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Sunday my husband and I went furniture shopping. . .  again.  We both thought that we were going furniture buying but it didn’t turn out that way.  We had a pretty good sense of exactly what we want for the living room and bedroom furniture.  We’ve gone and browsed the 3 or 4 local furniture stores by us and looked online at options.  Armed with the knowledge of what we wanted we set out to buy it.

The first furniture store had several bedroom sets that both my husband and I could agree upon but it was the living room that was giving us trouble.  I wanted a sectional that is L shaped with the long side of the L being 3 or 4 cushions in length– or approximately 9-10 foot.  Then, the short side of the L I wanted a chaise type section that would be right facing.  This configuration would suit our space very well– it is longer than it is wide.  And, we wanted this in a medium to dark color with an upholstery type of fabric.  But, that is exactly what we could not find.  However, the salesman did discuss the option of special order but that would take upwards of 2 months and we were hoping to have our furniture purchased and delivered by the middle of October.

Furniture store number 2 didn’t treat us much better.  Again, we found one or two bedroom sets that we liked but none that we liked or for a comparable price as furniture store number one.  And, it was the same story with the couch– we were not able to find the configuration that we wanted in the color.  Everything that they had was light to medium value.  I will say that the salesman did a great job of selling the protection plan, but it’s not just for the cat and the kid what we wanted the darker color it is also for the aesthetics.

But, it was a blessing in disguise that we couldn’t find what we wanted because when we got home and started measuring for a special order we discovered that what we wanted wasn’t going to be as great as we had thought.  The size of the part that we wanted for the long part of the “L” was spot on– the room is plenty long enough.  What we failed to consider is how far out into the living room the chaise part would come and after measuring it out we came to the realization that it would close off the living room way too much and make entering the living room difficult since you would have to walk all the way around the chaise.  So, in a sense we were saved from not buying something that wouldn’t have satisfied us.  Now, we are looking at a more traditional set-up with a couch, love seat, and chair.  Luckily, this should be easier to find in a fabric/style that we want without the need to special order.

For our day out of furniture shopping I went with my blue and white striped maternity top and navy blue khaki shorts.  It is supposedly Fall, but it seems like Summer wants a few more days to herself– we’ve had temps. in the upper 80’s/low 90’s the last 4 days.  I went casual with my footwear since I knew that we would be meandering around a big warehouse and trying out couches and what not.  It’s not some sort of earth-shattering outfit but I do try to make sure that I get dressed and do my hair and makeup for my husband, too, and not just work.


Egad!  It’s April 5th which means that I am almost a week past due on my recap for the month of March.  Having said that, I think you might have a hunch how the month panned out for me!  But, let’s get into it.  First, here’s my outfits for the month (in no particular order).

Health and Well-Being

  • 137 lbs. by April 1/ Work out

I did not make this goal.  The closest that I came was 139.6 on 3/22.  But, I totally dropped the ball on my regular workouts.  For the first 3 weeks of the month I legitimately tracked the food that I ate for each day.  And, I wasn’t doing too bad at staying right around 1,250 calories a day.  But then I didn’t hit the 3 workout goal.  I had intended to do 4 during Spring Break week to sort of make up for it, but I didn’t.  And then, I did something to my neck/shoulder/back and got out of the routine.    I completed 10 workouts for the month when I should have done 12+.  This always happens to me.  I do really well for 2-3 months and then I just get tired of the effort and I give up.  But, this time I want to be different.  I want to re-commit for the months of April and May.  Plus, I do have a goal in mind: vacation in late May.

137 lbs. by May 1/ Re-Commit to 3 Workouts per week

This is a reachable goal– it’s 3.2 lbs in 3.5 weeks; I can do it!

  • Drink more water, 2 cups of coffee a day and 48 ounces of water

Uh, this is not happening.  I have sort of even given up on trying.  I have a cup of coffee immediately when I wake up, another one when I get to work in the morning and then usually one in the afternoon.  I have just decided to live with my 3 cup a day habit.

  • Eat better

This is another one of those goals where I was doing really well and then I dropped the ball.  When we first go grocery shopping our fridge is filled with fresh fruits and veggies and really healthy options for snacks and packed lunches.  And then as the cupboards start to become barren and the crisper drawer is empty my eating habits start to take a turn for the worse!  I start buying candy for snacks at work and just putting whatever/whenever into my mouth.  I need to get back on track with this one.

Track food with myfitnesspal

  • 5,000 points on Vitality by April 1

I made this goal!  I hit 5,137 at the end of March.  I am halfway to my overall goal of 10,000 points and we are at the start of month 4 so I am tracking to meet my goal.  They give you points for things like dental check-ups, too and I have one coming up in May so I am where I need to be for this one.

5,500 points by May 1


  • Student Loans.

I just made my payment for student loans this week.  I have another student loan payment to make at the end of this month.  Next month, May, will be the last month that I make my “extra big” payments.  Then, I will go back to paying slightly more than the minimum due and adding in more whenever I can.

  • Retirement savings.

I did it!  I finally rolled over my previous 401(k) into my existing one!  It feels good to have combined them and to see the total slowly growing.  I’m not going to retire a millionaire but at least this gives me hope that I can actually retire one day.  Currently, I am contributing 12% to my 401(k) and my employer matches 6%.  I should do some research into whether I am making a wise choice or if I could make my money work better in a different way.  I shall consult Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman.

  • Savings.

This is another area where I am seeing the fruits of my labor!  I am trying to build up my emergency fund and also save for a down payment on my next car.  And, depending on what makes financial sense I may use some of this money to blast away at my student loans.  These are all things that I need to research, but right now I have 10% of my income automatically funneled into my savings and when I find myself with a bit of extra money at the end of the month, I spend some and save some.


  • I did not read a book during the month of March.  I picked one and started it but I didn’t put in the time or effort of reading it.  I have back-burnered the book for now and have started a book by Candace Bushnell called Killing Monica that I got for my birthday.
  • Travel– It’s looking like the trip to Cali is going to happen.  We have narrowed it down to the Santa Monica pier area with trips to Universal Studios and Griffith Park and Observatory.  Are there any must-see/must-do’s in that area that you can recommend?  I’d love to hear them.  My husband and I have both secured the time off from work–now we just need to book flights and hotel.

There it is.  My month of March.  Some great progress in the area of finances, travel plans, and student loan debt but some set-backs in reading, working out and losing weight.  I know what I need to focus on for April.  What do you want to focus on for April?  Let me know in the comments below and we’ll meet back here in May to discuss.




Yesterday was a super casual day—mostly because it was Saturday and my last day of the workweek.  I’ve found that Saturday’s can go one of two ways at my new job. 1. They can be laid back, slower-paced, and bordering on fun OR 2. They can be filled with lots of grumpy or not nice people and since it’s a skeleton crew it can be difficult to get assistance.  Yesterday was a number one until the last hour of the day, but let’s not focus on the 15% of the day that was trying.

My outfit consisted of a very warm and comfy black thermal that was a gift for participating in Bar Championships when I worked at Friday’s.  I paired it with lighter wash bootcut jeans, tennis shoes, minimal makeup sans eyeliner, and day 2 hair with a healthy dose of dry shampoo.


Now that it’s December I am in full-fledged Christmas mode.  I’ve been decorating the house over the past week or so.  This is the first year that we’ve ever put up lights outside on our balcony.  I’m not quite done with everything but once it’s finished I’ll post pictures.  On Friday I busted out one of my Christmas shirts to wear to work.  I was super excited about it but my husband muttered, “It’s a little early.”  But it’s not.  Christmas is 3 weeks from today and in 4 weeks from today we will be toasting in the New Year.

How are you doing on your resolutions or goals for 2016?  If you haven’t met or exceeded them now is the time to kick it in to gear and give it the ‘ol college try.  With the break that I took from blogging I didn’t do a monthly update but I plan to do a big re-cap and wrap-up in the next few weeks.