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Dr., Dr.

Today I had to take Alice to the pediatrician for her one-month check-up.  It’s crazy to think that it’s been a whole month– it seems like 5 days!  Everyone says that it goes by in a flash and they aren’t kidding.  Honestly, everyday is sort of a blur.  I live my life in 2-3 hour blocks of time– that’s approximately how long it is between feedings and pumping sessions.  And, somewhere in those blocks of time we try to fit in tummy time, skin to skin, story time and play, feeding myself, and if we’re really lucky: a nap.

I’ve mentioned this before but because it’s Wintertime and the flu has been very prevalent we don’t go on many adventures.  In fact, this morning we got snow dumped on us and all the local school districts were closed.  Even the college where I teach cancelled classes due to the weather.  But, our Dr. is only a few miles away and our appointment was late morning so it gave the road crews time to plow and treat the roads.  Since we don’t often leave the house, Mom doesn’t always put on an “outfit” and/or do her hair and makeup.

Today’s outfit features this bright pink maternity nursing top.  I’ve posted a photo of me wearing this top before but not in an outfit post.  I’ve worn it a few times and I really like it.  The first time I wore it I had on my light wash jeans, silver hoop earrings, and silver watch.  This time around I went with gold accessories: an oversized gold watch and bronze-gold feather earrings.  I’ve also switched things up and paired it dark wash boot cut jeans.  Because the top is thin I’ve added a leopard print cardigan and my knee-high flat riding boots.

The shirt is great for nursing– there’s an under layer that has vertical slits to allow you access for nursing.  Then, there’s the two panels of fabric that drape across the top and help to keep everything covered while you are nursing.  The top is mostly flattering.  The material doesn’t cling but sometimes because it is thin it doesn’t do much to disguise the post-partum belly.  Also, because it’s thin and it defeats the purpose to layer things underneath it isn’t the best on a blustery Winter day.  Of course, nursing and/or pumping in the Winter in and of itself is often a bit chilly.

My daughter’s check-up went well.  She is at 9.2 lbs. and 21.5 inches.  The Dr. was pleased with her growth and where she falls on the percentile.  She did warn me that our next appointment– the two-month check-up would involve shots.  Our biggest goal right now is to get Alice to nap regularly.  Many times in the morning she fights sleep and then she becomes overtired and very cranky.  This, in turn, can make Mom very cranky.  So, we are working on establishing routine and structure.  (Easier said than done!)


Yellow Vibes

Yellow is not a color that is featured heavily in my wardrobe.  It’s not one of my favorite colors and with my blonde hair I often find that it is hard to pull off.  But, I do have a few yellow items and it seems that I’ve gravitated towards the sunshine color lately!  Last week I paired a pastel yellow cardigan with a deep teal jewel toned dress.  Today, I went with a bright yellow blouse anchored by black trousers and a leopard print blouse.

Yellow and leopard print is not a new/wild/creative/out-of-the-box combination.  As you can see, I’ve paired the same yellow blouse with the same leopard print cardigan twice before–once in a professional outfit with a brown skirt and once in a more casual pairing with jeans.  I’ve also done a lighter, pastel yellow sleeveless shirt with the leopard print cardigan, dark wash skinny jeans, and sandals for a Spring-time outfit.  Lastly, I’ve done a gold yellow sweater and a mustard yellow sweater with two different leopard print scarves and skirts.  Knowing that I’ve done this shirt and cardigan combo. before I actually tried my outfit with a Kelly green blouse.  However, that blouse could not accommodate my pregnant body.




Monday I decided to re-wear this teal dress from earlier in the semester.  Right now, I am basically going back through all of the stretchy dresses that I can still wear and re-wearing them in a more Fall-like manner.  And, as it turns out it was time to wear this teal sleeveless shift dress.  I combed through Pinterest, which is something that hasn’t been too useful to me lately, but this time it was!  I found 3 viable options for styling this dress that are different from how I’ve worn it in the past.

First, was to pair it with an equally saturated and jewel-toned royal blue blazer and brown accessories.  Second, was to go with a khaki blazer and more neutral accessories and third, was to pair it with a pastel yellow cardigan.  Obviously, you can see which option won.  The main reason that I opted for the cardigan was because my blazers don’t really fit very comfortably at this point in my pregnancy.  And, honestly I really liked pairing the pastel color with a deep and rich tone.  I thought that it seemed unexpected but pulled-together and polished.  I further pulled in the lighter colors with a gold and cream layered necklace, cream and white chevron circle earrings, a gold watch, and leopard print ballet flats.  I was originally going to go with brown but I thought that the animal print could bring one more fun element to the party without going overboard.

Here are some of the ways that I’ve styled this dress in the past (bottom row, L is earlier this semester when I was pregnant.)