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Monday morning I had this idea in my head for an outfit.  It started with this denim shirt dress, olive-green leggings, my tan suede-like booties, and an olive-green boyfriend style cardigan.  However, the weather is quite a bit warmer than normal for the end of November so I wasn’t going to need all those layers!  Instead, I opted to just go with the denim shirt dress, green leggings, and gold sparkly ballet flats.  The fabric belt that came with the dress just wasn’t working for me and I was going to go sans belt but the belt loops on the side seams were bugging me so I added this leopard-print belt to pull in more of the gold tones.  I accessorized with an oversized gold watch and somewhat of gold and faux-diamond statement earrings.  I went sleek and straight with my hair and a golden bronze eye shadow look with a matte pink lipstick.  I think that this outfit looked better in my head than on my body.  I look extremely pregnant in this dress.  It is tighter and stretched to the absolute limit–more so than I thought it would be!

For comparison, here’s how the dress looked long before my pregnancy and at week 26:

In other news, it’s Christmastime!  Christmas is probably my favorite holiday.  But, I have to admit that I am slightly bummed that I am pregnant during this time of year.  I had so many decorating ideas for the new house but I’m not going to be able to physically do them.  In fact, I started decorating on Sunday.  I put up the tree, fluffed the branches, added a wide plaid ribbon, gold star, red and gold bows, and some red and gold icicle ornaments.  That was all that I had in me before I needed a break.  Then, later on that evening I added red and gold balls and sparkly gold snowflake ornaments and put the tree skirt down.  That is the current state that the tree is in– you can see it in the photographs behind me.  It’s just missing the one-of-a-kind “special” ornaments that my husband and I have collected over the years.  I like to put those on the tree together because it brings fond memories of places we’ve visited or experiences that we’ve shared and commemorated with a Christmas ornament.

I did take advantage of the above-average temperatures this afternoon and put up Christmas lights outside.  We have a tree at the corner of our house and then 4-5 small bushes that run across the front and then another bush that sits between the front stairs and the garage.  My idea was to put colored lights in the tree and white lights in the bushes.  I thought that 2 strings of colored lights would be enough but it turned out that it wasn’t.  I probably need at least a string of 200 to finish the tree.  I did put the white lights into the bushes and all was going well until I reached the last bush and I had the female end of the light string and I needed to male end to connect to the power outlet.  Try as hard as I might, I just couldn’t find a way around how I had strung them to get power to all of the strings.  I’m worried that I am going to have to undo everything that I did and re-do it.  But, I still need more lights to finish out the last bush– probably at least 200 or more so when I go to get more lights I am also going to look for an adapter or extension cord that can help solve my dilemma.  And, if all else fails I will just have to re-do the lights.