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Green Day

Tuesday was green day!  No, not the band—- St. Patrick’s Day.  Of course I had to wear something green.  Monday night I had a few outfit idea’s that I wanted to try out.  But, in the end the outfit that I had picked is not what I went with.  I was a little unsure about it and so I went with something that was tried and true!

I originally wore this outfit in Fall 2013 here, so I think that enough time has passed between now and then that I can repeat it!  (Wink.)

March 17, 2015 T (m)

I’m doing a few things here to make this outfit feel a little different from the first time.  Immediately, you might notice that I am wearing the skirt the “right way.”  In the most recent version (pictured above) I am doing it with the pleat in the front.  The boots are different, but at a glance they look the same!  Also, instead of going with silver jewelry and green/silver earrings, I went with gold jewelry: a starfish bracelet and gold feather statement earrings.  The only other difference is that I am wearing my hair pulled back, which I rarely ever do!

I really like this sleeveless shirt, but the white collar is starting to look a bit cream-colored/off-white.  If some Oxi-Clean doesn’t help restore it this might be one of the last times that you see it!

How was your St. Patrick’s Day?  Mine was good.  Class in the morning and then working at my bartending gig in the evening– it was quite a lucrative night, though!