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In preparation for starting back to work in just over a week, I took some time to plan outfits for the first week back.  I was feeling inspired by Pinterest and re-created several looks with items currently in my closet.  I have no idea if I will wear these outfits as planned, but we shall see!  I think that some of them work better than others, but I’d be happy to hear your opinions.


Although I know that I am permitted to wear jeans, I want to dress up on the first day.  I want to start out on the right foot and I’m thinking that I might need to have a photo badge or some such stuff done and I want to look nice and professional.  I also want to have the opportunity to see what my peers wear and maybe get the employee manual detailing all of the dress code details.  But, for Day 1 I thought I would play it pretty safe with these navy trousers and silky blouse.  I like that this blouse is high-neck and modest but still has personality and style.  It’s also very comfortable and I feel will allow me to radiate confidence.  I am wearing it here with a grey cardigan because it is sleeveless and I am assuming that the office where I will be working will be air-conditioned to the max.  (Plus, I get cold easily.)

For Tuesday I thought that I would go more casual but still holding off on wearing jeans.  Here, I am re-creating this pin with green khaki’s and a blue gingham shirt.  In the left hand photo she is more dressed up with a skinny pant and heels, but I took it more casual with my boat shoes.  I didn’t notice it at the time, but I see that the shirt is gaping a bit across my chest.  I’ll have to be certain to wear different undergarments if I wear this outfit.  I might also consider having these pants tailored because the fit is just a bit off.

By Wednesday I am hoping to have a good sense of the type of outfits that are appropriate and that I am comfortable wearing in this new environment. I plan to wear jeans at the mid-way point of the week, but I am going conservative and wearing a dark wash bootcut jean which is arguably my dressiest pair. I’ve paired it a cap-sleeved yellow blouse and topped that with a leopard print cardigan.  I like this outfit, but I don’t love it.  The last time that I paired this cardigan with a yellow top I liked it a lot better.  I’m thinking that I might swap in that top if I do wear this outfit.  Lastly, I am wearing my black espadrille wedges.

Thursday’s outfit is inspired by this pin, but I made some adjustments.  First, I chose a pair of medium wash skinny jeans that I have cuffed.  Also, I opted to forgo a belt and instead incorporate a touch of leopard print with ballet flats instead of flip-flops.  Again– I’m not quite sure what all the rules are going to be, but I don’t want to look like I am going to the beach or a luau!  I’m still topping this striped t-shirt with a cardigan in case I work in a frigid air-conditioned environment and if I don’t I can leave it out!

The big goal by Friday is to have a strong grasp of the dress code and to see what everyone else wears. I don’t know if distressed jeans will be allowed or considered unprofessional. I’ve planned this outfit with distressed jeans, but I can easily substitute another pair of jeans if they aren’t O.K. But, otherwise I’ve duplicated this outfit pretty closely.  I’m wearing a sleeveless red shell with a red boyfriend cardigan over top.  I’ve cuffed my boyfriend jeans just like in the left photo and am wearing my tan booties.  Lastly, I’ve added this long gold tassel necklace.  But, I’m not 100% in love with this outfit.  I don’t like that the shades of red on the shirts don’t match.  I tried this with a red button-up shirt and liked it a little more.  Also, as much as I love the shoes in the left hand photo I don’t like the way that mine look on me.  Am I crazy?  Or do you think they miss the mark, too?  And, I think that cuffing my jeans that way makes me look short and stumpy– not exactly what I want!  I want to look long and lean.

Let me know what you think of these outfit options in the comments below.


Let’s talk about July!  It seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye.  It was 4th of July one day and then the 31st the next.  It’s hard to believe that it’s August already.  Although the autumnal equinox is on September 22 I think that most people in the U.S. take Labor Day (always the 1st Monday in September) as the end of Summer.  Or, the start of  school–whatever day that may be for you, your kids, or the area where you live.

All of that to say that Summer is slipping away!  I’ve seen many people on social media bemoaning Summer and wishing for cooler temps and sweater weather.  Me?  Not so much.  I am still enjoying Summer weather and I know that Fall and Winter will be here soon enough– there is no reason to rush it.

Be present.

Here is a gallery of my outfits for July 2016:

Don’t worry– I did get dressed the other 26 days of the month.  I also have a pair of light denim shorts, dark denim shorts, and olive-green shorts that were in heavy rotation.  The olive-green shorts were recently added to my wardrobe along with the rust colored shorts.  I wouldn’t mind picking up a few more pairs of shorts that fit well for the last month of Summer, but I probably won’t.  (I have 4-5 pairs of shorts that don’t fit.  I’d rather get in to them than buy new shorts.)

And with that, let’s review my resolution progress.

  • Student loans

No real progress to report– just holding steady and paying the minimum payments until my income resumes and I can pay more.

  • Retirement/Savings

I am doing my best not to blow my entire savings account over the Summer, but I know that I will have to use about half of it to pay bills.  The goal is then to replenish it!

  • Professional Development

Announcement time!  I will not be returning to academia this Fall.  I am taking the semester off to explore another avenue.  Last month I accepted a full-time position as a customer care representative with a Fortune 500 company.  I am excited and nervous.  I have never had this type of job before and I am not sure if I will love it or hate it!  But, I am going to find out.  I begin a 6 week training program August 22— one week before I would have started back to teaching.  The dress code is casual— jeans are permitted and I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of this blog.  If you have any thoughts or comments, please share them in the comments.

  • Skydive

Not sure if this is actually going to happen.

  • Travel

I think that we are back to this one being on the back burner for now because we are buying a house and I am starting a new job.  Priorities!

  • Read 12 books

I’ve hit this one and I am still going!  Right now I am reading book #14 for the year and I am about an hour away from finishing it!  I estimate that I will end this year with 19-20 books read.  That’s kinda crazy when you think about it.

  • Lose Weight

I have dropped the ball, big time.  I stopped counting calories and I fell off the running wagon.  I only logged 5 activities for the month of July.  I did attend yoga 2 times, but that only brings me up to 7 work outs.  That’s not going to help me reach my goals.  My weight is almost exactly the same as it was on July 1 and my body composition hasn’t changed.  The last week of this month I did start weighing myself almost daily so that I could use that number to help me make solid choices for what I put in my mouth.  If it was high one day, I would use that as motivation to skip the sweets.

In a weird way, I am looking forward to going back to work and having a more rigid schedule to help keep me on track.  I’m also nervous because I will have a job where I am sedentary for 8 hours a day.  I haven’t been in that type of scenario since high school.

The plan for August is to log more than 7 workouts for the month.  That’s about 2 a week.  I also keep saying that I want to start lifting weights, but I haven’t followed through.  Perhaps that is what I should do today?

  • Brush/Floss nightly

I’ve got this one down as a solid habit, now.  It’s part of my nightly routine to go and floss and brush.  I flossed 29/31 days of the month, or a 93.5% and that was my goal.  I brushed 30/31 nights for a 96.7%.  I have also added another step to the routine and that is a fluoride mouth rinse to further help fend of plaque, tartar, and cavities.  My goal for August is to stay above 95% for brushing and flossing.

  • Beauty Routine

I have gotten in to a routine of washing my face any applying products every night when I brush my teeth.  But, I am still not tracking the products that I use.  The book about habits that I recently read talks about monitoring and how it can be beneficial.  That’s the reason why the silly app helps me keep up with my nightly brushing and flossing.

I wouldn’t say that I am doing amazingly well on all of my goals, but I would say that I am doing well at not slipping too far on the ones that I am having some trouble with.  I could just say the heck with it all and be much worse off than I am.  Summer is always a very difficult time for me.  As weird as it sounds, I hate not working during the Summer— you know what they say, “idle hand’s are the Devil’s workshop.”

How are you doing with your progress?  Have you met goals that you set in January?  Did you drop the ball and then re-commit at the half-way point for the year?  Are you bolstered by small wins?  Please let me know–share in the comments below.


Quick Hello!

Hi!  I just wanted to take a moment to assure you that I am alive and I have not abandoned my blog.  However, I am not working over the Summer so I don’t have any blog worthy outfits to share with you.

To make up for it, here is a rundown of my week:

Monday: Got up early to do some online training to become an SAT Essay scorer. 🙂  About 6 hours of training.

Tuesday: Continued with my online training, and completed my certification.  I passed.  Went grocery shopping in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Volunteer at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens with my old pals and went to lunch with them after.  Then, made a short trip to the mall for my mother-in-laws birthday present.

Thursday: Slept in.  (9am) Ran 5 miles.  Hung out around the house.

Friday: Volunteered at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens.

In the evenings, I spent time with my husband watching YouTube videos, tormenting the cat, and watching TV.

Exciting, huh?

That’s it for me.  I’ll try to have some outfit posts for you, soon.