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Maybe Not

Wednesday was the conclusion of the first round of speeches.  It’s my only section that has a lot of people still in it– there were 16 speeches total.  I have more students in the class, but those were the ones that fulfilled the requirements to deliver a speech.  The one nice thing about when my students are giving speeches is that I have a very light week for prep work.  It’s a nice break coming off of grading what feels like a million outlines!

Overall, I am happy with the speeches.  All of my students who attempted a speech were successful—to varying degrees.  Plus, the schedule worked out in such a way that we are going to break in a really convenient spot for Spring Break.  They are actually going to have a break from my class and not have to do any big projects or homework assignments during their week off.  I don;t know if they are excited, but I am!

For my outfit, I tried to re-create an outfit that I’ve done before.  There are a few different versions of a pin on pinterest that involves a coral shirt with a blazer.  One is a brownish tweed blazer with light khaki/almost white pants and the other is with a khaki blazer and burgundy pants.  My outfit is a combination of those two.

February 25, 2015 W (m)

This is not my favorite outfit, but it’s o.k.  I don’t think that my shades are quite right for the look.  I feel like the pieces are disparate and there is nothing that pulls everything together.  Oh well.

In other news, I am getting my hair did very soon and I am SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED.  Can you tell what type of look I am going for?

Also, don’t miss out my latest Youtube video— an Emma Stone Golden Globe inspired look, 2015!