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While browsing through my fashion blogs I came across this outfit on J’s Everyday Fashion.  As soon as I saw it I clicked to save it on Pinterest because I instantly knew that I had all the elements in my closet to re-create this outfit.  I love when I get really excited and inspired to get dressed and play in my closet.

This morning I didn’t want to wear a skirt to my sit in front of a computer desk job.  So, I wore the top half of the outfit and paired it with some dark wash skinny jeans.  These jeans were in the under-the-bed-storage bag and I just pulled them out.  I am super-duper excited that I was able to wear them today because it wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t fit in to them. . . .

For class this evening I needed to make my outfit more business and less casual.  Plus, the top can tend to slide and show a bit too much cleavage for class.  I also don’t have a black necklace like in the inspiration photo so I think that layering a black tank top with ruffle neckline solved those two issues.  I reallllllly need to replace my pointy-toed black shoes– I’m working on it, but apparently I am looking for the unicorn of shoes.  I swapped the jeans for my light colored khaki skirt, pantyhose, and basic black pumps.

There you have it!  Two takes on this outfit–one dressy and one casual.  Which do you prefer?



This outfit that I wore last Thursday is based on this pin, here.  But, there’s something about my version that doesn’t strike the right chord.  I think that the original is a more dressy outfit.  My khaki’s are a more casual style and fit and my black top is a basic v-neck sweater as opposed to a silky/blousey top.  My necklace is more simple and streamlined, too.  I was really cold that day, too.  I spent most of the day at my desk under a fleece blanket.

My outfit on Saturday was ho-hum, too.  It was based on this outfit pin, here, but I had to make it weather appropriate.  I don’t have a necklace with coral flowers so I went with a magenta statement necklace.  I also went with brown shoes instead of sandals and my bootcut dark wash denim jeans.

I snapped a quick picture but they’re very underwhelming so I don’t think you are missing out on anything by my not sharing.



Tuesday was warmer than usual but I was chilly and wanted and outfit that was warm and comfy.  While browsing my Pinterest boards outfits like the two above kept jumping out at me.  There were several more on my boards that combined a blazer, oversized scarf, and jeans.  That was just the type of outfit that I was in the mood for.  I’ve included the two above because they both feature a similar colored blazer.

November 29, 2016 T (m)

I started with my khaki colored blazer and then picked out a scarf.  I chose this scarf because it is oversized but it’s not my red blanket scarf that I tend to wear the death out of this time of year!  I really like the color purple and once I had selected the scarf I chose to go with a three-quarter purple button-up underneath instead of a white dress shirt.  I chose my dark wash skinny jeans because I wanted a more dressed up look than my distressed jeans provide.  Lastly, I went with gold accessories and brown ballet flats to finish off my outfit.  I really liked this outfit.  My hair is a little wild in these photo’s because I didn’t wash it– I just sprayed in some dry shampoo.  Before lunchtime I had pulled it back into a ponytail, though.