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Thursday I went a bit fancy with a maxi-dress.  I’ve worn this dress a few times in the past but this is the first time that I’ve worn it while pregnant.  I added a long-sleeved cropped black cardigan for compliance with our dress code, modesty, and warmth.  But, I did keep it summery by wearing my black Grecian style sandals.  I chose my silver watch and black flower earrings to complete the look.  I felt very dressy and pretty in this outfit.

Here’s another way that I’ve styled this dress in the past with a royal blue short-sleeved cardigan and my espadrille style sandals.


Tuesday I started with my green olive skinnies that I recently discovered fit at this point in my pregnancy.  Then, I grabbed one of a handful of maternity shirts to go with it.  It’s a basic outfit of a t-shirt and chino style pants.  To inject some style and help make it weather appropriate for the early morning and air-conditioning in my office I added a cardigan.  Lastly, I went with my boat shoes and simple jewelry.

This outfit was very comfortable and I thought that it looked cute.  I debated on what color cardigan to wear.  I thought about an oatmeal colored cardigan to keep it light and summery but I decided that I wanted something with more punch so I went with the darker burgundy cardigan.  I’m still amazed that front-on it’s easy to miss that I’m pregnant, but when I turn to the side it’s undeniable!  I am at 16 weeks in these photo’s.