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Baby Class

The other day I was at Wal-Mart and I broke down and bought a pair of their super-soft jersey leggings and a 1x plus sized top to go with them.  The leggings were $6 and the shirt was $7, so all-in-all I spent $14 for a new outfit.  And you know what?  I am super glad that I did!  It has been harder and harder to get dressed lately.  I’ve got 2 more days of class and then 2 days of exams that I’ll need outfits for and then a few things here and there.  Other than that, I can pretty much just live in my pajamas the rest of the time.

I wore my new outfit to work on Friday and I was not only comfortable but I felt somewhat pulled together and cute.  In fact, I wore the leggings (with a different top) again on Saturday to Baby Class.  My husband and I chose the expedited class that just focused on Labor and Delivery for First Time Parents since it was Saturday and Sunday from 9-3:30.  That time fit in to our schedules way better than the other option of 4 weeks in a row for a few hours each night.

I didn’t snap any pics of the leggings with the grey shirt that I wore them with first, but I did get a few of the second version of the outfit.

I finished off this super-comfy look with my silver watch, silver hoop earrings, and black calf-height boots.  What do you think?  Are you a fan or is it too much of a cliché?


I mentioned briefly that we were moving from our apartment to our first home.  Well, that happened!  Last Thursday was the big day with the movers.  I was extremely happy that everything was moved on Thursday.  But, that meant that the following several days were spent putting the house together and frequent trips to Wal-Mart and home improvement stores for odds and ends and organizational items.  I never thought that shopping for a kitchen junk drawer organizer could make me so happy.

Monday was Labor Day and we didn’t do much but hang about the house and rest and re-charge.  We went to visit my parents Saturday evening and celebrate my Dad’s birthday and pick up a rocking chair that my mom wanted to pass along to us.  On Sunday we went to my in-laws to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday with cake and ice cream.  But, Wednesday it was back to work!  I had a 22-week check-up appointment at my Dr.’s before class.  I’ve been wearing dresses but with my check-up I needed to wear a shirt and pants.  I felt like this was the first outfit where it was obvious that I was pregnant but none of my students mentioned it.  I guess there really is a strong stigma against asking a woman if she’s pregnant.

I wore this maternity flowered top with a cream-colored camisole underneath.  I paired it with one of my newest maternity items–khaki pants.  This time around I added a bronze colored belt, brown ballet flats, a gold watch, and gold earrings to finish off the outfit.  I’m sorry that these photo’s are a little blurry.  I took these pictures in my new dining room and I didn’t know that the focus wasn’t set correctly.  I thought about not sharing them but I decided to go ahead and share them, anyway since you can still see my outfit.

What do you think?



The last 2 months have been quite challenging– there’s been a lot of things up in the air that have caused me anxiety.  First, finding out the gender of the baby.  Second, whether or not the deal on the house would go through, and third whether or not I could get my work schedule to fit my needs for work/life balance.  I knew that one way or the other everything would work out or we would take a detour towards a new path.  And now things are starting to fall in to place.

We did find out the gender of the baby, but more importantly the 20 week ultrasound showed that everything with our bundle of joy looks good– the ultrasound was very long and thorough and the technician measured the bones in each arm and leg, counted the fingers and toes, checked the tiny beating heart and blood flow, and the spine and brain.  Now that I am in the back half of my pregnancy it’s all about the baby getting bigger and ready to enter the world!  Also, my schedule finally did get worked out and that’s been a load of stress off my shoulders.  Not only that, but for the last two weeks since I’ve been working the reduced schedule my numbers have been good.  Lastly, the house.

We signed the papers on Thursday!  It was almost surreal with all of the hurdles that we had to jump through the last two months.  In a sense after all we’ve been through it almost seemed anti-climatic.  In a few short days we should get the keys and then the next big hurdle: moving.

This is the first time that I’ve worn this ivory/cream lace overlay shirt.  I bought it with the gift card that my sister sent me almost 3 months ago but it never fit quite right.  Now that my belly is a little bigger the shirt fits more like it’s meant to.  But, in a way I do think that it makes me look larger than I am.  That’s still a hard pill to swallow sometimes.  Just the same as seeing the new number on the scale!  I paired this voluminous top with dark wash skinny jeans to balance it out.  What do you think?