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Although I am pregnant, I’ve been combing Pinterest for outfit ideas– both maternity and non-maternity that I can make work.  It’s wonderful when I find a pair of pants or a top that I wasn’t sure would work and it does.  But, there’s the flip side of that coin when I try on something and it just isn’t going to work, no-how/no-way.

On Tuesday of this week I paired a blush colored blouse with khaki pants.  I knew that the khaki’s would work because I modified them by adding two stretchy panels to the waistband to accommodate my growing baby.  The blouse I thought might work but I wasn’t 100% certain.

The blouse barely worked.  Let’s just say that it probably won’t work in a week or two, but I did get to wear it that day.  I did not go with heels but instead chose my boat style shoes.  I chose to add some jewelry to my look with an oversized gold watch and a double strand white and gold necklace that came in my last Stitch Fix box.

What do you think?  Do you like this outfit?  Is it too simple?  Let me know in the comments below.


I’ve mentioned a few times that with my pregnancy I have very limited options when it comes to my bottom half.  It’s easy to find a shirt that can accommodate my larger chest and baby bump, but the bottom half is a little harder to fit.  Currently, I have a pair of maternity denim capri’s and dark wash skinny jeans.  I also modified a pair of khaki’s to be maternity.  But, that’s truly it!

Last Friday instead of trying to fuss with pants I just took the easy route and went with a maxi dress.  My husband is not really a fan of maxi dresses.  He tends to equate them with woman who are pregnant and although non-pregnant women can totally wear a maxi dress there is a reason why it’s sort of ubiquitous with pregnancy.  Most maxi dresses are made of a stretchy and forgiving material.

I wore this purple maxi dress that I have had for a very long time.  I did layer a white tank top under it for extra coverage and modesty and because it has thin straps I added a short-sleeved oatmeal cardigan over top.  Even though it was pouring down the rain it was probably not the best choice I went with my suede-ish purple ballet flats.  Oddly, I think that I look the least pregnant in this outfit than others that I have worn lately.



You might have noticed that I’ve been a little remiss in updating my fireplace mantle.  I usually change it every few months to coincide with the season or the holidays.  But, my Spring/Easter decor has been up since the middle of April.  What’s even worse is that I grabbed the red, white, and blue decorations out of the storage tub when I got out the Easter decorations so that it would be easy to change out for Memorial Day in May.  But, that didn’t exactly happen.  I don’t have any Summer themed decorations so I generally shift to patriotic for the Summer months since it can cover Memorial Day in May, 4th of July, and stretch all the way to Labor Day in September.

Well, I finally got around to switching it over this past Wednesday.  And, I must have really been feeling the red, white, and blue vibe because it snuck into my outfit, too.

I started with these ankle length khaki pants.  They were lightweight enough to wear while running errands in the 90 degree weather.  I added this tunic length navy blouse with white polka dots.  Then, I added my gold watch, gold stud earrings, and strappy sandals.  I would have worn red ballet flats but I just finished painting my toenails and I didn’t want to smudge them.  Lastly, I went with simple eye makeup and a bold red lip.

Happy Flag Day!