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Back to Work

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Monday was back to work as far as teaching is concerned.  Last week was Spring Break and I mentioned that I took a trip to Las Vegas.  I will post about it soon, I promise.  My BF (boyfriend) is now my husband, though!  I returned to work at my bartending gig last Friday which was a nice way to ease back into the swing of things.

And, it didn’t hurt that Monday’s weather was great!  It was a bit dull and grey out, but it was in the low 60’s where I live.  I was actually out and about running errands without a heavy Winter coat and scarf.  I had to spend 2 hours of it inside of the Social Security office to start the process of a legal name change, but whatever!

For my outfit I knew that I wanted to wear a dress or a skirt.  I love wearing dresses and skirts in the Spring and Summer.  And, I’ve worn a lot of pants lately, so I wanted to even things out.

March 16, 2015 M (m)


This outfit idea came from Pinterest.  I have a pin that features a blue and cream floral top paired with a grey skirt and light colored cardigan.  In the inspiration photo she is wearing a thin black belt.  I cannot see what type or color of shoes she chose, but I chose black to tie in the black leather belt.  My floral top is in a different color scheme, but I think the overall feel of the outfit is the same.

What do you think?  Do you like this outfit?  Is it too Springy and feminine for you, or is it a look you’d try?  Let me know down below.


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