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The outfit that I wore on Wednesday is not the pre-planned outfit.  In fact, it’s not the second outfit that I tried on.  Or the third.  I think that the end result is the fourth or fifth permutation of the originally scheduled outfit.  Let me start at the beginning.

I had planned to wear my sleeveless purple geometric print blouse.  I have worn it once earlier in the semester and once recently over the weekend in a casual look.

Both times I’ve worn this top I have gone with a darker color palette.  My main goal with my outfit this time around was to accentuate the lighter colors in the blouse— blush pink, oatmeal, tan/khaki, etc.  In my mind, I had envisioned wearing this with my dark khaki skirt and my khaki blazer.  You can see each of these items in the photo’s below:

However, when I put all 3 pieces together in to an outfit I didn’t love it!  I felt like the two colors of khaki didn’t look right together and when I tucked the blouse in a lot of the lighter colors were lost– it has somewhat of an ombre effect in the coloring.  I swapped the khaki blazer out for an oatmeal cardigan and like the outfit so much more!  I finished it off with a gold necklace, nude pumps, and a gold watch.  But, when I bent down to pick up my purse my skirt broke!  It wasn’t because it is too tight– trust me, I would tell you if it was.  I think it’s just because it is old.  You can’t see it, but there is an equestrian style toggle buckle at the waist band.  One of the posts that hold the circle side broke.  In a split second I had to re-think my outfit.

I quickly changed the dark khaki skirt out for a lighter colored khaki pencil skirt.  But, then the oatmeal colored cardigan was off.  Since it was still lying out on the bed, I tried the khaki blazer on, again.  I liked it better with the lighter colored skirt.  So much so, that I took my outfit photo’s.

But, something was still off!  The outfit wasn’t popping and feeling composed and cohesive– it was feeling too haphazard and random.  At the last minute, I swapped that khaki blazer out for the maroon cardigan that I wore with this blouse over the weekend.  (It, too, was still out and easily accessible.)  I didn’t have time to re-do my outfit photo’s– I was already running late and starting to stress out.  I did, however, snap a quick photograph when I got home after a full day of teaching.  By this point my hair and makeup were pretty much kaput and I had some major creases in my skirt from sitting in the car, but I do it all for you, folks!

April 13, 2016 W (mg)

Even though it doesn’t accentuate the lighter colors of the top as much as I had originally intended, I do like this combination of skirt, blouse, and completer piece the best of all the options that I had tried that morning.  This is why I like to pre-plan my outfits!


Taco Tuesday

April 12, 2016 T (m)

Because I live in Ohio, it never seems to fail that every year right after I put away all of my sweaters and Winter clothes we experience cold, crummy weather that has me just pulling them all back out again!  This orange sweater is not a thick, warm sweater so it works really well for Fall and Spring weather.  I do sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that certain colors (pumpkin orange) are only appropriate for certain seasons (Fall).  Do you do that to?  I’m not sure where these ideas came from but I constantly try to challenge my own thinking.

I paired this orange sweater with my new khaki trousers.  They are a very light-colored khaki and they remind me of my very light khaki skirt that I often wear in place of outfits that use a white skirt.  Also, I had this idea in my mind that I’ve done this outfit before and didn’t want to repeat it.  I have done this outfit before, but with different khaki trousers, a different scarf, and different nude pumps.

February 19, 2013 T (4)

Oh yeah, and it was in February 2013!  Yes, over 3 years ago and I was worried about repeating the outfit.  Sheesh.  I did pair it with gold toned jewelry, again.  This time I went with a small gold watch and dangle earrings.

This is a simple, basic outfit, but it’s interesting to me that it challenged me on 2 fronts: wearing orange in the Spring and duplicating an outfit 3 years later.


Rose Gold

Spring is here and to welcome it I really felt like wearing Spring-time colors!  Also, as I mentioned last time I am making the rounds through my skirts and pants again.  I usually like to plan 4 or 5 outfits out all at once and then hang them up ready to go for the week, but since I am only teaching half of my course load this week I have been a lot more lax!  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I have been winging it, but I’ve been picking outfits out the night before or on my late days, the morning of.  I have been sticking to pretty tried and true combinations, though.

Today’s look was inspired by these two pins:

Both of these inspiration photo’s feature a pink top and a white bottom.  In the left hand version it’s a pair of white jeans and in the right hand it’s a pencil skirt that is either white or very light khaki.  These two looks differ in the accesories– on the left we’ve got leopard print pointy toed flats and on the right a greyish-nude pump.  On the left, we’ve got a thick chain link bracelet and heart-shaped gold studs and a gold watch.  On the right, it’s hard to really see much jewelry or accesories besides her earrings, but she is wearing a few gold bangles and rings.

Here is my version if a pink top and light-colored skirt:

March 22, 2016 T (m)

I started with my rose pink crew neck sweater.  It’s a great Spring color and it’s a thin sweater so I thought that it would be perfect for today’s weather.  I don’t have any white bottoms– they are currently on my Wants list.  But, this skirt is such a light khaki color that it almost looks white and I’ve worn it in place of white skirts in the past.  Originally, I didn’t have the sweater tucked in but I tried it and I really liked the way that the 4 buttons at the waist band give the outfit a bit of detail.  I did feel like it looked too plain and blah.  I really had to fight the urge to add a necklace or some other element.  I did pair this with my leopard print flats because I liked the style that they brought to the outfit, but I wish that they were heels.  I could have easily gone with my nude pumps, but I chose not too.  Like the inspiration photo on the left I went with my gold chain bracelet and gold watch.  I had tiny gold bow stud earrings in but as I said I thought the outfit felt too plain.  I wanted to wear my grey and cubic zirconia flower studs but I thought those were too much of a statement earring.  In the end I settled for gold hoops.

Happy Spring!