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One of the things that I try to do is wear my clothing items differently.  That isn’t something that is necessarily intuitive but having this blog helps to challenge me.  Not to mention that having the photographic evidence how I wore a certain dress or blouse or skirt makes it easy to see what I’ve done before and push myself towards something different.

Take this collared polka dot dress, for instance.  Here are several ways that I have styled it in the past:

I’ve done a magenta sweater over the dress and a magenta cardigan worn open.  I’ve done it with a black blazer and black tights, a dark wash denim jacket and black riding boots, and I’ve also worn it without any topper– once by accenting with a skinny magenta belt and once with a purple belt.  I’ve styled it other ways before, too, but this is just a sampling.  This time around I went with a burgundy cardigan, the fabric belt it came with, a long pendant necklace, gold watch, and black ballet flats.

I would have loved to have worn my burgundy peep toe pumps but with being 5.5 months pregnant I’m just not that worried about picking the cutest shoes and sacrificing comfort.  Today was the first day that one of my students dared to ask if I am pregnant.  They don’t know me very well but I am not easily offended.


Today was back to work for me after having Sunday and Monday off.  Although I am permitted to dress business casual I noticed that lately I have been skewing more towards casual and not making very good use of my dresses and skirts.  This week my goal was to change that!  And, I wanted to dress up today because I thought that I might meet my new supervisor, but I did not.

Also, I will be back in the classroom in a few weeks and I will need to dress more professional on those days.  Technically we are not permitted to wear jeans in the classroom at the community college where I teach (but that doesn’t mean people don’t do it).  My outfit today was another take on an inspiration photo that I found on Pinterest.  I originally did my take on this outfit in February of 2014–almost 3 years ago so I felt like it was O.K. to “repeat” this outfit.  I started with my magenta colored shift dress and added a black blazer.  My blazer doesn’t have contrasting cuffs so I didn’t fold them up or anything.  I went with a textured black tight and basic black pumps.  I meant to add a scarf to my look but I couldn’t find the magenta and pink flowered scarf that I had intended to wear.  I think in hindsight that I might have purged it during my last closet clean out.  Instead, I opted to add a magenta and gold statement necklace, gold ball earrings, and a gold watch.  For my makeup I went with a neutral eye, shimmery pink cheeks, and a bright magenta lipstick.  I still like the inspiration photo better than my look but I’ve always loved this dress and I am happy that I wore it today.


Tuesday was an exciting day because I spent two hours of my day observing someone doing the job that I am being trained to do.  It was great to be able to see how I am going to use all of the information that I am learning and to get some advice from someone who’s been there/done that.

Since I was going to be in a different environment and interacting with my future supervisor I wanted to dress more professional.

My outfit inspiration was based on this pin. I knew that my black and white trousers would work perfectly. They aren’t a houndstooth print but they are very similar. I don’t have a white blazer or a magenta shell so I reversed those two and went with a white button-down and a magenta cardigan. To amp up the black and white/graphic nature of my outfit I added a silver necklace with small black beads, silver and black drop earrings, a silver watch, and a black belt with a silver buckle. In keeping with the inspiration photograph I wore my black pointy toed heels. I really like this outfit! I also wore my hair up which is not something that I do very often.

September 13, 2016 T (m)

Wednesday was a whole different story!  The outfit that I had planned out didn’t exactly go as planned.

Pinterest 2

This cute and preppy outfit was what I tried to duplicate.  I started off with my own grid print button-up shirt and blue blazer.  I paired it with a light khaki pencil skirt, a cognac colored belt with a bow, and had planned to wear my brown ballet flats.  But, my clothing did not want to cooperate.  My skirt was showing my undergarments and I was not happy about that!  I was also not in the mood for any Spanx or things of that nature.  I was fussing with my outfit and started to run late so I had to make some quick decisions.

September 14, 2016 W (m)

I kept the top half of the outfit and swapped the skirt for a pair of dark skinny jeans.  I don’t love the end result, though.  I think that the outfit is much too dark and the proportions are off– there are shoulder pads in the blazer and that bulked up my top half but the skinny jeans are very form fitting.  I don’t know.  I was just in a bit of a funk this morning.  And, I took the jeans that I was planning to wear on Thursday so now I have to re-think that outfit, too.


Work is starting to get more difficult.  It’s not overly difficult but it’s a lot of new information.  And, being new at any job is always crappy!  I hate not knowing what or how to do something.  But, I am still liking my new company and new role.