down in as full of a format as it gets.  One of the misconceptions that I often deal with is their thought that they will write out their speech word for word at some point.  They are often shocked to find out that they do a rough draft outline, a final version of an outline (preparation outline) and then boil that down into a key word outline to use during their speech.

This is also the time when they start realizing how intense and difficult that this class can be.  If they weren’t prepared for it and don’t have the proper support networks in place they often don’t make it over this first big hurdle.  The ones that do generally go on to complete the course successfully.

After my first class, I was in the office lamenting to some other instructors that my students were just staring at me with blank looks on their faces throughout most of class.  I wasn’t sure if it was because they were tired, didn’t read the material, weren’t understanding, or the realization was dawning on them that they needed to get on the ball.  He looked at my outfit and said, “Maybe you’re too shiny?!”  This got a chuckle from me but it is still unsettling.

Kendi Everyday February 10, 2015 T (g)
My outfit inspiration comes from this pin that I have had on my boards for a while. I think that I just recently got all of the items to create a work appropriate version of this look. In the left photo, she is wearing a gingham button-up with a sequined tank top layered over top. She has paired this with dark wash skinny jeans and round toe pumps in a light/nude color. I knew that I had items in my closet that I could use to re-create a version of this look.
February 10, 2015 T (m)

To make this look office appropriate I really only had to worry about the bottom half.  Instead of wearing skinny pants or jeans, I went with navy trousers.  Then, I matched my shoes to my sequined tank—silver in my case— and finished with a few pieces of sentimental silver jewelry, my necklace and Pandora bracelet.


I loved this outfit and was super-duper excited to wear it!  I chose to wear it on Tuesday for two reasons: 1. because I wore these navy trousers on Monday the first week of class and 2. it’s a lot easier to move around in pants and low-heeled shoes than a dress or skirt on my “long” days when I travel in between two campuses.

What do you think?