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Tuesday’s are busy days for me and yesterday was no exception!  My day starts at 6:30 a.m and ends some time around 11 p.m.  First, I have class from 9-10:15 a.m.  After I have a large break that I call my office hours.  Sometimes I grade during this time and sometimes I go shopping at Target.  Regardless of what I do during this time I have to travel from one satellite campus to another.  It’s a 45 minute drive with no shopping excursions in the mix.

My second class is from 1:30- 2:45 p.m. It’s very stressful because after class I have to race home to get ready for work at my bartending gig.  It’s a 60 minute drive on a good day.  Once I am home, I have to change into my uniform, pull my hair up, and re-do my makeup.  And eat something so my stomach does not eat itself!  Did I mention that I have to do all of this in 25 minutes, or less?

Yesterday was a good day though because I made my step goal!  I’ve been saying for a while now that I want to be more active but I am now holding myself to it.  I’ve had my FitBit long enough that I have enough data to start interpreting.  I decided that this week I am going to make a real attempt at hitting 10,000 steps per day.  On Sunday my in-laws came over to belatedly celebrate my birthday.  After they left, my husband and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and I felt good about my progress towards my step goal.  But, in the end, I didn’t make it.  I was short by 200 steps.  I was really depressed.

Monday was more of the same.  I had to do a lot of grading and school prep in the morning and by the time I was up and about walking around it was too late in the day to make my goal.  I missed it on Monday by a much larger margin than Sunday: 1,500.  Again, I was pretty bummed.  Thus my strengthened resolve to commit to the goal on Tuesday.  And I made it!  Since I didn’t make the first two days I have decided that if I hit 80,000 steps for the week I will be happy.  That will be an average of approximately 11,500 steps per day.  And then next week I will try the 10,000 steps per day goal again.

I digress.  You’re here to see what I wore (presumably).

March 7, 2015 T (m)


I am trying to even out my skirts/pants/dresses totals so this week I need to wear dresses and skirts.  I haven’t worn this dress yet this semester so I thought that it was time!  I’ve styled this dress lots of different ways, but this time I decided to go with grey and silver.  I just bought this silver skinny belt but I’ve needed one for a while now!  I am doing something a bit new and out of the box for me.  I’ve buttoned two of the buttons on the cardigan at my natural waist and then belted over top on the outside.  What this does is to help create an “X.”  This also creates a faux hour glass shape to my body— very flattering!

Here are some other ways that I’ve worn this dress in the past:

I’ve worn it with the black belt that it came with and a 3/4 sleeve black cardigan and round toe black pumps.  I’ve also worn it with a bronze belt, sandals, and straw hat in the Summer.  I’ve made it Fall appropriate by layering it over a white button down shirt and brown accessories.  I’ve worn it in the Winter with black tights, a black leather jacket, and black shooties.  I’ve also paired it with a navy blazer, heels, and silver accessories.  In the Spring I went with a short-sleeved oatmeal cardigan, tan belt and brown flats.  Lastly, I’ve worn it with a brown blazer, brown pumps, and a skinny brown belt.  Which is your favorite?