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Wednesday evening to class I paired my navy blue pencil skirt with a chambray top and brown pumps.  I just finished replacing the zipper in this skirt.  It had a bit of fabric that would always catch and eventually the zipper stopped working.  I removed it and then hand-sewed in a new one.  I had originally intended to use the sewing machine but it was so intricate that I just couldn’t do it.  (I’m not that advanced of a sewer.)  My outfit is based on a pin that is similar in nature but my chambray shirt is a slouchy boyfriend style and didn’t tuck into the skirt in a neat and clean way.  I fussed with it for quite a while before I tied the ends in a knot and called it done.  I was slightly disappointed in this outfit because it didn’t come together the way that I wanted.

Thursday I went casual and sports fan mode.  The Cleveland Indians beat the Astro’s two games in a row so I chose to wear my newest Indian’s shirt.  I looked back at how I styled it the first time but I didn’t take any pictures so I just went from memory and tried to style it differently.

I went with a navy blue tank top underneath that you can’t really see, dark wash bootcut jeans, a dark brown belt, white leather Converse and simple silver jewelry.  I didn’t put too much time or effort in to pre-planning this outfit and I think that in some aspects it shows but I also believe that not every outfit has to look like it was ripped from the pages of a fashion magazine!


The weather this week has been in the mid-70’s and mild–just a few rain showers here and there.  It’s been wonderful to enjoy the Spring weather as I walk to my car in the morning on the way to work and have the sunshine streaming in the windows.  The birds chirping and the flowers blooming puts me in a “sunny disposition.”  On Monday I channeled that sunny disposition into my outfit with a yellow blouse.

Yellow isn’t a color that I wear very often and, truth be told, I have very few yellow items in my wardrobe.  I want to say that besides this yellow blouse, I have a sleeveless pale yellow tank top, a sparkly gold cardigan, a mustard-yellow boyfriend cardigan, and a browny/gold/puke colored open-front cardigan.  But, that’s about it for yellow.  I should really think about getting a few more yellow pieces.  One item that I would like to add to my closet is a true yellow cardigan.

Here are the ways that I’ve worn this yellow blouse:

As you can see, I’m not very creative with this particular piece of clothing.  In the first two photos, I’ve paired it with the same leopard print cardigan– one is a dressy version and one is a casual version.  One of the first times that I wore it, I went with my grey trousers and a black cardigan.  Also, I’ve tried my hand at replicating the pin that this outfit is based on before.  I had actually forgotten about it until I created this gallery.  LOL.

The two subtle differences between the first time that I replicated this pin and this time is that I am wearing a different black skirt and cardigan.  The first time I went with a sparkly gold cardigan.  This time, I went with an oatmeal colored cardigan.  I think that I like this outfit slightly than I did the first time that I wore it, but I still don’t love it.

Tuesday I took a light-blue button down and incorporated it into a casual and relaxed outfit for work.

My outfit started from the pin above, left, and then took a few twists and turns to the finished outfit.  First, I started with the blue dress shirt.  If you look really closely, I think that the shirt in the inspiration photo has stripes.  I have a blue striped shirt but it fits a lot closer to the body and that was not the vibe that I was trying to capture.  I added my red boyfriend cardigan.  I have another red cardigan that is shorter but I’ve worn it in a similar type of an outfit, here, so I wanted to mix it up and just like the other blue shirt it’s more fitted.  I have distressed boyfriend jeans that I could have cuffed to more closely resemble the original and ballet flats to pull in the animal print but I try to wear my distressed jeans to work very sparingly.  Also, I just wore my leopard print ballet flats the day before and so I went in a different direction with my pants and shoes.  I wore my medium wash bootcut jeans and knock-off Sperry deck shoes.  I added my oversized gold watch but otherwise kept the accessories to a minimum.  I have printed bandanas that I could have worn around my neck and my popped my collar but I decided to skip it.  It didn’t seem quite appropriate for my work place.

I did really enjoy this outfit and I think it’s a great testament to how your traditional “dressy work clothes” can be integrated in to your everyday outfits– especially if you’ve worked in a corporate environment and then find yourself in a more casual role.

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Last Friday I copied the pin, above left.  It’s a simple outfit of basic pieces that most women have in their closets–or at least suitable duplicates.  It all started with a crisp, white button-down.  Then, add in dark wash skinny jeans, leopard print ballet flats, a wide cognac belt, leopard print scarf for accent, and pile on the gold bracelets.  If you don’t have super-dark wash jeans you could always substitute a pair of black trousers.  Similarly, if you don’t fancy gold jewelry you could go with silver toned jewelry or pearls would be great.  And, if leopard print isn’t your thing, trade out the animal print scarf and shoes for basic black ballet flats, a flowered or printed scarf and voila!  Or, do a pop of color with your shoes and a solid color scarf.  The thing that I love about Pinterest and other fashion blogs is that it’s not so much about copying the outfit exactly but using it to inspire you to put together your own pieces in a similar way to create an outfit.

On Saturday I went in a more casual direction.  It was one of the coldest days of the week so I had to take that in consideration when I was getting dressed.  My outfit, again, was based on a pin.

The particular pin that I based this outfit on features high top white Converse, a pair of light wash skinny jeans, a blue slouchy boyfriend t-shirt, and a gold pendant necklace and bracelet.  I paired a light blue v-neck long-sleeved t-shirt with lighter wash bootcut jeans.  I added my white leather converse and a long silver necklace with a peacock.  I have skinny jeans that would have been a better “match” to the inspiration but I wasn’t feeling the skinny jeans that day.  Also, I have long gold necklaces that would have been a closer match but I haven’t made a lot of use of some of my silver jewelry so I wore that, instead.  I did layer a brown boyfriend cardigan on, too.

There you have it.  Two looks inspired by Pinterest and created from items in my own closet.  Thanks for reading!