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Leopard print scarf: Wal-Mart. Navy blazer: (thrifrted.) Gold earrings: Wal-Mart. Brown ribbed turtleneck: Old Navy. Khaki trousers: (thrifted.) Rose gold watch: Target. Brown oxford shoes: unknown.

Leopard print scarf: Wal-Mart. Navy blazer: (thrifted.) Gold earrings: Wal-Mart. Brown ribbed turtleneck: Old Navy. Khaki trousers: (thrifted.) Rose gold watch: Target. Brown oxford shoes: unknown.

Monday was a strange day for me. Normally, I work Monday mornings at my bartending job, but I was able to give my shift to someone who had to call off a shift on Saturday. This switch helped us both out– I was able to postpone any grading on Sunday to Monday and spend the day hanging out with my BF worry free.

On Sunday, we went to see a matinĂ©e of Captain Phillip’s. We had a few minutes before the movie, so we stopped in to JC Penney to do a little window shopping. I was able to find a pair of dress slacks on the clearance rack for $5. When I reached the checkout, I was handed a scratch-off card and saved another 15%. Plus, I had a gift card for the purchase, anyway. I was beyond stoked with my $4 pants. I didn’t try them on until Monday afternoon, though. They fit well, I just need to give them a quick hem. After the movie, we came home and had root beer marinated pork tenderloin and shells and cheese. We ate dinner in front of a cozy fire in our living room while catching up on our t.v. shows and waiting for prime time to start. It was a wonderful day that I was able to spend with my BF and some much needed quality time.

Monday was packed full of grading! I spend most of the day grading outlines to return to my 9:00 class. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get both of my sections of outlines graded, so I focused on the 9:00 class. According to the syllabus, I was expected to return their graded outlines on Thursday, but I thought that they might welcome and appreciate the extra time. That also meant that I had a long, lazy sort of day.

I switched between grading outlines and painting my nails, grading outlines and reading blog posts, grading outlines and having lunch, grading outlines and talking to my family, etc. I find that after about 3 outlines I start to get kind of cranky and want to rush the process. Plus, I can become overly critical. But, if I do them 3 at a time it seems to work out a lot better—for me and my students.

I also had the luxury of spending a lot of time searching my Pinterest boards and trying to re-create outfits that I have pinned.  This outfit that I wore on Monday is my version of this pin.  I started with my navy blazer, a white t-shirt, the leopard print scarf, and a khaki skirt but it wasn’t working out.  The skirt needed ironed and even though I had time, I just didn’t feel like doing it.  Plus, I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to wear a skirt or a dress.  Also, I didn’t want to wear a white dress shirt because I thought that it felt too formal and stuffy.  I really would have liked to wear a cream-colored cami, but it wasn’t warm enough to just wear that under a blazer.  Eventually, I swapped the khaki skirt for my khaki trousers and the undershirt for a brown ribbed turtleneck.  To pull the brown in a little more I went with a dark brown shoe.

I like this outfit well enough, but I don’t think that it hits the same note of appeal as the inspiration photo does.  I would like to duplicate it in a more straightforward sense next time.  I don’t think that there is enough contrast between the dark brown turtleneck and the dark navy blazer.

What do you think?  Do you like my version more or less than the pin? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Monday was a somewhat grey, gloomy, and chilly day. I suppose it’s called Fall. I like some aspects of Fall, but not all of them. When the mornings and evenings start out cool and crisp I just want to stay nestled in my bed or wear over-sized comfy sweaters and cardigans. But, then there is that middle part of the day where the sun comes out and we have high’s in the mid-60′s. I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to dress for 20 degree shifts in the weather within the course of the day. Layering is pretty much my only answer to the problem.

Luckily for me, on Monday I only had to worry about dressing for the evening and not cold-warm-cold, again. Since it was a little brisk and chilly out, I decided to wear one of my comfy cardigans. Plus, it just went through the laundry and happened to be hanging up waiting to be put into the closet. Since it is Fall and the Trend Spin Fashion Linkup just so happens to be “Boots & Booties” I went with my tan riding boots from Old Navy. They are a few seasons old (3?) and I am looking for a replacement. For a $40 investment at the time, I can’t really complain about how long they’ve lasted.

Olive green cardigan: Target. Green and Yellow sleeveless silky blouse: Target. Green earrings: Versona. Khaki skirt: (thrifted.) Silver watch: Fossil. Tan riding boots: Old Navy.

Olive green cardigan: Target. Green and Yellow sleeveless silky blouse: Target. Green earrings: Versona. Khaki skirt: (thrifted.) Silver watch: Fossil. Tan riding boots: Old Navy.

I waffled back and forth on this outfit. One minute I liked it, the next minute I wasn’t sure that the greens matched enough. But, looking at the pictures, I really like it! As you can see, I kept the jewelry pretty much to a minimum since I was wearing “statement earrings.” They are pretty large and over-sized. And, maybe borderline not appropriate for teaching. But, my M/W class is on a satellite campus so they rules are a little less strict. (Not that we have a strict dress code to begin with.) Also, long-time readers may have noticed that I am wearing this skirt backwards. It has a single pleat in the front, but it can be easily turned around so that the single pleat just looks like a kick pleat. At least that’s what I hope it looks like and people aren’t pointing and whispering behind my back about my skirt being on backwards. I’ve only been daring enough to do this one other time with this skirt. Someone please tell me if it looks like I am mistakenly wearing my skirt backwards because I don’t know any better!

Here are a few of the other ways that I have styled this khaki skirt and the blouse:


And, since this is a “Boots & Booties” linkup, I wanted to give you a reminder of some of the ways that I have worn boots or booties. I’ve got tan knee-high boots that I’ve worn with maxi-dresses, knee-length dresses and skirts, and skinny jeans. Then there’s my short brown boots, black rain boots, and black leather booties. And, I’ve got short black suede boots and knee-high grey boots. Enjoy this walk down memory lane.

That’s a lot of boots!

Thursday was the end of the Informative Speeches for all 3 of my classes.  Except, this time I have a lot of stragglers.  This has never really happened before.  In my early T/TR class I have 3 students who didn’t give speeches unaccounted for, in my 2nd T/TR class I have a lot–like 6, and in my M/W class I have 7.  I have done my best to contact these students to find out what is going on, but most of them never communicate back.

This morning I am bummed because one of the unaccounted for students dropped the course.  Other’s who were unaccounted for have dropped, too, but this student was doing really well–in fact they had the highest grade in their class.  It breaks my heart when students who were doing really well drop the class without any communication or explanation. . . .

Thursday I wore a very Fall-like outfit.  It was actually an outfit that I had in mind to wear Tuesday for my evaluation, but since I neglected to pick out something else to wear for Thursday it became my outfit for the day.  It’s not a terrible thing though, because I think I have a different, better outfit in mind for my observation.  I may or may not have went shopping after class and purchased some work clothes.

Printed cowl neck top: Target. Red earrings: unknown. Khaki pants: NY&Co. (thrifted.) Brown oxford shoes: Payless. Gold watch: Target.

Printed cowl neck top: Target. Red earrings: unknown. Khaki pants: NY&Co. (thrifted.) Brown oxford shoes: Payless. Gold watch: Target. Gold bracelet: Versona.

I am sorry if I mis-attribute clothes or accessories to the wrong place of purchase. In my old age I am starting to forget where a lot of things are originally from. Some items, like the red earrings, I’ve had for so long that I have no idea where I purchased them. Newer items or items with a recognizable brand are a little easier. For instance, Merona is a Target brand. Sometimes, too I score awesome items at the thrift store or a discount clothing store. I try to be consistent and always list it as thrifted OR by the name brand and thrifted, but sometimes I don’t. Also, if you ever see a question mark after an attribution, it means that I’m not entirely sure if that’s where I purchased the item, but it’s my best guess.

A looooong time ago, I was working on an Excel spreadsheet that listed all the items in my wardrobe, their place of purchase, cost, when I bought them, and when I deleted them from my wardrobe. I thought that it would be extremely helpful for this blog. But, I’m not an Excel wizard, so I never finished it. I’m wishing now that I had.

Here are two other ways that I have styled this shirt:

The most recent, I went with a mustard-colored boyfriend cardigan and burgundy pants with brown shoes. I think that this outfit worked better in theory than in real life. I think the proportions were off. The first time I wore this shirt is very similar to this outfit–except with a skirt instead of pants and a belt to accent my waist.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite out of the 3 ways I’ve worn the printed cowl neck top? I think I know which one is my favorite.
Thanks for reading,

I am so sorry that I am two days late with this post. I’ve been battling my way back from being sick and I still have a nagging sore throat, I was swamped with grading on Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday morning, and on Thursday I treated myself with splurging on a salon cut and color. And now here it is, it’s Friday!

Thursday’s after class are nice for me because I get a bit of a break until I have to work at my bartending gig on Friday night. My weeks are a little different from most people. I don’t have a so-called “weekend.” I work at the bar on Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday mornings are filled with running errands, cleaning the house, or just sleeping in late and hanging out with my BF. I’m usually off on Sundays and my BF and I hang out and I do a little prep work for class–making sure that I’m ready for Monday and Tuesday’s lecture. I also like to pick out my outfits for Monday and Tuesday, as well. Monday mornings I work at my bar job, then I come home, make a quick dinner, change my clothes and depart for my evening class. I get home around 10:30 pm, decompress, and then it’s off to bed to get up at 5:00 am for Tuesday class.

After classes and office hours on Tuesday I have a bit of time before I have to go to work at my bar job. That’s usually when I try to do my outfit post from Monday night and usually try to take a nap. (This week I had to do lots of grading, though.) Wednesday mornings are one of my favorite days because I get to sleep in! I have the morning off to do errands and prep for evening class and Thursday morning class. That’s also when I like to pick out my outfits for Wednesday night and Thursday morning. It’s kind of an erratic schedule compared to most people.


I am happy to report that the atmosphere in my 2nd class on Tuesday was absolutely wonderful. I feel bad saying this, but many of the students who have negative attitudes and tend to bring the class down (the bad apples) were absent. We had a wonderful lecture. I didn’t feel like I was pulling teeth to get the students to respond to my questions and we were able to breeze through the lecture material. This is the first time that I have walked out of this class in such high spirits. I don’t know all the variables that caused the tension to disappear, but I really want to try to capitalize on it moving forward.

We are starting to experience more Fall-like weather here in Northeast Ohio. In the mornings when I leave for class, it is pretty crisp outside. Tuesday morning it was around 41 degrees while I was making my drive to work! It warmed up considerably as the day went on, when I left campus that afternoon it was in the mid-60′s. I looked rather silly walking out into the sunshine with my faux-leather jacket and lightweight scarf, but it was totally necessary that morning.

Tan and polka dot scarf: NY&Co. (gift from BF.) Coral sweater: NY&Co. (gift from BF.) Pearl earrings: ? 3 strand pearl bracelet: Elder Beerman. Tan pants: NY&Co. Penny lofers: Old Navy. Silver watch: Fossil.

Tan and polka dot scarf: NY&Co. (gift from BF.) Coral sweater: NY&Co. (gift from BF.) Pearl earrings: ? Pearl bracelet: Elder Beerman. Tan pants: NY&Co. Penny lofers: Old Navy. Silver watch: Fossil.

I thought that this outfit worked well for the weather. The 3/4 length sleeve on the sweater is great for the transition between seasons. Plus, it’s good for the 40-something degree’s of the morning and not too warm for the mid-60′s in the afternoon. The scarf helps with that, too. It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t overwhelm me as the sun comes out, and I can always take it off if I get too warm. Even though the coral color of the sweater is a more Spring-y color, I thought warming it up with the tan trousers, penny loafers, and scarf made it seasonally appropriate.

Here are a few other ways that I’ve styled this sweater, scarf, and pair of pants in the past:

What do you think? Do you stray away from wearing certain colors in certain seasons or are you more “anything goes?” Sound off in the comments below.