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Grey and Gold

This super simple outfit is based on a pin from but I cannot for the life of me seem to find it!  I spent about 15 minutes and then said to heck with it.  It was a bit chilly towards the end of last week with some rain and thunderstorms.  I paired this lightweight grey sweater with a pair of medium wash skinny jeans and brown ballet flats.  To further incorporate warm tones I went with an oversized gold watch and a long gold pendant/tassel necklace.  After putting all of my effort in to my outfit and makeup I didn’t have much time or energy left for my hair so I pulled it back into a low chignon and called it done!


Thursday I copied this outfit from Pinterest.  It’s another one of those outfits that consists of a lot of basic pieces that many women have in their closets— black skinny jeans, brown ballet flats, a grey t-shirt, brown belt, stud earrings, and a patterned scarf.  I love the casual nature of the outfit and the comfiness of the pieces but that it still looks pulled together.

As you can see, I duplicated it almost exactly.  My one departure was with the neck ware.  I have lots of scarves but not one that closely resembled the color or pattern of the inspiration photo.  I chose to skip the scarf and instead went with a long necklace with a locket watch in a bronze-gold color.  I thought that helped to tie in the cognac brown belt and brown ballet flats.  I went with silver cluster earrings that I thought paired well with the grey t-shirt and opted to go with my silver watch because it went nicely with the silver in the earrings, the grey of the t-shirt, and the silver belt buckle.  This outfit is a mash-up of different metals and neutrals but I still think that it looks cohesive.  What do you think?


The past three outfits I’ve worn have followed the formula of colored pant + grey top.  The first outfit of this formula I wore to class on Wednesday evening.  I liked the outfit and I had only worn it for a few hours so I wore it to work on Thursday with a few modifications.

Wednesday evening I based my look on this pin, here.  I paired my purple ankle length pants with a grey top, statement necklace, and silver shoes.  I didn’t use a cardigan with a black shirt underneath for my look, but I think the feeling of the outfit is the same.  This is the “dressed up” version.  When I wore it to work on Thursday I went with a silver pendant necklace and purple ballet flats.  Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same outfit.

Friday I based my colorful bottoms and grey top off of this pin, here.  Although she has paired her sparkly silver top and grey cardigan with a red pencil skirt I achieved my look with red trousers.  My pants don’t have any belt loops so I didn’t add a skinny silver belt to my look, but I did finish the look off with my silver shoes.

I received a lot of comments on my top!  A few random strangers that I passed in the hallway at work took the time to comment on their approval and one co-worker said that she loved my shiny shirt.  It gave me the warm fuzzies.