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Sorry about the long absence!  Classes ended on May 6 for me and that weekend I flew to Florida to see my sister graduate with her Master’s degree in nursing.  The week of the 10th-16th I spent 3 days at my volunteer gig learning 2 more tours and doing my normal day of service.

It’s always  a huge adjustment when I go from full speed ahead to a snail’s crawl.  You would think that I would be overjoyed, but I tend to feel very listless and get bored easily.  That was pretty much the gist of last week.  Luckily, this weekend was Memorial Day weekend so I actually did things that made me feel like a productive person.

Saturday morning my husband and I went grocery shopping and bought lots of fresh fruit and healthy food for our upcoming diet.  Sunday morning I made a key lime pie to take to my Aunt and Uncle’s for a small BBQ gathering.  And we finished off the 3 day weekend by going to my in-laws on Monday afternoon from hot dogs, homemade ice cream, and kite flying.  Then, when we came home I printed and addressed all of the invites for our “wedding reception.”

In other news, I haven’t been going many places and getting dressed— I wear khaki pants, a white button up, and a blue blazer to my volunteer job.  I have also picked up a 4th shift at my bartending gig because one of my co-workers had to cut back.  It’s not the worst thing since it’s my only income source during the summer months.  What I have been doing is focusing on my YouTube Channel.  Here are some of the videos that I’ve posted over the last few weeks: