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5 Down

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Happy June!  This is the 6th month of the year, which means that 5 down, 7 to go for 2015.  It’s not that I want to rush through the year, though.  To me the first part of the year seems to go quite quickly while the 2nd half seems to take a long time.  Is that just my perception?

Since we are in the 6th month of the year it is time to check in on my New Year’s Resolutions.  I hadn’t been doing very well last month when I checked in and I made a stronger commitment to many of my goals.  Although I wish that I was teaching Summer classes the time can be spent working on my goals and resolutions.

Here are my current goals:


  • lose 6 lbs. by Father’s Day
  • fitness routine (something regimented)
  • hit 10,000 steps 5 of 7 days each week
  • brush AND floss nightly

I have more than 6lbs. total to lose, so I don’t think that I am going to achieve the weight number that I had wanted to, but I am hoping to lose weight by then.  I have started a fitness program that consists of 1,200 calories per day and doing cardio at least 3x’s per week.  This works in to my 10,000 steps per day goal.  I started this program last week and have done quite well– meaning I only went over the calorie goal 1 time and completed 3 workouts.  In the last 30 days, I’ve hit 10,000 steps 20 times.  Lastly, I’ve been doing so-so with the brushing AND flossing.  I don’t know why, but I find it difficult to brush my teeth on the weekends after I come home from work late.  I have not flossed with any regularity so I need to focus on that more!


  • Pay off c.c. 5/2015
  • continue paying student loans
  • continue adding to retirement/savings

YES!  I am once again credit card debt free.  I achieved this goal once before (that I remember) in 2003.  Although, as I write this I did just put something on my c.c. but I am confident that I will pay that off next month and not carry a balance.  I am paying on my student loans–it may seem like a small thing but making the payment on time each month can be a bit of a challenge some times.  Lastly, I am in a holding pattern on my savings since I am not receiving income since I’m not teaching Summer classes.


  • Improve blog– faster loading, tagging pictures
  • read 12 books
  • sew
  • post 3 YouTube videos per month

I haven’t been doing anything with my blog lately.  I have been working on the 12 books, I am currently reading a book about teaching right now.  I am about half way through and should finish it up shortly.  It will be book number 5 which means that I am just slightly off-track.  I am confident that I can make up some time over the Summer.  I have not sewn anything this year!  I just don’t have any inspiration to create anything right now.  I hope that inspiration will strike soon.  Lastly, I am doing well with posting content to You Tube.  I posted 4 videos during the month of May.  I am hoping to repeat that goal for the month of June.

And, as a special treat I have an outfit post for you, too!

June 1, 2015

Today I had to run some errands that included going to the bank to make a deposit, stopping by the post office to mail my passport information, and stopping by campus to pick up my mail and drop off my mileage form for Spring semester.  Even though it is the first of June and it should be warm and sunny, it was not!  It was grey, rainy, and chilly today.  I paired this new sleeveless shirt that I picked up at Wal-Mart for $10 with an olive-green cardigan and light wash denim jeans.  I accented it with a casual brown belt and brown ballet flats.  What do you think?  It’s a pretty simple outfit IMHO.


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