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Oh boy (girl).  It’s starting to get harder and harder to get dressed each week as my body grows and changes due to pregnancy.  I’ve made it into the 3rd trimester– I am at 28 weeks– woohooo– approximately 12 weeks to go.  But, at this point I pretty much can’t fit any of my skirts and I’m growing out of my dress pants.  I have 2 pairs of maternity dress pants– one in khaki and one in black.  I have about 16 days left to teach this semester so I’m going to have to make heavy use of those 2 pairs of maternity pants along with some of my dresses that can still stretch over the bump.

This outfit is based on this pin, here.  I’ve done a version of this outfit pre-pregnancy.  It’s basic and simple but with the accessories feels very preppy, pulled together, and polished.  I’ve started with my navy blue trousers, chambray button-up, and an oatmeal colored cardigan.  In the original photo, the outfit is finished with a choker length multi-string pearl necklace, an animal print tote bag, and camel colored leather driving shoes.  I went with my single strand pearl necklace that I doubled, pearl drop earrings, navy blue pumps, and my camel colored purse (not shown here).  I think that this outfit looks good but I cannot lie– I feel like a bloated hippo.  Oh well.


Sometime last week I wrote about adding more yellow items to my wardrobe.  A yellow cardigan is one item that I’ve had my eye out for–especially since I want to wear a yellow cardigan with a blue flowered dress to a wedding that I am attending in June.

My first outfit with this cardigan is pretty simple and safe and, tbh, it reminds me a lot of this outfit that I wore last year:

In both outfits I am wearing the same grey trouser pants and black belt.  The shoes are the same exact type but different shoes.  I can’t wait to come up with other outfits with this pale yellow cardigan.

On Tuesday the weather was a bit chilly so I went with an outfit composed of layers to fight the chill.

I copied this outfit as closely as I could.  I started with a white button-up blouse and layered an oatmeal colored v-neck cardigan over top.  I chose to go with my medium wash skinny jeans that I cuffed like the inspiration photo and slipped on my red ballet flats.  I accessorized with an oversized gold watch and two necklaces– a gold bauble necklace and a long pearl necklace that I wore tripled up.  I think I nailed it, don’t you?

Thanks for reading– stay tuned for my April re-cap and update on my resolutions.  I should be posting it within the next few days but I also have my semester wrapping up so I do need to grade papers.



I was inspired by the pin above, left to wear my flowered maxi dress styled the same way.  This isn’t a remarkable styling but we don’t always need to re-invent the wheel, y’know.  I started with my maxi dress and added my denim jacket.  I think that my dark wash jacket goes well with my dress because the background is dark.  Then, I added a skinny silver belt just like in the pin.  I don’t have a pearl necklace quite like hers but I do have a long strand of pearls that when tripled give a similar look.  Lastly, I went with my espadrille style wedges to complete the look.

October 3, 2016 M (m)

As I’ve mentioned, I am finished with the first phase of my training and today I began the second phase: Academy.  I started off the morning with some training about our scheduling system and other miscellaneous training.  Then, after lunch I took calls.  The day flew by and I really liked my outfit.  I was comfortable but I thought that I looked nice.  Also, I received two compliments from my co-workers that made me feel good about my outfit.

Here are two other ways that I have worn this dress in the past:

I’ve done it with my denim jacket once before, a pink pearl necklace, tan bow belt, and nude pumps.  The other time I went with a grey cardigan, grey belt, and navy blue pumps.  I thought that I wore it with either my magenta or blush pink cardigan, but maybe I just imagined that, lol!

What do you think?  How would you style this dress?