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7X7 Challenge Outfits

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As I mentioned before, I’m not actually using these 7 pieces to create 7 outfits that I’ve worn over the past week.  To be honest, I came up with all of my outfits and took my pictures all in one morning.  BUT!  I hope that you will notice that I went to a lot of trouble to make each outfit feel very different and unique, as if I wore them on individual days.  I even tried to switch up my hairstyle and my lipstick to help create a certain feel for each outfit.  Lastly, I tried to think of some legitimate scenario’s in which I might wear each of these outfits.  I actually came up with 9 outfits, so I hope that you will forgive me!  First, let me recap you on the 7 pieces, in case you missed this post.


Here are my 9 outfits side by side, and then I will go through and detail each one of them for you!  Heads up– this is a long post so you may want to get a refill on your coffee or coke now.

The hardest part of this challenge was only having one pair of shoes to work with! I think that if I were to do it again, I would keep the same 6 pieces of clothing, but I would choose a different pair of shoes! At times the black leather sandals were too harsh with the colors of the outfit and sometimes they were too casual—but they had to do!

7x7 2 This first outfit is very straightforward.  I paired the white boatneck t-shirt with the patchwork printed shorts.  I accessorized with bronze hoop earrings and a large face gold watch.  This is one of the only outfits where I am wearing gold accessories.  This is mostly because they accents on the sandals are silver.  I’ve pulled my hair into a low ponytail and added a straw hat with a red and white polka dot band.

 I think that this outfit would be perfect for running errands in the afternoon, or having lunch with a friend.  This is a very simple, casual outfit.

 In contrast, the second time I wore these shorts I tried to dress them up.  I went with dressier jewelry– silver hoop earrings with rhinestones, a silver watch, a silver bangle with star cutouts, and a blue and silver bauble necklace.  I also pulled my hair back into a french twist, of sorts.  I added the pink cardigan and a matching pink belt.  I could envision myself wearing this for an evening date or drinks on the patio.

7X7 1

The next outfit uses the sleeveless watercolor blouse and dark denim jeans.  You’ll see that I am also carrying the hot pink cardigan.  I’ve mentioned numerous times that I am a freeze baby and so I always dress in layers, or have a sweater, cardigan, blazer, or jacket on hand in case I get cold.  This is a very typical date night outfit for me.  I would wear this to dinner at most restaurants that my BF and I patronize.  I’ve dressed this blouse and jeans outfit up with a swipe of hot pink lipstick, a purple, magenta, and silver bracelet and purple and silver cluster earrings.

D7X7 7

The second outfit that I created with this blouse I’ve styled completely differently.  First, I’ve buttoned the blouse all the way up to showcase the white collar.  I’ve added a purple and gold bubble necklace, a large face gold watch, and bronze hoop earrings.  I’ve tucked this very long blouse into this black midi skirt and accented my waist with a skinny purple belt.  This is the only other outfit to feature gold accessories.  I am not a fan of my hair in this photo, but I wanted to show you a second way in which I styled this top.

7X7 3

The fifth outfit that I am bringing to you incorporates the white t-shirt, pink cardigan, and denim jeans.  This is another straightforward outfit.  I’ve tried to give it a little more personality by adding a long silver cluster/pendant necklace, silver hoop earrings, and a silver and magenta bracelet with my silver watch.  This is a great everyday outfit or even a date night outfit.  It’s hard to see but I am also wearing a medium width black belt with silver buckle.  Again, this is essentially just a jeans and a t-shirt combo!

7X7 8

You may be tempted to cry foul with the next outfit, but let me reassure you that I have not added any additional clothing items—only accessories which are allowed!  It may look like I am wearing a shirt under this cardigan, but it is a silk scarf.  This is a more buttoned-up look with the cardigan, jeans, and white t-shirt.  This is a little more work-appropriate look.  I wouldn’t necessarily wear it with these sandals, but those are the rules of the challenge.

7X7 6

In addition to the scarf, I have added a skinny magenta belt over the cardigan to define my waist.  I am wearing my hair in a chic little side pony with silver butterfly earrings and a pop of hot pink lip color.

The next three outfits all feature the white t-shirt and two of them utilize the black midi skirt.  I don’t think it’s any surprise that a white top and black skirt are very easy to use as a background.  You can add virtually a pop of any color in several different ways.  The first one is a perfect look for a day at the pool or beach–complete with reading material.

7X7 5

This look is so simple!  I’ve knotted the white t-shirt for a little flair and added a large brimmed hat—perfect for reading at the pool.  My hair is pulled back and I am wearing minimal jewelry.  I’m not one of those girls who wears a ton of jewelry to the pool.  I have on simple diamond hoop earrings and a watch.

7X7 4

This is another look where you may be tempted to say that I cheated, but I didn’t!  This is the same black midi skirt as before, but this time I’ve rolled the elastic waist band over several times to make it an above the knee skirt.  Then, I hid the rolled waistband under a medium width stretch black belt with black buckle.  I’ve dressed up the shorter length skirt quite a bit by pulling my hair into a low bun and adding a black headband with feather accessory.  I’ve also added a glam statement necklace, 3-strand pearl bracelet, and some red lipstick.  If I were actually wearing this outfit, I would do bold black winged liner on my eyes.

The last of my 9 outfits employs one last “trick up my sleeve,” so to speak.  I guess it would be more fitting to say “trick up my pant leg!”

7X7 9

Yep, these are the same dark denim jeans as before, except this time I’ve cuffed them for a more casual going-to-the-farmer’s-market vibe.  It doesn’t work exceptionally well with these jeans because they have a slight flare, but I was determined to show you at least one way to make jeans look different!  I’ve also added a medium width black leather belt, silver earrings, and my silver watch.  Lastly, I’ve topped (ha!) this outfit off with a straw hat accented with a red and white polka dot band.  As I mentioned, this would be a great outfit to wear for running around on a chilly morning!

That’s it!  Seven pieces and 9 outfits.  Yes, the challenge was to come up with 7 outfits, but I had a few extra that I thought you might like.  You could delete any two of the outfits that didn’t work for the places or events that you had to go, the weather, your personal style, etc.

What do you think?  Would you wear these outfits?  Does this inspire you to do more with less?  Do you have a favorite look?  I’d love to hear you thoughts on how I did with this challenge.


Check out Putting Me Together for the origin of this challenge!

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  2. Nibor6000

    Well done! I liked your use of the scarf as a layer.

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