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Thursday seemed like a great day to dress up last week and when I learned that we would be attending a 3.5 hour presentation from HR I was happy that I skewed more towards the business end of business casual.

Luckily, I don’t feel like I need to buy a whole new wardrobe for my new job.  I am having a lot of fun making some dressy outfits more casual and vice versa.  And, I can theoretically repeat every outfit I’ve ever worn while teaching because these people have never seen them.  But, I do see the same people 5 days in a row as opposed to every other in the classroom.

The pin on the left served as my inspiration for this outfit but I didn’t want to make the animal print the focus.  I wanted the red pants to be the star of the show.  I chose to pair them with a short-sleeved white button-up and my khaki blazer.  I made sure to cuff the sleeves to show off the silk lining and pull in the white blouse.  I was going to wear my black wedges, but I didn’t want a tall shoe that day so I opted for the leopard print ballet flats.  And, they stay more true to the inspiration photo.  I added a long silver pendant necklace, black flower earrings, and a silver watch to complete the outfit.  I received two compliments on this outfit and that made me feel really good!

September 1, 2016 Tr (m)

Friday always feels like a day to go casual so I did!  I went with my dark wash bootcut jeans, a silky striped top,coral cardigan, and my black espadrille wedges.  Delicate silver jewelry completed the look.

September 2, 2016 F (m)

I liked this outfit, but I wasn’t feeling well that day and I had chills.  I spent the majority of the day with my dark wash denim jacket on.  That kind of ruined the look but since I wasn’t feeling well I got over it pretty quickly.




Wednesday morning I had to pick out a new outfit since I took the one I had planned for Wednesday and wore it on Tuesday.  As part of our training we went to another building to see a presentation from the president of our department.  With that in mind I wanted to dress more business and  less casual.

August 24, 2016 W (m)

I wasn’t that fond of this outfit while I was wearing it and I even questions whether or not the khaki pants looked OK with the blouse and if brown ballet flats were the right shoe choice.  But, when I uploaded these pictures I thought the outfit looked nice.  I think that black shoes would look better, but I needed the height of these brown shoes for the length of the pants.  That’s one thing that is going to be an issue— most of my pants are meant to be worn with heels.

I am wearing khaki pants with a sleeveless top and a purple cardigan over top.  I kept the jewelry to a minimum with silver hoop earrings and a silver watch.

On Thursday I went more casual with my outfit.  It’s an outfit that I pre-planned, but I made some changes.

August 25, 2016 Tr (m)

Originally, I had planned to pair this blue and white striped t-shirt with skinny jeans and leopard print ballet flats.  But, I went with these dark wash bootcut jeans and Sperry knock-off’s.  I kept the kelly green cardigan, gold necklace, and dark brown belt.  This was by far the most comfortable outfit of the entire week.  As a teacher I spent the majority of my time standing in front of my class.  In this new role I spend most of my time sitting in a chair.  Some of you might already know this, but some dress pants are not the most comfortable when you’re sitting.

I haven’t yet decided if I will post all 5 outfits from the week, or just pick and chose the ones that I think are blog worthy.  Additionally, I haven’t decided if I do share all 5 if I will try to do one post per outfit or group one or two of them.  Idea’s?  Please let me know your thoughts.


The dress code for my volunteer job is both strict and lenient at the same time.  In our manual it specifies khaki or navy pants, a white, red, or navy blouse with a navy blazer.  You will see volunteers in a white polo shirt and casual khaki pants to a starched white dress shirt, tie, navy blazer, and khaki colored dress trousers.

The females take more liberties with the dress code and many times default to wearing pretty much anything that is compromised of red, white, or blue.  I usually stay more true to the dress code and nearly always wear khaki pants with a white or red top.  But, lately I have been having a terrible time with white tops!

I dropped a tomato seed on one top, got face makeup on one, and who knows what on a third!  Yesterday I decided to take a sabbatical from wearing white and push the boundaries of the dress code.  I paired a silky high-neck sleeveless blouse with khaki pants.

August 3, 2016 W (m)

The blouse has the requisite colors: red, white, and blue.  When it is super hot and humid we get more leeway with the dress code.  On very hot and humid days we have to cancel tours of the manor house because the 3rd floor gets too uncomfortable.  The home was built between 1912-1915 and there is no air conditioning!  If there is a breeze you can open windows and get a nice cross wind, but if there’s no wind it’s very difficult.

Since the top is more on the dressy side, I went with pearl drop earrings and my silver watch.  I would have liked to have gone with a dressier shoe than my Sperry knock-off’s but my only other options were my brown or black ballet flats and my pants are too long for them!

What tricks are you using with getting dressed to stay comfortable during the Summer?  I always have problems because it’s hot outside but freezing inside when everyone jacks up the A.C.