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As I mentioned in my last post, I could feel something coming on Wednesday.  Thursday I managed to make it through my morning class, but not my afternoon class.  I was thinking about coming directly home after my first class and taking a nap.  But, it was a tight schedule.  It’s a 20 minute drive from the satellite campus I am on in the morning and a 55 minute drive from home for the afternoon class.  I have 3 hours and 15 minutes from the end of one until the start of the next.  That would give me about 2 hours for a nap.

But, when I started thinking about it the idea of rushing home after my morning class, trying to fall asleep right away, then driving all that way for my afternoon class and then back home was making me feel even worse.  In the end, I decided to cancel my afternoon class.  Luckily, I left the last official day of class blank as a weather contingency plan and it will all work out.

April 23, 2015 Tr (m)

This outfit is not one of my top favorites, but it was one of those days where I just needed to put something on!  I was supposed to wear a dress or a skirt, but the way that I was feeling that wasn’t happening.  I haven’t worn these trousers in a very long time, but I used to wear them so often!  They are denim colored, but not denim so I was skirting the rule of “no denim.”  And then looking back at my archives I realized that I was over-utilizing them.  That has also happened with a few other pieces, namely my grey trouser pants and my purple cardigan.  I just noticed that they were things that I reached for over and over again.  I think that’s about the time that I came up with the “rule” of balancing out the dresses/skirts/pants that I wear.

You win some, you lose some!