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Teaching isn’t something that I set out to do.  If you had asked me 10 years ago what I wanted to be when I grew up the answer would have been a writer.  But, I have learned that being a writer and getting paid to write are two very different things.  I am a writer.  But, paying writing gigs are hard to come by.  This realization coupled with boredom prompted me to return to the life of academia and pursue a Master of Arts in Communication.

This Fall (2016) I will begin my 6th year as a Public Speaking teacher. I started teaching at a two-year for-profit college and after a year moved on to a not-for profit community college.

I also like fashion.  (Not with a capital F.  High-end fashion just seems too unrealistic.) And clothes.  And while I realize that the focus of my day is the content that I am teaching the students, I can’t help but notice them staring at me.  Just because I am a teacher doesn’t mean that I have to wear apple appliqued sweaters or dowdy pants.

Follow along as I navigate through being a stylish and effective teacher, dressing age appropriately, trendy, and not breaking the bank while I do so.