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2nd Chance

After my lousy review of this flower printed maternity top last month I decided to give it another go.  First, I sewed back on the button the fell off the sleeve cuff and then I removed each of the buttons at the collar and re-sewed them on more securely hoping it would make a difference.  But, it didn’t.  I thought that since the buttons were sewn on loosely that may have been what was causing them to slip out of their button holes at the slightest bit of movement.  It turns out that I was wrong.  I think that the buttons are simply too small and dainty for their button holes.  So, I didn’t fight the buttons and just wore the top of the shirt open.  I did layer a magenta camisole underneath for modesty and to bring a pop of color in to the outfit.

I paired this loose and flowy top with my dark wash skinny maternity jeans that I gave a large cuff.  To accentuate my bump and sort of make it clear that I’m pregnant and not just gaining weight I added this braided navy belt.  For accessories I went with royal blue and gold earrings, an oversized gold watch, and dark purple ballet flats.  I wasn’t quite sure about adding in another color to the mix with the ballet flats but they are so dark in color that I don’t think they stick out and look weird.  Or, am I just fooling myself?

Anyway.  After giving this top a second chance it is still a dud.  I’ll probably wear it a few more times, but I certainly would not recommend it or purchase a similar top.


Growing Pains

Last Tuesday the heat and humidity disappeared for a few days and we had temps. in the 70’s.  It felt quite cool compared to normal Summer weather.  It’s funny how going from 90 to 70 feels super cold but when it jumps from 50 to 70 it feels so warm and people practically break out their bathing suits!

I started this day out feeling pretty good and things went downhill from there.  I got up, got ready, and went to work.  And then, while sitting at my desk preparing to start the day I felt sharp pains in my belly.  That in and of itself isn’t a big deal but when your pregnant it takes on a whole new meaning.  Eventually, I left work and came home to research these pains and put in a call to my Dr.  Luckily, because I wasn’t having any other symptoms or issues she explained that it was most likely growing pains.  Literally.  My body growing and stretching to accommodate Baby.  Technically they are called round ligament pain and are nothing to be too concerned about.  That was great news– but it was still scary!

My outfit is composed of my dark wash skinny maternity jeans, a long-sleeved navy t-shirt, and a maternity navy and blush colored flowered kimono from Stitch Fix.  I went with brown ballet flats to keep the outfit more neutral/natural and focus on the soft, earthy colors.  I feel like I must have just eaten breakfast before I took this photo because the baby bump is poppin’!  I am 17 weeks pregnant, here.

Now that I am firmly in the 2nd trimester I am starting to experience more minor discomforts.  It’s nothing major but pregnancy does sort of wreak havoc on your body.  In addition to the round ligament pain, I have started experiencing heartburn after eating (nothing so serious that I have taken any medication), and lower back aches.  Also, I feel like sometimes my ankles are puffy/swollen and on most days I definitely feel bloated and my boobs and belly often feel uncomfortable in my clothes (yes, even my maternity clothes).  It’s nice when people tell me that I look good or that I have the pregnancy glow even though I don’t feel like it most of the time and I’d rather be wearing my pajamas and eating ice cream on the couch while reading or preparing the nursery.


Last Thursday I might have dressed up with a maxi dress and sandals but I followed that up with a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt on Friday.  Variety!  I’ve only purchased a handful of maternity clothes so I try to rotate them in to what I can still make work from my existing wardrobe.  It’s not always the easiest, but so far I am making do.

This striped maternity shirt is super comfortable and accommodating.  In fact, there’s quite a bit of room for my belly to grow.  If I could wear this shirt everyday I probably would.  These are non-maternity jeans and surprisingly I am wearing them zipped and buttoned!  It’s always sort of a crap shoot when I put on a pair of pants if they are going to work, or not.  My darker wash bootcut jeans have two buttons and the time before last when I wore them I was able to get away with unbuttoning the top button.  The last time that I wore them?  I wasn’t able to button either button.  So, I zipped them up and then folded the waistband over so they wouldn’t fall off and wore a long shirt.  LOL.

The last time that I wore this striped top it was 4th of July and I accented it with a red tanktop underneath, dark skinny jeans, and red ballet flats.

I’ve done lots of outfits with a blue and white striped shirt in the last 3 years so I may be re-creating some of these with this top:

See how versatile a striped shirt can be?  As you can see, I’ve worn it casually (top row) with different bottoms, layered under a cardigan both dressy and casual (row 2), with a blazer (row 3) and under a dress and with a green cardigan (last row.)