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Thursday I managed to do what almost seems impossible these days: my hair, makeup, and outfit.  Yes, I know– you are thinking, so what?  But, that’s a big triumph for me.  Now, I know that I didn’t do much with my hair– after all, I did pull it back and clip it up with a barrette, but it’s something.  Also, I really liked the way that my eye makeup came out that day.  I didn’t do anything superbly special or different– it just came together effortlessly.

My outfit isn’t anything earth-shattering but based on my limited options I felt that it was a good choice.  These olive-green pants from Old Navy have finally gotten to the point where I can no longer zip and button them.  I couldn’t believe that they were able to work as long as they did seeing as they are non-maternity.  For this outfit I pulled out the belly band to disguise the fact that the pants can’t zip or button.  Luckily, the shirt had a lot of length to it so it helps to conceal everything.  I added the maroon cardigan for warmth and went with slip on shoes.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even do anything remarkable that day.  I put all that effort in just to make a trip to Target and the grocery store to pick up a few things for Christmas dinner.  But, it did feel good to put in the time and the effort.

As I’m writing this it’s Christmas Eve and my husband and I just got home from seeing Star Wars.  I wanted to see it last weekend but he wanted a lazy weekend and I couldn’t begrudge him that.  But, I was also concerned with the holidays and the impending birth of our daughter that we wouldn’t get to go see it– but we did and I am extremely grateful.  I’m thinking of it as an early Christmas present– perhaps what might be our last date for a very long time.

Merry Christmas,


Super Casual

I went with a super casual outfit on Wednesday for a day of appointments.  I had a check-up with my OB in the morning and a dentist appointment in the late afternoon.  My OB appointment was quick and easy– they checked my weight, blood pressure, urine, listened to the baby’s heart beat, measured my belly, gave me the results from the Group B test and bid me adieu until next week.  My dentist appointment was also quick and easy– just a 6 month check-up and cleaning.  My teeth and gums are in great condition which is good because pregnancy can wreak havoc on your mouth– just another one of those pregnancy “perks.”

I’m about 37 and a half weeks so I am just working on being as comfortable as possible as I wait for my daughter to make her debut.  And, now that I am on maternity leave from work that means stretchy and comfy yoga pants and whatever shirt has a reasonable amount of length to cover the baby belly.  Hair and makeup?  At this point, it’s usually one or the other.  On this particular day it was the hair that won out.

I’ll try to keep making regular posts but I am not making any promises, lol.  And, I also can’t promise that the posts that I do manage to get up with feature outfits that are all that interesting and I hope you understand.


Yes, I am wearing these leggings, again.  But, in my defense this is the first time that I have worn them to class.  If you’ve been a long time follower of this blog then you already know that on one of the last days of class with my students I frequently dress down.  This time around, that meant wearing leggings.  This grey shirt is not maternity but it is a 1x plus size.  This is the original way that I wore this outfit but with black boots.  The second time that I wore it I took pictures and shared them with you.  I tried not to look too sloppy by making sure that I did style my hair and do my makeup.