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On Tuesday of this week my training class was not scheduled to have any meet & greets or presentations from senior faculty members and most everyone went more casual than business with their outfit!  Currently, I am in classroom style training with 18 others and one instructor.  Now that we are in week 2 our days are becoming more regular.  The day is spent between computer training and lecture and discussion of the material and procedures.

I didn’t wear jeans on Tuesday but I still went pretty casual with my outfit!  I call it Boyfriend Style.

August 30, 2016 T (m)

This is an outfit that I had pre-planned to wear during the first week of training but decided against.  So, I wore it during week 2.  Here I am pairing a boyfriend style gingham button-up from the Gap with a pair of olive-green khaki pants.  These pants aren’t just boyfriend style, they are men’s pants!  My husband has these exact pants from Old Navy (in his size) and I’ve always loved them.  I hunted for a suitable pair for me, but I couldn’t find any.  Mostly what I came across was either skinny leg styles and/or cargo styles— not what I was looking for.  One day I was at Old Navy and I always take a stroll through the men’s department to see if there is anything that I think my husband would like (and to ease my guilt when I buy clothes) and lo and behold, there they were hanging in the clearance rack.  I didn’t try them on because I was feeling lazy and it was the wrong call–the size that I bought originally was too small in the waist and too long in the length.  I returned them for the correct size a few days later.  This is the first time that I am wearing them and they were super comfortable!  They are quite loose and casual and I can’t lie and say that they are the most flattering because they are men’s and not women’s pants, but I really liked the look!

I originally chose my brown Sperry knock-off’s to go with the brown belt, but when I wore it Tuesday I opted to go with my white leather Converse sneakers.  This was shaping up to be a pretty manly outfit, so I added the silver statement necklace, silver watch, Pandora bracelet, and went with curly/wavy hair and strong makeup.

Wednesday I decided to try something new.  My husband gets up at 6am and his alarm wakes me up.  Sometimes I fall back asleep until my alarm goes off a 7am but most of the time I don’t.  Since I am currently working 10am-6:45pm it’s very difficult to have time to work out after work.  By the time I get home and eat dinner it’s nearly 8pm!  Wednesday I went and jogged on the treadmill at 6am.  It was OK.  It wasn’t my favorite thing, but it wasn’t the worst thing.  I have to admit, it did feel good to know that when my work day started I had already accomplished something.  I might do it again in the future.

I went with a different silhouette on Wednesday, too.  I chose my dark wash skinny jeans and a navy and white polka dot top that is a new purchase from Wal-Mart.

August 31, 2016 W (m)

To play up the white polka dots and lighten the outfit up I chose my white pearl necklace, drop pearl earrings, and silver watch.  I went with black ballet flats and to bring some color to the look bright pink lipstick.  I also wore a magenta cardigan later in the afternoon because our classroom was chilly.

I will be posting a month-end recap for August within the next day or two so stop back for that!


Two weeks ago, I had the honor of being 1 of 3 judges at my local Friday’s Bar Flair Competition.  This was the Friday’s that I worked at for 4 years!  I participated in this very contest 4 times– winning 3rd place my first year, and then taking first place the following 3 years.  If you are the first place winner at the store level, you advance to compete against the other first place store winners in your region.  The 3 times that I competed in regionals I won 3rd, 2nd, and 3rd (I think).  You can view many of my performances, here.

As a judge, I wanted to look professional.  But, I knew that I would be seeing many of my old co-workers and guests so I wanted to look good, too!  I didn’t want to look slutty or come off like I was trying too hard, but for some of the people it would be one of the first times that they had seen me out of uniform!  I had an idea for an outfit, but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go.  Above, you can see the two versions.  I was pretty set on the animal print top and magenta cardigan.  But, I couldn’t decide if bootcut darkwash jeans or distressed boyfriend jeans looked better.  I thought that the darkwash jeans were more professional looking and the boyfriend jeans were more trendy.  I was leaning towards the distressed jeans since the darkwash bootcut jeans are practically the uniform standard for the restaurant.

Also, I had a shoe dilemma.  I knew that I wouldn’t have to do much walking around so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pull out these gold, glittery, and high heels.  But, I also like the Summer-time/casual vibe of the wedges and they still gave me the height.  In the end, here’s what I went with:

July 6, 2016 W (m)

The darkwash bootcut jeans and espadrille/wedges won out.  And speaking of winning, all 4 of the participants put on a great show and brought a lot of personality to the competition.  But, the winner was the veteran bartender that had experience on his side.  He’s participated in this contest now 4 times, I think.  It’s either a total of 3 or 4.  He took home the title last year, also.  Participating in a flair show is very nerve-wracking and people often underestimate how difficult that it is.  Having a few years experience under your belt definitely helps you to get over the jitters and be more relaxed and confident.  Plus, practice makes perfect!

I’m very happy that I was able to judge the competition.  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss certain aspects of working at Friday’s as a bartender.




I had an outfit picked out for today but I just wasn’t psyched about it.  I put it together the other day and I was having trouble coming up with something that I felt great about.  I got to the point of “good enough” and hung it on the hanger for today.  Well, last night and this morning I just wasn’t comfortable with the idea of wearing an outfit because I needed to wear my blue dress.

Instead, I looked back through my archives and picked out a different dress that always makes me feel good and created a new outfit on the fly with that dress.  And, in the end I am glad that I did!  The dress that I went with is my sleeveless magenta shift dress from New York and Company.  When I was looking back at my archives I was looking at the different shoes that I’ve worn with it.  That is one way that I try to mix up an outfits vibe— my footwear!  I noticed that I’ve often gone with one of several black shoes, my silver shoes, leopard print pumps, and my nude pumps.  And then it hit me– I’ve never worn this dress with brown shoes!  (At least none that I can remember or find pictures of.)  That was all that it took to send me on a path to creating my outfit for today.

April 19, 2016 T (m)

I only have these pointed toe brown pumps in my collection (for now.)  I also looked at the different belts that I’ve paired with this dress.  Most of the time I go with a skinny belt– be it black, purple, or magenta.  The last time that I wore this dress I went with a medium width khaki belt with a gold buckle.  This time around I went with a wide brown belt to play off of the brown shoes.  Even though it has been lovely and warm this week, I still need to wear something over or under this sleeveless dress.  I’ve worn this dress with a lot of cardigans (black, magenta, grey, purple, gold, grey boyfriend) and twice with a blazer (black and khaki).  I could have gone with my teal or navy blazer, but I opted to go with a printed leopard cardigan to pull in more brown and neutral tones.  I added a small gold watch and some gold earrings to complete my look.  I am also wearing my hair up today which I seldom do, and TBH I don’t hate it this time!