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A Week at Once

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Somehow I managed to not post for a week.  I wore outfits; I took pictures.  But, I did not do the uploading and the typing thing.  So, here’s what you missed:

Last Monday:

A dress worn with lots of gold and cognac accessories!  I wasn’t too sure about the boots but I received three compliments on this outfit so I knew I made the right choice.  I didn’t realize that I wore the gold necklace with this dress the first time that I wore it.  If I had I might have skipped the necklace this time around or chosen a different one.

Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well and I only worked half of a day.  I wore a magenta pink hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes.  Not too exciting.


I started to recreate this look here, but then I started making some changes and swaps.  I no longer have that grey blazer and my current one is a shade or two darker.  Then, I decided to wear a different scarf.  Once I made that edit I basically broke free from the mold of the previous outfit.  I skipped the belt since I tend to wear a belt with this dress a lot and went with my cognac pumps instead of my silver mary janes– which I also wear with this dress, a lot!


Thursday I went with a soft lilac sweater and dark wash boot cut jeans.  I wore my brown oxford style shoes and then made myself into a present by tying my scarf in a bow.  I’m still up in the air on this outfit.

Friday I wore a grey sweater and jeans and Saturday I wore a pink sweater and jeans.  I wasn’t feeling particularly creative.

There’s my week in review.  And, here’s what I wore today:

This is my new chambray shirt.  I like it, but I also think that it is a bit too relaxed/boyfriend style.  This is the first time that I wore it so I’m not too sure.  We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. Jonathan

    You look amazing, especially the red dress with the scarf.

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