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I know that everyone is saying the same thing– I can’t believe that it’s the end of the year/where did time go? etc. etc.  And, at the risk of sounding cliche, I am thinking the same thing to myself.  This year simultaneously went by quite quickly and slowly at the same time.  For me personally I think that it’s because I’ve spent a lot of time anticipating things– at the start of the year I was anticipating our trip to California.  And then, around May we found out we were expecting and that took us on a completely different path.  I spent a lot of the rest of the year anticipating different pregnancy milestones– getting through the first trimester and making the announcement to family and friends.  And then, it was the great house-hunt/moving/finding out the gender/baby shower/Fall semester/the holidays/the birth of our child, so on and so forth.  This anticipation will continue because there are so many unknown variables that 2018 will bring– mostly all centering around the addition of our daughter to our family.

But, here we go– my goals/resolutions for 2017:

Health and Well-Being

  • Gain a max. of 35 lbs. during pregnancy

I’m a but over this goal– as of right now I have gained about 40 lbs.  Although it’s more than I had wanted to gain my OB has never had any issues with my overall weight gain and since she’s not concerned and/or worried I have allowed myself the privilege of not being overly concerned.  It has been extremely pleasurable to be pregnant during the holidays and not really worry about the amount of food that I’ve consumed from Thanksgiving through New Year’s.  But, that will quickly be coming to an end.  There will be a weight loss goal once my daughter is born that will basically be getting back to pre-pregnancy weight.

  • Drink more water, 2 cups of coffee a day and 48 ounces of water

This is one that I smash out of the park on some days and completely miss on others.  I’ve really been focusing on trying to drink as much water as possible and I know that once I have my child and I am nursing it will be even more important to avoid dehydration.

  • Eat better

Mostly, I make good choices but this one is going to need to be regimented once the baby is born.

  • 10,000 points on Vitality by end of year

I was so on track to make this goal and then I got off-track.  I am going to miss it by less than 800 points– I will end somewhere around 9,300 points.  Sigh.


  • Student Loans.

My original goal was to get these down to about $20,000 and I got really close– but I only paid them down to about $22k.  I do have a little more than anticipated in my savings and I thought about applying it to my loans, BUT I’m not so sure if that is the best option right now since I am out on maternity leave and I don’t know what my work/income future holds.

  • Retirement savings.

I’m o.k. with this one– again, just holding steady.

  • Savings.

I did make my end of year savings goal– and a little extra.  But, it seems that I am destined in one way or another to be without an income source for a few months out of every year.  For 2018 it’s going to be my maternity leave for at least the first 3 months of the year.  My savings is going to be what helps me get through this time.  Once that is depleted, I’ll have to start over with trying to build it back up.


  • Read 1 book per month

I did not make my reading goal for 2017.  I want to get back to reading for 2018.  I think that I am going to low-ball the goal– 6 books for the year.

  • Travel

I did complete this goal– we went to California in April and Columbus in June.

So, there’s that.  I didn’t make many of my goals for 2017 because once I found out I was having a baby everything changed and my priorities shifted.  I’m not overly upset by it though.

How did you do on your resolutions and what are your goals/hopes for 2018?  Please let me know in the comments below.


Hi!  I am alive and still very much pregnant.  I am working on an end of year/New Year’s Resolution post that I hope to have up soon but everything is touch and go at the moment while I try to navigate through the last few weeks of pregnancy with some sort of grace and composure.


Thursday I managed to do what almost seems impossible these days: my hair, makeup, and outfit.  Yes, I know– you are thinking, so what?  But, that’s a big triumph for me.  Now, I know that I didn’t do much with my hair– after all, I did pull it back and clip it up with a barrette, but it’s something.  Also, I really liked the way that my eye makeup came out that day.  I didn’t do anything superbly special or different– it just came together effortlessly.

My outfit isn’t anything earth-shattering but based on my limited options I felt that it was a good choice.  These olive-green pants from Old Navy have finally gotten to the point where I can no longer zip and button them.  I couldn’t believe that they were able to work as long as they did seeing as they are non-maternity.  For this outfit I pulled out the belly band to disguise the fact that the pants can’t zip or button.  Luckily, the shirt had a lot of length to it so it helps to conceal everything.  I added the maroon cardigan for warmth and went with slip on shoes.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even do anything remarkable that day.  I put all that effort in just to make a trip to Target and the grocery store to pick up a few things for Christmas dinner.  But, it did feel good to put in the time and the effort.

As I’m writing this it’s Christmas Eve and my husband and I just got home from seeing Star Wars.  I wanted to see it last weekend but he wanted a lazy weekend and I couldn’t begrudge him that.  But, I was also concerned with the holidays and the impending birth of our daughter that we wouldn’t get to go see it– but we did and I am extremely grateful.  I’m thinking of it as an early Christmas present– perhaps what might be our last date for a very long time.

Merry Christmas,