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Monday was not my usual day of sleeping in and then doing errands and school prep in the morning.  I had to attend an orientation meeting for my volunteer position.  They are closed January-April to make updates, deep cleaning, repairs, and restoration.  This year they are celebrating a 100 year anniversary so there are lots of exciting extra’s going on.  Plus, everyone had to update their sexual harassment and safety training.

I was agitated when my alarm went off, but when I arrived it was like going back to high school after Summer break.  I hadn’t seen any of the other volunteers in 3 months so everyone had lots of exciting stories to share and things to talk about.  The actual meeting wasn’t as exciting, but it wasn’t bad either.  I would actually say that it was slightly better than most of those types of trainings.  And, I am going to use an activity that we did about diversity and inclusion in the classroom.  So, it was well worth it even if I was tired.

The other big thing is that the dress code for my orientation was casual while my dress code for teaching is business casual.  I didn’t know exactly how long the training would take but I would rather be early than late to work so I took all of my stuff so I could go directly to school right after.  I did end up being early, but I was able to use the time.

I was dressed much more casually than I usually am for class, though.  And funnily enough I was still within the boundaries of acceptable dressing.

March 23, 2015 M (m)

This outfit is based on two pins, one features a green cardigan, striped shirt, khaki skirt and bubble necklace.  I’ve actually duplicated that outfit in the past.  The other, featured a green cardigan, white blouse, khaki pants, and leopard print shoes.  I took elements from both of those outfits and came up with the creation above.  At my volunteer gig we are asked to wear white shirts, navy blazers, khaki pants, and non-tennis shoes.  Sometimes I interpret this more dressy with actual dress trousers and other times I go more casual with twill khaki pants and my knock-off Sperry’s.

What do you think?