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3 in 1

This is the last week of classes for Spring 2015.  On one hand it seems as if it took forever to arrive, but on the other hand it always sort of sneaks up on you.  I have just been busy with making sure that I have all my ducks in a row, papers graded, grade book up to date, so on and so forth.  I haven’t been able to post my outfits on the next day.  So, this is going to be a round-up post of the outfits that I wore on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  You might want to grab a cup of java or a cocktail (depending on what time it is) because it’s sure to be a long post.

Tuesday I took my inspiration from Pinterest.  Actually, I did for most of my outfits this week and always, really.  Anyway.  I thought it was funny that my husband said to me, “You can mix grey and brown?”  Well, whether you can or can’t, I did!  I will admit, had I not copied this outfit from a Pinterest post I might have not had the audacity to wear it after his comment!

I did make a few tweaks to the original, though.  The biggest one is that I am wearing a grey pencil skirt instead of grey trouser pants.  Secondly, I went with brown shoes instead of black.  I also added the leopard print belt to make it feel more cohesive.  And, I made brown more of an accent color than black.  Mostly because of the dark brown border on my leopard print scarf.  I was running behind that morning and only had time to snap one photo!

Wednesday I created an outfit that I had wanted to replicate for awhile.  I think when I pinned the photo the skirt that I needed was in the laundry and then I think the next time I had just worn it or something of the sort.

I am copying this outfit pretty much directly from the photo except for the green shoes that I didn’t have.  I tried it with a belt, but took it off before I left the house.  I just didn’t think that it needed it.  I wore a version of this outfit a few weeks back with jeans when my in-laws came to visit.  I have really made great use of my nude pumps this semester.  They always seem like the perfect choice when I don’t know what shoes to wear..

On Thursday I came up with my outfit from a combination of several photo’s on pinterest:

I loved the bright and cheery colors of the first outfit, but I had recently worn my polka dot top.  Also, I don’t have any yellow shoes or a clutch.  Instead, I decided to go with my navy and white striped top, navy pencil skirt, and magenta cardigan and belt.

April 30, 2015 Tr (m)

I finished this look off with some delicate silver jewelry and matching blue pumps.  What do you think?  I really liked the outfits that I chose for the final week of classes.  Next week I meet with my students on Monday and then have 2 exams on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  I will probably wear jeans on Tuesday and Wednesday.  But, I’m not sure about Monday.