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Spring Fever

I’ve got Spring on the brain!  I know that this isn’t any different from what anyone else is saying, but I am very much over this Winter.  I think that part of the problem is that even though Winter technically doesn’t start until December 21, it feels like it starts in at the end of November/early December.  And, it technically ends on March 21, but it doesn’t always start to be mild and warm until mid-April where I live.  It makes Winter seem like it lasts nearly twice as long as it does!

I’m so tired of being cold and trying to combat that by piling on layer after layer.  And, it’s hard to bundle up and be cute.  Everyday I find myself wanting to go to class in sweatpants rather than a cute dress or skirt.  I know, I know.  These are trivial problems compared to what other people have to deal with.  Because I’ve got Spring on the brain, I decided to go more blonde with my hair last week at my appointment.  I also went with a great transition dress for in-between seasons.  The flowers on this dress and the ruffled neckline make it feel Spring-y, but the dark background doesn’t make it seem out of place in the midst of snowdrifts.

March 2, 2015 M (m)

Tuesday morning I decided to wear a dress.  I didn’t pick out outfits for the week on Monday like I usually do, but I came up with an idea relatively quickly.  When I decide to wear a dress I pick one out that I haven’t worn in a while and then I look at my archives to see how I’ve styled it in the past.  Based off of that, I try to come up with a different way to wear it.  That’s what I did with this dress.

March 3, 2015 T (m)

I usually try to do something a bit more creative than just throwing a cardigan or blazer over a dress but when you try not to do something eventually that becomes the deviation from the norm.  So, that’s what I’ve done here.  I’ve layered a long-sleeved v-neck t-shirt under this shift dress and a black cardigan over it.  I originally didn’t want to go with black tights and shoes because I thought that it would be too dark, overall, but it isn’t.  In fact, I think that the black makes the blue pop more!  I added the silver necklace just to lighten/brighten the look up a bit more.

There you have it!  The first two outfits for this week from a girl who’s got Spring Fever!