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Monday was a bit of a whirlwind day for me.  Usually Sunday is a day half-filled with chores—grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house, and lazing about.  My BF and I like to sleep in, hang out while drinking coffee, have our first meal around 11 am and just enjoy the day.  BUT!  This past Sunday was a little different.  We got up and went grocery shopping, but we were invited to a clam bake in the afternoon.

My BF and I weren’t planning on watching our local football team.  You see, I am from Ohio and The Cleveland Browns are our professional football team and most of the time they can be a big let down.  Especially after trading one of their better players for a first round draft pick next year.  I mean, who cares about this year, right?!  Anyway, my aunt and uncle are big fans, regardless.  So, we knew that going to their house meant we would have to watch the game.  But, they won!  They actually pulled it off and made my afternoon of watching the game worthwhile.  Although, truth be told, the family time would have made it worth it, win or lose.

After the game we ate clams, corn, crab legs, cornbread, potatoes, and just about everything else you could imagine.  Then, we lounged in front of the t.v. watching the 4 o’clock games and playing with their 7 month old puppy.  Eventually, the 8 o’clock games were starting and we knew that we needed to be heading home soon.  The trouble was that while we were playing with the dog and watching football she put a yummy peanut-buttery apple dessert in the oven.  So, we had to wait until it was done to enjoy some with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  It was worth the wait!

Once we got home, I had a little bit of time to read through the chapter and prepare my lecture notes for Tuesday, but not enough time to pick out my outfits for Monday and Tuesday.  This meant that after I got home from my bartending gig on Monday afternoon I would have to pick out my outfits.  Luckily, I keep my Pinterest boards stocked with inspiration!

The following outfit is a pretty literal translation of a pin that I added from The Perpetual Student’s Wife blog. I’ve just discovered it and so far (at first glance) I think it’s nifty.

As you can see, I’ve basically copied this outfit using my own near-matches– a mustard yellow v-neck dressy t-shirt that I just bought for $3 at Target last week, an oxblood cardigan, a light-colored khaki skirt and tan shoes. Lastly, I topped it off with a skinny teal belt.

Mustard t-shirt: Target. Oxblood cardigan: Target. Silver earrings: Target. Khaki skirt: (thrifted.) Teal belt: (thrifted.) Silver watch: Fossil. Tan penny loafers: Old Navy.

Mustard t-shirt: Target. Oxblood cardigan: Target. Silver earrings: Target. Khaki skirt: (thrifted.) Teal belt: (thrifted.) Silver watch: Fossil. Tan penny loafers: Old Navy.

Those of you who are very perceptible or look extremely close (which is kind of creepy) may notice that I have on nylons! Uggghh. It’s partly due to the colder Fall temps that we’re having and partly due to running out of time to shave my legs.

Our night in class was semi-productive. We talked about introductions and conclusions. I thought that we would have more time afterwards for them to work in groups on a worksheet, but it didn’t quite pan out how I had thought. That’s o.k though, you win some and you lose some.

What do you think– do you like this outfit? Is it too copy-cat for you? I liked the way the 3 colors work together–the mustard, maroon, and teal. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.


The past few days I have had a touch of the flu or a cold, who really knows which. But, needless to say, I have been fatigued, had body aches, cold and warm spells, nasal congestion, and headache. I have been trying to take it easy and rest, but it is not easy with two jobs, a boyfriend, and a cat. To help ease the burden of my responsibilities, I have started taking cold medicine to help me feel better and speed my recovery. Let me just tell you that the cold medicine has made me crazy! Here are just a few hilarious things that I have done or said while under the influence. . . . .

Monday morning while I was at my bartending gig my manager radioed the host and reminded him to tell her when the first guests were sat. She also added that “To Go’s count, too.” Only, I misheard her and thought that she said “ghosts count, too.” The conversation went on for a few minutes while I inquired about the so-called “ghosts” in the restaurant. Eventually, someone figured out that I misheard her and they all had a laugh at my expense.

Later that same day, I was talking to a guest at the bar and he rattled off some of the companies that he contracted for. What I thought he said was “Kaiser, AT&T, and Doogle.” I mentioned that I had heard of the first two, but not the third. He couldn’t believe that I had never heard of the third company. When he started going on and on about it, I figured out that he, in fact, said G-O-O-G-L-E. Yeah, I’ve heard of Google.

The next day, Tuesday, I left for school around 6:15 a.m. like I always do, but when I got to school and was getting my stuff out of the passenger seat I realized that I had left without my purse. Luckily, I had my phone and keys which were the 2 things I needed most. After class, I went immediately home knowing that I didn’t have any money, credit cards, or ID on my person.

After that, I pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to take the daytime cold medicine anymore. I took the night-time formula last night to help me sleep and kick this cold/flu. I slept like the dead, but I’m still not entirely over it. Luckily, today is an “easy” day so I have some time to rest and try to repair.

In other news, Tuesday’s class was much better than last week. My early class is a strong group of students and they were able to take to the group note card activity very well. They were the only section to get through all of the note cards in one class period. They did extremely well on the quiz and I am not too worried about them as a group.

My second class is the one that I have the most difficulty with. First, many of the students are regularly late or absent. This makes it difficult for them to keep on track— they miss important updates at the beginning of class, helpful tips and reminders, and frequently don’t turn in homework because of their absenteeism. Also, it is disruptive when someone seems to be constantly walking through the door 5, 10, 15 minutes after class has started. They had a lot of trouble understanding the group note card activity and executing the task. They were able to complete the least number of presentations out of all 3 sections. I worry about them a lot and I’m constantly looking for ways to help deliver the content and engage them more.

But, the classroom atmosphere was in a much better place on Tuesday than it was on Thursday. I am hoping that I can capitalize on that and run with it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Thursday will be positive and fruitful, also.

On Tuesday, I wanted to dress up. Last week I wore pants for all 4 of my class days and this week I wanted to get back to wearing skirts and dresses. Plus, I believe that if I feel yucky, at least I can look nice. I went to my Pinterest board and looked at the items that I have on my “outfit inspiration” board. There were a few pins that had me really inspired— this one and this one. You may notice that both of these outfits have similar pieces: a navy blazer and a khaki skirt. Regardless of whether you layer it over a green plaid button down or a crisp white one I think the look is stunning. Here is my take on these inspiration photographs:

Navy blazer: (thrifted.) Abstract print blouse: (thrifted.) Gold earrings: Target. Gold watch: Target. khaki skirt: Target. Nude pumps: Target. Gold chain necklace: Wal-Mart.

Navy blazer: (thrifted.) Abstract print blouse: (thrifted.) Gold earrings: Target. Gold watch: Target. Khaki skirt: Target. Nude pumps: Target. Gold chain necklace: Wal-Mart.

I had originally planned to tuck this shirt in and belt it with a tan belt, but it didn’t work out. Also, I discovered that this skirt is a twister. I don’t know what makes skirts and dresses do this, but as I wear it and move around it decides to twist around my body. So, the next thing I know, I am standing up in front of the class lecturing and I look down and my side pocket is in the center of my torso. This happened to me once before with a different pencil skirt from Target. Luckily, this skirt is loose enough that I could easily spin it back around, but this is something that I am going to have to look into. If these skirts are always going to twist around I am going to have to get rid of them. I don’t remember this skirt doing that other times that I’ve worn it.

Here are some other ways that I have styled this blouse:

And three ways that I’ve worn the navy blazer and one other styling of the khaki skirt:

Any favorites for the blouse, blazer, or skirt? Thanks for those of you who regularly read and comment on my posts. It’s really awesome to know that there are people out there reading. Are you a regular reader, but never commented? Go ahead, leave me a message!

Lost Glove

I must admit– I, for one, am very glad that it is starting to get warmer. Especially because I discovered the other morning that I have lost a glove. I do not know where I lost my glove, but I did manage to keep both of them throughout two winters, so I’d say that is success.

My students were continuing with their group work on Thursday.  I am still wearing layers, but I am now able to start wearing some of my short-sleeved blouses.  This outfit is pretty simple, but that’s what I like about it.  It has a classic, clean elegance to it.

Navy cardigan: Old Navy. Printed blouse: (thrifted.) Khaki trousers: (thrifted.) Nude pumps: Target. Gold watch: Target.

Navy cardigan: Old Navy. Printed blouse: (thrifted.) Khaki trousers: (thrifted.) Nude pumps: Target. Gold watch: Target.

Although this blouse and trousers were both thrifted, they both happen to be Ann Taylor.  I think that’s part of what makes them work so well together.  I have worn this shirt before, here and here.  In the first example, I have paired it with a brown boyfriend cardigan and a pair of wide-legged khaki trousers.  I’ve belted the blouse to give it a peplum top look and then echoed the dark brown tone of the belt in the pointy-toed heels.  In the second version, I have played up the blue by pairing it with a navy skirt and belt.  I’ve kept the rest of the outfit very basic.  Sometimes, I believe that less is more and not over-accessorizing an outfit is just as much of a skill as accessorizing.  Plus, you must have really good basics in order to let them stand on their own.

My students will be delivering their group speeches next week. I know that most of them are meeting outside of class, which I knew that they would probably need to do. I tried to give them as much class time as I could manage– I gave them two full class periods, 2.5 hours. But, I had at least one group leave disband and leave early on Tuesday and I think that the same group, and maybe another, left early on Thursday. I am nervous for them– I hope that they are able to get everything done and have a cohesive group presentation. Time will tell.

What do you think? Do you like this outfit? How would you style it? Please sound off in the comments below.


Tuesday after class during my office hours I got a start in on grading the student outlines.  I did three before leaving for the afternoon.  I had intended to grade more when I got home that afternoon, but I didn’t.  I ran errands, cooked dinner, etc.  Unfortunately, that meant that I had to grade all of the remaining outlines on Wednesday.  This can be a very daunting task!

It takes me about 30 minutes per outline and I had a total of 17 to grade, 14 minus the 3 I did during my office hours.  One thing that my students can attest to is that I write a lot on their papers!  First, I understand that grading is subjective– especially with the types of things that I am grading.  What a student selects as their attention grabber may bomb on me, but it could totally work on the students in the class—their audience.  I try to use my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, along with the information in the textbook, to guide them into selecting the best choice.

But, I am often faced with the dilemma of having to decide how many points to take off.  For instance, an attention-grabber is worth 2 points.  But, if they have one that isn’t necessarily the best choice, do I take off points?  And if so, how many?  Generally, what I would do is take off 1 point and then be sure to give a lengthy explanation and some recommendations for how to improve.

The second difficulty is being able to give them recommendations for how to improve something without stifling their creativity.  The last thing that I want them to do is to just change things to what I recommended to get an A, rather than really taking the time to investigate what they think is best for their speech–topic, audience, occasion.

Lastly, I have to force myself to go back through their outlines and make sure that I write positive comments.  Because I have a tendency to point out lots of things that could be “tweaked, strengthened, improved, more creative,” etc. it is sometimes discouraging to students.  So, once I am done grading, I go back and make sure that I have pointed out the things that they did well and give encouraging comments like, “Yep!, Nailed it, Good Job, Great, Oooohhh–love this, catchy, very creative, nicely done, awesome,” etc.  This tip was given to me by my department chair during my first semester.  This way, if a student is upset about their grade, I am able to remind them of the things that they did well by pointing out the positive comments that I made.  At the end of the grading sheet, I usually write a paragraph summarizing the reasons why they received the grade they did.  In this summary, I make sure that I lead with something positive.  Then, I re-iterate the items that they most need to focus on for the revision and their speech, and lastly I try to end with another positive.  Even if it is simply, “Good Luck,” “I know you can do it,” or “I look forward to hearing your speech.”

It took me a very long time to grade their outlines.  I tried to break it up into doing 3 or 4 at a time, about an hours worth of work, and then switching gears to something else like Facebook or Pinterest.  At one point, I had the last 4 to go and I opted to clean the bathroom vanity, unpack my suitcase (finally), put all the dirty laundry in the hamper, hang up some of my dress clothes, and print off some papers for my taxes before finishing them!  Once I was done grading their outlines, I still had to spend another hour or so prepping for Thursday’s lecture.  When my BF came home from work I was just finishing up and I was kind of grumpy.

It didn’t help that when we went to the gym all of the cardio equipment was taken and I was forced to abandon my plan of doing my C25K workout and instead did some minor weight lifting and then minimal cardio when a stationary bike finally opened up.  I am so close to finishing the C25K program–expect a full disclosure on my New Year’s Resolutions early next week.  I can’t wait to share my progress with all of you.  I am keeping my finger’s crossed that I make my goal(s).


Thursday was a strange day because after I was done with class/office hours I didn’t have anything pressing or urgent that I had to do.  Coming off of preparing for a trip, going on vacation, and  getting back in the swing of things at work/school, it was a very strange feeling.  I indulged in my free time by taking a short nap and then, to assuage my guilt, I went to the gym.  I had the entire area to myself so I could get in my run.  Too bad it didn’t go as planned.  I was trying to do too much–I want to increase my 5k speed, so I started off by attempting to do intervals of 6.4mph and 5.5mph for 3 minutes and then 2 minutes.  But, I was only able to do that for 2 rotations before I wore myself out and ended up walking most of the time.  Instead of running 2.75 miles at a 5.7 pace, I went 1.75 miles at an average pace of 5.0.  Not exactly what I was intending to do.  Instead of counting it as my run, I just scrapped it and chalked it up to experience.

It was cold yesterday, which is what everyone seems to be complaining about.  It’s supposed to be Spring but here in northeastern Ohio we had a high of 28 degree’s, but the “feels like” temperature was somewhere around 15!  Earlier in the week I had selected an outfit that I had wanted to wear, but after looking at the weather I had to beef it up if I was going to wear it.

Khaki blazer: Wal-Mart. Gold hoop earrings: Target. Green and Blue polka dot dress: Old Navy. Tan belt" (thrifted.) Bangle: Versona. Gold Watch: Target. Cream knee socks: Dots. Brown boots: Old Navy.

Khaki blazer: Wal-Mart. Gold hoop earrings: Target. Green and Blue polka dot dress: Old Navy. Tan belt: (thrifted.) Bangle: Versona. Gold Watch: Target. Cream knee socks: Dots. Brown boots: Old Navy.

I started with this simple silky 3/4 sleeved dress.  Underneath of it, I layered a tank top and thick nude opaque tights.  Then, I belted it to give it some waist definition and topped it with my khaki blazer to play up the neutral/cream tones.  I thought about wearing an open front cream cardigan, but opted not to because the length of the cardigan made the dress seem much too short in comparison.  Next, I added cream knee socks to really play up the cream accents and then my brown boots for warmth.  Lastly, I accessorized with gold tone jewelry and a bangle that had colors of blue, green, and gold.

For being such a simple dress with only three colors: kelly green, navy, and cream I have made it feel/look different and appropriate for different occasions. I have worn this dress to teach and I have worn it on a date.

I had it in my mind that I had worn it with boots before and on our trip to Washington D.C., but it turns out that I was mistaken. So, what I thought was actually duplicating a styling turned out to be a first! I guess it just feels like I always wear this dress?!

What do you think? How would you style this dress? I can’t wait until the weather warms up and I can wear it without something over it, hose or bare legs, and nude pumps!


Yesterday was cold, rainy, and grey. My least favorite type of day. Not to mention that I just didn’t have much in the tank in the way of motivation for going to school. I wanted to sleep in more than I was able. After being awoken by a text message, I rolled out of bed to get the day started because I knew I had a lot of errands to run.

First, I needed to update my budget for the end of this month and do my projections for the next two months. Also, I needed to see if I had some money leftover after all of my bills to get my nails done. I have been wanting to get them done for a while, but I kept putting it off and painting them myself. That’s o.k. (I’m getting much better at painting my nails and I splurged for some good polish.) But, let’s face it– there is nothing quite like having your nails done and the staying power of gelish polish.

After coming home from getting my nails done, I touched up my roots. Exciting, I know! I swear, it feels like I am always dying my hair! And, I can’t quite get the color the tone that I want. I think that I should make an appointment with the salon to have it professionally dyed so they can help me get the tone that is best for me and then I can just work on maintaining it at home. I kind of want Taylor Swift’s dirty dishwater blonde, but I’m not sure if that would look good on me. It might actually be too dark. I don’t know– any hair color experts out there that can tell me what would look best on me?!?

And then it was time to get ready. I was a little behind because I had anticipated a wait at the nail salon where I could grade my student’s quizzes, but I got right in. So, I had to hurry and grade their quizzes quick in between getting ready.

When I started putting my outfit together, it revolved around the idea of wearing my galoshes because of the rain. This meant some type of skinny pant. I only have two skinny leg pants that aren’t jeans and are therefore slightly more school-appropriate. I went with khaki over black because I felt like I was already pushing the envelope. And then I paired it with my leopard print blouse with the tie neck. Because, the envelope hadn’t been pushed far enough yet. To tone down the wildness of the outfit and make it more work-appropriate rather than date night, I added my new khaki colored blazer. After adding in this element I accessorized with gold jewelry. I opted not to wear my black rain boots and instead wore my brown boots to tie in the khaki blazer.

Khaki blazer: Wal-Mart. Feather earrings: Charlotte Russe. Leopard print tie-neck blouse: (thrifted.) Black skinny pants: JC Penney. Gold watch: Target. Brown boots: Old Navy.

Khaki blazer: Wal-Mart. Feather earrings: Charlotte Russe. Leopard print tie-neck blouseL (thrifted.) Black skinny pants: JC Penney. Gold watch: Target. Brown boots: Old Navy.


I think that this outfit is very similar in nature to this one here, in the sense that I am mostly obscuring the leopard print with a blazer. I almost wore the khaki colored pants to make a light-colored suit, but the color of the pants and the blazer were too far off from one another that it looked bad.

What do you think? Do you think that this printed blouse is too loud/bold to wear in a work setting? Would it be o.k. in your office? How about skinny pants? Is there a formal rule? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Monday was such a wonderful day!  No, I am not being sarcastic, but I did have the day off from school in observance of President’s Day.  It was such a wonderful day to sit around and do nothing.  I slept in late, watched t.v. on the internet, read a magazine, played dress-up and put away my clothes.  I also re-organized my dresser drawers.  It wasn’t a complete overhaul, I just took out some stuff that I haven’t worn at all this season to make them a little less stuffed!  Since I didn’t have class on Monday I didn’t have to really do any prep work for school.  And, since my Tuesday/Thursday students are starting speeches this week I really didn’t have to do much for them, either.  I did work Monday night at my bartending job, so I wasn’t completely off the hook.

Tuesday was the first day of speeches for Spring Semester.  I always look forward to speech days–my students come up with some really interesting topics and I learn a lot.  I realize that it’s probably their most dreaded days of the semester, but that’s o.k.  I had 3 students absent on Tuesday.  One student I knew about, but the other two I wasn’t expecting to be out.  That meant that there were 16 students present.  I always have them draw numbers from a hat to determine their speaking order and then I find some way to break up the audience into groups for student evaluations.  The way I did it this time divided the students up into 4 groups of 4.  That means that each student will complete an evaluation form for 3 different speakers.  Depending on the situations of the absentee’s, some groups will have to do 4 evaluations.

The first day is always a little rocky because it takes some time for everyone to get used to the routine.  Luckily, we were able to hear 8 speeches on Tuesday.  That means that we need to get through at least 8 on Thursday and then depending on when/if I get word from the absentee’s a few more.  I never know at the beginning of the semester how many students are going to stick with the course, so it’s hard to know if we will need one, two, or three days to get through all of the speeches.  I may even have to bump the ones that were absent to next week.  At the end of class I handed out their midterm study guide and I would like to give them the opportunity to ask questions and to go over it– at least 10 minutes or so.  We did have a handful of students who went over their 6 minute time limit– they hit around 8 minutes.  That eats up time for the other speakers.  I always try to allow about 2 minutes in between each speaker for people to finish their evaluations and listen to the next person.

It’s not an exact science, so I always cross my fingers and hope that everything will work out o.k.  One thing that I did want to change-up is not to rely on my trusty ‘ol denim trousers for speech day.  It’s hard to resist wearing them, though, because they aren’t jeans but they are a great casual option for sitting in the audience.  But, as I have said many times, I am really trying to limit their use in my outfits this semester.  I want to push myself to be creative with my wardrobe.  I did want to stick with wearing pants.

Orange sweater: Target. Polka dot infinity scarf: NY & Co. (gift). Gold earrings: Wal-Mart ? Khaki pants: NY & Co. (thrifted.) Rose gold watch: Target. Nude pumps: Target.

Orange sweater: Target. Polka dot infinity scarf: NY & Co. (gift). Gold earrings: Wal-Mart ? Khaki pants: NY & Co. (thrifted.) Rose gold watch: Target. Nude pumps: Target.

My BF bought me this scarf as one of my anniversary presents.  He knows that I love just about anything from NY & Co. and he got a sweater to go along with it.  I have already worn the sweater a few weeks ago.  He liked the two items together, but the sweater has a cowl neck detail that I hate to cover up with the scarf.  Instead, I opted to wear the scarf with a sweater that has a simple scoop neck.  Plus, I thought that the scarf would help add some warmth to the outfit.  The sweater is a thin knit.  I really like the way that the pants and the scarf sort of match– I think that it gives a nice cohesiveness to the outfit.  They are from the same retailer, although they weren’t purchased at the same time or from the same place.  Lastly, I decided to go with nude pumps to create a long and lean leg line.  I could have just as easily went with my brown Oxford shoes or brown pointy-toed pumps.  My new leopard print heels also looked really, really good but I just wore them last week and it was supposed to be wet and snowy and they are (faux) calf hair.  I didn’t do much in the way of the accessories because I wanted a very minimalist outfit.  I merely added a watch (a must for me), and some gold dangle earrings.

What do you think?  Is this look too matchy-matchy for you, or do you like the way the elements play off of each other?  How would you wear this tan and white polka dot infinity scarf? Guess what? I don’t have class on Wednesday, either (parent-teacher conferences). It’s nice, but it is going to throw us off a bit. I’ll make do, though. I’ll be updating you on my New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you like being in the know and reading my posts as soon as their published?  Then you should become an email subscriber so that you have them delivered right to your inbox.  You never know when I might publish my next post!



Over the past 3 1/2 weeks I have been doing so good with my resolutions.  Especially, the health goals,  but I had a big hiccup over the weekend.  I don’t know what it was, but on Sunday I was H-U-N-G-R-Y!  I woke up and had my usual breakfast– one full egg and two egg whites scrambled and coffee.  Then, I helped my BF clean our apartment.  Afterwards, we had some beet, apple, and carrot juice.  We’ve been experimenting with the juicer.

We had planned to have hot wings for dinner during the Superbowl.  But, something took over during the in-between time.  I tried to satiate my hunger with some nice Greek style yogurt, but it didn’t work.  I then decided that I was going to have some pizza while the wings were being prepared.  It was quite a process!  My BF steamed them, chilled them in the fridge for an hour, then cooked them for 20 minutes on each side before finally tossing them in their sauce and putting them on a plate.

I guess pizza is one of my weaknesses.  My BF and I shared the pizza.  (Which is a clever way of saying I ate half.)  And then, once the wings were done I ate 4 (two hot, and two of the orange glaze.)  Later, I had a few more.  I think my total was 7 or 8 wings.  As I was entering the data in to my app, I knew that I was going to blow my calorie allotment for the day.  But, I still believed that I could come in at, or under, my goal for the week.  Nope.  Not even close.  I went over for the week by about a day’s worth of calories.  I felt bad about it, but then again I didn’t.  As I was looking through the app, I had 4 solid weeks of coming in at my goal nearly every day and every week.  It stands to reason that one day I am going to drop the ball.  I can only deprive myself of the things that I love for so long.  Plus, counting calories, watching what you eat, working out, drinking water and trying to lose weight is hard.

Does that mean that I am throwing in the towel?  NO!  Not at all.  It just means that Monday morning was a new day and the start of a new week.  I am human and I am going to slip up sometimes.  And, I can live with that.  Today I will be in the gym working on my next day of C25K.  I did manage to drink my 5 glasses of water on Sunday, though.

As far as my other resolutions go, I finished the book that I was reading last Friday.  On Saturday I stopped at Barnes and Noble to look for my next book.  I think I found one that I was drawn to, but I was also thinking about reading a book on teaching for my next book.  Maybe I’ll read both– one for business and one for pleasure.  I’ll keep you posted.

For the financial realm of things, I updated my information in to help me track my finances and reach some of my goals so I’m excited about that.  I guess that I haven’t done anything for the blog over the past week, except continue to post regularly.  I did finally set up the Spring 2013 gallery post, but when I updated it with pictures today the formatting went all crazy, so I gotta look in to that.

Yesterday, I had a little time to play with picking out an outfit but not as much as I would have liked.  I have a couple of outfits pinned to my boards that I want to try to re-create.  But, I also have a closet full of clothes that I haven’t worn in a while.  Sometimes I get stuck in a rut and wear something a lot during one semester while something else hangs in my closet unworn.  So, I started by pulling out some items that seemed under-utilized and those items that were the basis for those pins on my board.

Ultimately, I decided that I have been rocking pants a lot to my M/W class because it’s slightly more casual and I wanted to shake it up a bit.  A while back I wore this outfit (which is one of my faves!):

June 16, 2012

I didn’t want to re-create the look exactly, but I wanted to use it as a starting point.  I have a navy blue origami shirt that hasn’t been worn much lately that I thought I could use to re-do this same outfit.  Here is the end result:

Navy origami shirt: JC Penney. Light khaki skirt: (thrifted.) 3 strand peal bracelet: Elder Beerman. Silver watch: Fossil. Pandora bracelet and charms: gifts. Nude tights: Wal-Mart. Silver earrings: gift. Black pointy toed pumps: Shoe Carnival.

Navy origami shirt: JC Penney. Light khaki skirt: (thrifted.) 3 strand peal bracelet: Elder Beerman. Silver watch: Fossil. Pandora bracelet and charms: gifts. Nude tights: Wal-Mart. Silver earrings: gift. Black pointy toed pumps: Shoe Carnival.

I kept the same light-colored khaki skirt and nude legs, but I did away with the necklaces since this shirt has so much beautiful detailing.  I also wore black pumps this time around to tie in with the darker hue of the shirt.  I stayed with silver jewelry, and went with an arm party of bracelets and simple earrings. The outfit is very simple and clean and I really enjoy that.

In class, we started talking about researching. My T/TR class is already through this stage of the game and onto stage 3: creating. But, my M/W students are about a full week behind because we have a longer semester together. Because of days off and such, we will eventually catch up. I only had 2 of my 4 students present, but the two that were there brought the homework that they neglected to turn in last time. That was a big win because I was able to give them feedback on their topic and help them start the next phase which is writing their general purpose, specific purpose, and central idea. It’s going to be tough for them but I think that they can do it.

I always seem to be running out of time in my T/TR class, but I always manage to pack everything in on my M/W class. I’m not sure how this happens because the two class periods are exactly the same. I think it may be because I give my T/TR students more and for my M/W class I try to keep it simple.

What do you think of the updated version of the blue dress shirt and khaki skirt from before? Which one do you like better– the lighter blue with the necklace and nude pumps, or the darker blue with the arm party and black pumps? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Tuesday I got up a little earlier than normal– 5 a.m.!!!  I was pushing the envelope a little too far in getting to class on time.  If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I don’t like to feel rushed.  I need time to get to work and mentally prepare before getting swept up in the thick of it.  I’ve always been this way.  It’s not a bad thing– most of the time it means that I am always early for events.

I have determined that I need to learn to streamline my getting ready process.  This is not a huge news flash, by any means.  I am somewhat of a dawdler.  I usually give myself about two and a half hours to get ready to go to work or school if I need to take a shower, and two hours of I don’t.  I like to get ready a little, then go and do something else.  Then, work on getting ready a little more, and then go do something else.  This works out well because I like to let the flat-iron heat up between sections of hair, I like to let my foundation set before doing the rest of my makeup, I like to take my time eating, etc.  But, when you have to be at school at 7:15 a.m. to teach this does not work!

I had been getting up at 5:30 a.m. and trying to leave the house around 6:45, but it takes me 40 minutes to get to school in good weather and light traffic.  A few times there was lots of snow an/or lots of traffic.  This was making me nervous.  So, I bumped it up.  I got up at 5 a.m. and left at 6:15.  Of course the day that I make the adjustment it is 50+ degrees in January and hardly any traffic on the road.  Murphy’s Law, right?  I couldn’t even tell you how long I actually need to get ready from start to finish with no mussing about time in between.  Maybe that should have been one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

I picked this outfit out with the help of my pinterest boards!  I can’t tell you how many times that I look to pinterest for inspiration.  This is especially funny because I just read this post over at Kendi Everyday about copying an outfit from a store mannequin and feeling bad about it.  There is nothing to feel bad about!  Having worked at a clothing store as a visual merchandiser, I can tell you that companies spend lots of money having someone come up with the outfits that are on display–and they send out picture reference guides with explicit instructions on how they want the outfit to look– right down to the nitty-gritty like scrunching sleeves, the number of undone buttons, etc.  They want you to take their styling recommendations.  They also want you to buy their product so that you can recreate the look exactly.

The discussion turned from store mannequins to things like pinterest, magazines, runways, and other people.  I am not ashamed to admit that I find inspiration everywhere and I am not afraid to duplicate or re-create someone else’s outfit.  In fact, here are the two photo’s that inspired my look today:

In order to re-create an outfit based off of these two photo’s, I pulled out my burgundy pants, light khaki pants, khaki blazer, brown blazer, a pink button up and a coral button up. I was playing around with the different elements. I actually thought that I could duplicate both of these looks with items that I already own. But, my brown blazer is darker than the one in the photo and had burgundy and navy stripes. I decided that this would look great paired with my burgundy silk tie neck top. I kept the rest of the outfit very similar– brown belt and light khaki pants. I also opted to go with a dark brown shoe to tie in the belt and the darker color of the blazer. As a future option, my nude pumps looked really good, too. Here is my version:

Brown plaid blazer: (thrifted.) Burgundy silk tie neck blouse: JC Penney. Purple earrings: gift. Rose gold watch: Target. Brown belt: (thrifted.) Khaki pants: (thrifted.) Brown pointy toed pumps: (thrifted.)

Brown plaid blazer: (thrifted.) Burgundy silk tie neck blouse: JC Penney. Purple earrings: gift. Rose gold watch: Target. Brown belt: (thrifted.) Khaki pants: (thrifted.) Brown pointy toed pumps: (thrifted.)

I originally had the blazer open like the inspiration photograph, but when I was taking my outfit photo’s I discovered that it was more flattering buttoned up with the burgundy bow peeking out. This outfit very much reminds me of something that Londyn would wear (in a good way!)

In class we talked about informative speaking.  This chapter gives them an overview of the whole process that they are going through from start to finish to create and present a speech.  They are in between stages 1 and 2.  They deliver their first speech during the 6th week of class, and we are in week 3.  Over the next two/three weeks they will progress through stage 2 (researching), stage 3 (creating– outlining, organizing, writing the introduction and conclusion), and stage 4 (practicing and then presenting).  I also asked them to read the chapter on finding sources for research.

I only had 30 minutes to lecture because I took them to our digital library for a presentation.  Our library assistant was able to show them what resources they have access to online in our library and what resources they have access to through partnerships with nearby universities.  On one hand, I think that the presentation may have been too basic and it took a lot of class time–35 minutes.  But, I have to remind myself that this is an intro. course and I have to keep it basic– and this is keeping it basic.  I’m just struggling with how to synthesize the rest of the information in the informative speech chapter (we got through half) and the research chapter which we didn’t even talk about.  I have two additional chapters on the syllabus for Thursday.

When I wrote the syllabus, I wasn’t planning on taking them to the library.  If I hadn’t done that things would have worked out fine.  But, I need to remind myself that the library activity is important!  If the schedule gets off a bit life will still go on.

Do you ever find yourself getting worked up over little details like that?  Feeling like Chicken Little– the sky is falling and the world is ending because one little thing went awry?  I do. :/

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