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I have a lot of animal print items in my wardrobe.  Most of it is leopard print but some of it is cheetah print and some of it I don’t actually know what animal it is!  LOL.  But, I try to sprinkle it in to my outfits sparingly and usually in small doses of accent with ballet flats or a scarf.  And, then other times I make it the star of the show— like I did on Friday when I wore my leopard print button-up.

Much of the time I dress up my leopard print outfits and usually pair them with black.  This time, I wanted to make it slightly more casual.  I chose to keep the tie neck on the blouse (it’s removable) and pair it with medium wash skinny jeans.  I pulled in a wide dark brown belt and brown ballet flats.  Lastly, I wore my oversized gold watch and some gold dangle earrings.  I liked how the outfit looked and felt.  And, to be honest I basically wore this same outfit on Sunday when my husband and I ran errands.  The only differences were that I didn’t tuck in the blouse and I wore my black ballet flats and silver jewelry.

Here are some other ways that I have styled this blouse before– mostly in dressier outfits.

As you can see, I’ve done it twice with black pants (rows 1 & 2, L), colored cropped pants (rows 1 & 2, C) underneath an orange sweater (rows 1 & 2, R), and once with a navy skirt.  Do you have a favorite?