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I thought I’d take a moment out of my weekend to post an update on my September goals.  As a reminder, here are the resolutions:

Lose 4 lbs. by Oct. 5 (130 lbs. or below.)
Workout 3x’s per week: running and/or yoga
Re-up yoga pass
10,000 steps 5/7 days
Continue brushing and flossing
Skin care routine

Pay off credit card balances by Oct.
Continue to pay on student loans
Retirement planning: contribute to 401k, rollover
Savings: continue automatic deposit of 10%, don’t touch
Check and accept sub jobs as applicable

Blog 2x’s per week
Continue reading: 3 more books by e.o.y
Sew! 1/3 usable/wearable items in Sept.
YouTube: minimum 3 videos for Sept.

In the category of health and well-being I’ve had a set-back.  Two weeks ago (9/6-9/12) I hit my step goal 6 out of 7 days.  I also worked out 4 times.  But, last week my FitBit broke and I couldn’t wear it to track my steps.  I’m estimating that I made my goal 3 or 4 out of 7 days– either way it’s a miss for the goal.  Also, because I was feeling under the weather I only managed to work out once.  I did not re-up my yoga pass and I’m not sure that I am going to.  I did well with brushing, but not great at flossing or with my nighttime skin care routine.  As for my current weight, I’m 4.4 lbs. away from making my goal and I have 2 weeks left to make it.

In the category of finances I’ve done slightly better.  I’ve paid the monthly balance on both of my credit cards to avoid paying any interest.  It’s not the entire balance, but the monthly.  It feels good because it felt like it was starting to get away from me since I just received my first pay from teaching on Friday.  I have also been paying on my student loans.  This is the last month that I will be paying the minimum balance due since I’ve got incoming money.  I’m happy to get back to paying $50 over the minimum.  I want to pay those off as fast as possible.  They are just a weight on my shoulders.  I owe approximately $30,000 still.  I have not rolled over my 401 k or made any contributions to it, but until 3 days ago I didn’t have an income.  It’s been 12 weeks since I’ve had cash flow coming my way.  Also, with that paycheck I have it set up that 10% automatically goes in to my savings account, so that’s an easy one.  Lastly, I have been checking the substitute jobs.  I had one last week.  It was my first one and I was extremely nervous that I would be faced with situations that I didn’t know how to handle, but it was fine.  I made it through!  I had accepted one for Friday, but released it because I wasn’t feeling well.  It’s hard for me to take the jobs because I teach during the school day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I volunteer on Wednesdays.  That only leaves Monday and Friday and those are my prep and “me-time” days.  Also, I’m about to start my other teaching job in October and that will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after my other class.

In the misc. category I’ve done o.k. also.  I posted 3 blog posts and updated my gallery.  That’s one more than my goal.  I did finish the book that I was reading and I posted about it in my Book Report page.  I need to read 2 more books by the end of the year to make my goal of 13.  I think that a stretch goal of 15 is doable, though.  I have not sewn anything and I really want to!  I wanted to make a few small Fall pillows since I just re-did my mantle.  That’s kind of a cop out since you only have to sew a square/rectangle.  We will see.  Lastly, I’ve done really well with my YouTube channel.  I you haven’t done so already, please check it out.  I had some videos that were already recorded and I just needed to edit and post them.  I have also started adding Amazon affiliate links to my posts, also.  I’ve put up 4 videos this month and my goal was 3.  I have another one that is recorded and just needs to be edited that I want to complete before the end of this month.

There you have it!  I need to get back on track mostly with my health and well-being category.  But, you’ve got to take care of yourself when you are sick— or on the verge of getting sick.

Thanks for reading,


Today is the last day of the month of August.  Next month is #9 and that means that we are hurtling our way towards the end of calendar year 2015.  In my mind it feels as if the last few months of the year go by faster than the beginning.  I think it has to do with my personal level of “busy-ness” and the many Fall/Winter holidays.  In any event, two-thirds of this year are in the books and I’d like to take a moment to check-in with my goals and maybe set some new ones.

These are the original goals, posted here.  And, these are the update goals from June 2015. I like to put my goals into 3 categories: health/well-being, finances, and misc.  These are the 3 area’s that I like to focus on for improvement.  Plus, these 3 categories pretty much cover everything.

At the start of the year, for my health and well-being I had 4 goals: lose 7 lbs, workout 3x’s per week, be more active in general, and brush and floss more.  These are goals that I seem to re-commit to time and time again.  Some months I smash them out of the park and other months they get pushed to the back burner.

In June, my goal was to lose 5 lbs. by my honeymoon by doing many healthy things (running, yoga, drinking water, 10,000 steps per day, and 1,300 calories.)  It’s easy to see that I keep making different weight loss goals because I’m not really making the ones that I set for myself.  As I get older I find that it is more and more difficult to lose weight.  It just doesn’t want to budge!  I was 2 lbs. away from making my goal weight in February but couldn’t make it happen.  In July I was 3 lbs. away from the same goal.  Today, I am back to 7 lbs. away and feel as if I am at square 1.

For the last 14 weeks I have been counting calories and averaging about 1,300 per week.  There were only 2 weeks in there where I missed– a few days before and after my honeymoon and the week of.  As far as working out, between yoga and running I averaged about 2.5x’s per week (22 workouts in 9 weeks.)  I hit 10,000 steps 27x’s, but the goal was 5 days per week (5×9=45).  I’ll give myself a small break for my honeymoon week, but that only reduces the goal to 40– and it’s 68% of the goal.

Lastly, I have brushed and flossed more often.  I have been doing semi-well with brushing before bed for a while now.  Some weeks I hit all 7 nights and other weeks it’s more like 5.  But it is an improvement and I am happy about that.  I did find an app to help me log and track my flossing, but I didn’t like it so I haven’t continued using it.  I did floss 22 nights out of 31 in the month of July, though.  Before that I would usually just floss when I ate something that got stuck in my teeth or I had a dentist appointment coming up.  I have also found a skin care routine that I like and doing it regularly seems to really be helping my skin.  I was very diligent with it during July but in August I slacked off.  I need to get back into the habit with that, also.


  • Lose 4 lbs. by Oct. 5 (130 lbs. or below.)
  • Workout 3x’s per week: running and/or yoga
  • Re-up yoga pass
  • 10,000 steps 5/7 days
  • Continue brushing and flossing
  • Skin care routine

Originally for finances I had just 3 goals: pay off credit cards by 5/15, continue paying on student loans, and retirement planning/savings.  What I didn’t know at the start of the year was that I would not teach summer classes AND I would leave me 2nd job bartending in June.  This changed some things around, financially.  I did pay off those credit cards, but right now I have a balance on both of them from our honeymoon.  Because of the changes, my goals set for July included making on-time payments towards student loans–even if it was a minimum payment, rollover 401k into roth ira, and search and apply for teaching positions.

I have continued to pay on my students loans and although it is slow progress it is steady progress.  Towards the end of the year I may be in a position to do some drastic things with my loans– paying one off in its entirety to allow more of each payment to go towards the principal, consolidating to reduce interest, etc.  My financial situation has changed drastically now that I am married.  My 401k isn’t going anywhere right now, but I may look in to having some of my income automatically deposited into it to allow it to continue to grow.  I haven’t had an income source for the last 2 months so I haven’t been able to make any plans, I’ve just been trying to maintain the status quo.  Lastly, I did make great strides with my career.  I did ask for, and received, 2 letters of recommendation over the Summer.  These letters allowed me to complete the requirements to become a short-term substitute.  They also helped me to secure a 2nd teaching position with a for-profit college.  Yesterday I accepted my first sub-assignment.


  • Pay off credit card balances ($400)
  • Continue to pay on student loans
  • Retirement planning: contribute to 401k, rollover
  • Savings: continue automatic deposit of 10%, don’t touch
  • Check and accept sub jobs as applicable

And my catch-all category: misc.  At the start of the year I had some lofty goals: travel, go skydiving, read 12 books, improve blog, improve sewing- 3 useable items, YouTube channel-3 video’s per month.   Those goals didn’t change much during July: blog 2x’s a week for July and August, keep up with reading goal, sew, and 1 video a week in July, 3 for the month of August.

Oddly, when I am less-busy– i.e. not teaching during Summer, you would think that I would get more things done.  But it’s not the way that it works with me.  I am more productive when I am busy.  Once school starts I pack more in to my day than I do all Summer long.  It’s strange to me, but that’s how I operate!

I have traveled– this year my husband and I eloped in Vegas in March, I visited my sister to celebrate her master’s graduation in May, and in August I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica for my honeymoon.  I think that’s about all the traveling that my schedule and bank account will allow for the year!  The skydiving thing was sort of a joke, but I would totally go!  I have recently updated my Book Report page and I am up to 10 books for the year.  I was originally going for 12, but I think that a stretch goal of 15 might be in order.  I spent a lot of time reading professional development books over the Summer.

I didn’t improve the blog as much as I wanted.  In fact, I practically let it wither and die over the Summer.  I know that it might be hard to draw back the audience that I once had.  Also, I am nowhere near on-par with my ad revenue.  I’m only at 43% of where I was last year at this time and that was just for the blog.  I’ve since added the YouTube channel.  This is probably because I did not post twice a week during July and August.  In fact, I only made 1 post in July and 8 in August.  But those August posts didn’t start until the 3rd week when class started back.

My YouTube channel suffered the same fate.  I did not post any videos in July.  I’m not sure if my goal was for 3 videos a week in August or 3 videos total, but I’ve posted 2 and am getting back in to the swing of it.

As for sewing, I did fix that tear in the sheet and put a button on a pair of shorts for my husband, but that’s all.  I have the itch to make and create something, though.  I wish that I would have taken advantage of my free time during the Summer and sewn, but I didn’t and now that time is gone and I can’t get it back.


  • Blog 2x’s per week, minimum
  • Continue reading– minimum 3 more books
  • Sew! 1/3 useable/wearable items in Sept.
  • YouTube: minimum 3 videos for Sept

Thanks for reading!  I know that this post was a doozy, and there were no pictures–it’s all words.


Half-Way 2015

Yikes!  It feels like it was 3 days ago since I posted my June check-in, but it was an entire month ago.  It’s crazy to think that half of this year is gone.  It seems like there is a lot of buzz around resolutions and goals at the start of the year and then by Valentine’s Day no one is talking about them.  It has been a goal of mine to change that.  I don’t just want to set lofty, unattainable goals that I forget about a month later.  Instead, I like to work on continuously improving myself through different self-imposed challenges and goals.

I can’t complain about this year because so far it has been one of the best years– I remember telling someone that this was going to be my year: I could feel it!  Of course, like people are wont to do he chuckled in my face.  But, its true.  This is the year that I got married and started making big strides in my personal life.  This month I have our wedding reception to look forward to, our honeymoon the month after, and then a much more relaxed and easier schedule come Fall.

Here are the other goals that I am focusing on for JULY:

Health/Well Being
  • Lose 5 lbs. by honeymoon Workout 3 times per week (yoga 2x’s + 1 cardio), maintain 1,300 calories, drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, focus on reaching 10,000 steps 5/7 days
  • Brush nightly, floss more often Check in to flossing tracking apps
  • Skin care routine Remove makeup before bed
Finances/ Work
  • Continue making payments on loans Minimum payments on-time still count
  • Roll over 401k into Roth IRA Research this
  • Search and apply for any/all applicable teaching positions Pick up transcripts, ask for letters of recommendation
  • Blog 2x’s per week during the month of July and August
  • Read 4 more books to make goal of 12
  • SEW! Fix ripped seam in bed sheet, make headband (?), black lace skirt, pajama pants
  • Post content to YouTube– goal for 1 video a week during July, 3x’s during August

There you have it!  These are my new/updated goals that I want to focus on primarily for the months of July and August and, in some cases, my idea’s on how to accomplish them.  Are you making any goals for the last 6 months of 2015?  Please let me know in the comments below.