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2nd Chance

After my lousy review of this flower printed maternity top last month I decided to give it another go.  First, I sewed back on the button the fell off the sleeve cuff and then I removed each of the buttons at the collar and re-sewed them on more securely hoping it would make a difference.  But, it didn’t.  I thought that since the buttons were sewn on loosely that may have been what was causing them to slip out of their button holes at the slightest bit of movement.  It turns out that I was wrong.  I think that the buttons are simply too small and dainty for their button holes.  So, I didn’t fight the buttons and just wore the top of the shirt open.  I did layer a magenta camisole underneath for modesty and to bring a pop of color in to the outfit.

I paired this loose and flowy top with my dark wash skinny maternity jeans that I gave a large cuff.  To accentuate my bump and sort of make it clear that I’m pregnant and not just gaining weight I added this braided navy belt.  For accessories I went with royal blue and gold earrings, an oversized gold watch, and dark purple ballet flats.  I wasn’t quite sure about adding in another color to the mix with the ballet flats but they are so dark in color that I don’t think they stick out and look weird.  Or, am I just fooling myself?

Anyway.  After giving this top a second chance it is still a dud.  I’ll probably wear it a few more times, but I certainly would not recommend it or purchase a similar top.


Tuesday we had a brief break from the heat and humidity.  It was still in the mid-70’s but because the humidity had dissipated it felt a lot cooler than it actually was.  Because it felt cooler I wore this long-sleeved chambray shirt dress.  I’ve worn it once before to teach in and it had a tendency to ride up and felt a bit short.  It’s not, but it felt like it.  This time around since I am pregnant I am wearing it more as a tunic shirt than as a dress by layering basic black leggings underneath.  An inspiration photo on Pinterest featured a similar outfit with brown shoes and a wide brown belt.  I wasn’t feeling mixing black and brown and I wasn’t in the mood to wear a belt with the baby bump so I just went with the fabric belt that comes with the dress.  I also chose to wear my leopard print ballet flats.  I accessorized with an oversized gold watch and large gold feather earrings.

I liked this outfit quite a but even though it’s pretty far out of my comfort zone.  I even think that when looking at me head on it is hard to tell that I am pregnant.  But, when I turn to the side you can definitely see the belly.  I have found that in non-maternity clothes it’s still hard to tell whether I’ve gained weight or I am pregnant.  In most maternity shirts because of the way they are cut and the silhouette it is more apparent that I am pregnant.

Do you like this outfit?  I’m sure that I’m going to be extending the life of many of my dresses by layering them over leggings and tights as we get into the cooler months and I start back to teaching in August.


Although I am pregnant, I’ve been combing Pinterest for outfit ideas– both maternity and non-maternity that I can make work.  It’s wonderful when I find a pair of pants or a top that I wasn’t sure would work and it does.  But, there’s the flip side of that coin when I try on something and it just isn’t going to work, no-how/no-way.

On Tuesday of this week I paired a blush colored blouse with khaki pants.  I knew that the khaki’s would work because I modified them by adding two stretchy panels to the waistband to accommodate my growing baby.  The blouse I thought might work but I wasn’t 100% certain.

The blouse barely worked.  Let’s just say that it probably won’t work in a week or two, but I did get to wear it that day.  I did not go with heels but instead chose my boat style shoes.  I chose to add some jewelry to my look with an oversized gold watch and a double strand white and gold necklace that came in my last Stitch Fix box.

What do you think?  Do you like this outfit?  Is it too simple?  Let me know in the comments below.