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House Hunting

My husband and I have seriously started the process of house hunting.  At first, I thought it seemed like fun.  But now?  I’m not so sure, anymore.

In May we went to an open house and met a realtor who took down our information.  She followed up with us as a lead and has become our realtor.  When we began this process we had a wide area that we were open to in terms of location, but over the past two months we have really narrowed that circle down considerably.  In addition, we have also more strongly settled in to our likes (colonial or ranch style) and dislikes (closed floor plans).  It has been a learning experience and somewhat of a roller coaster.

black shorts, greek sandals, 3 strand pearl bracelet, pearl necklace, silver watch, coral lips, wavy hair, faux wrap-shirt

I wore this outfit on Saturday to look at two houses. I paired these 5 inch black shorts with a faux-wrap top that is black with white polka dots.  The top can be quite risqué if you move the wrong way and it gapes open, so I layered it over a black camisole.  Lately, I have been accessorizing more to bring some interest to my otherwise simple summer outfits.  This particular day, I played off of the white dots of my blouse and added a 3-strand pearl bracelet and a pearl necklace.  I slipped on my silver watch and black flower earrings.  I had a few options with my shoes, but I went with my black grecian-style sandals.  It’s pretty much those or my three strap sandals for the Summer.

Of the two houses one of them was a solid contender and the other one was probably the strongest contender to date.  The first property was nice, but I was playing it cool for the second property.  When we got there, I felt like I was in heaven.  It had a nice kitchen and space for an eat-in table.  There was a good amount of open floor plan from the kitchen to the living room.  There were more bathrooms than we needed, the right amount of bedrooms, a finished basement, sizeable attached garage, beautiful landscaping and a fenced in back yard nestled near the end of a cul-de-sac.

Our realtor wanted to show us a third property that day and we obliged even though my heart belonged to house #2.  The first and third properties were nice and checked many of the boxes on our wish list, but house #2 was speaking to me!  My husband, however, was more reserved.

To make a long story short, we discovered a few days ago that the house of my dreams sits about 400 feet from a railroad track.

That’s not something that we want to deal with.  At first, we were thinking that it might be worth it, but then after researching it and talking with people we’ve heard the same thing over and over: stay away!  So, that’s been a real big bummer.

We have decided not to pursue that house and to look at other options.  If it is meant to be it will be.  At least that’s what I tell myself to ease the sadness of my crushed dreams.


This weekend it was absolutely gorgeous weather!  And, even continuing on through today.  I probably should have worn a skirt or a dress because the temperatures would have definitely made it pleasant, but I didn’t.  In keeping with my “schedule” today was to be a pants day.

I spent some time over the weekend picking out outfits, but not as much as I usually do.  My husband and I went to two different parks on Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday I tried to fly a kite but there wasn’t enough wind to keep it up for long.  I was able to get it up in the air 3 different times, but I never even used all of the string before it fluttered down to the ground.

I had decided that I wanted to wear my navy blue trousers since I haven’t worn them yet this semester on a Monday or Wednesday.  I wore them last about 8 weeks ago on a Thursday.  Of course, I went to Pinterest to look for idea’s.  I have a board of outfits for a navy skirt, but I clicked on it anyway and  stumbled on to this pin, here.  Now, this is going to be one of those head scratchers where you look at my outfit and the photo I’ve linked and go, Huh? 

April 18, 2016 M (m)

In the photo, she is wearing a navy skirt with a khaki blazer.  I am wearing navy pants with a khaki blazer.  She is wearing a red printed blouse and a strand of pearls.  My printed blouse has some red in it and I am also wearing pearls.  I guess that’s about where the similarities end, though.  This outfit makes me think of vacation or resort wear.  It’s the print on the top.  I guess in my mind that’s the sort of thing that people wear to those places.  The background on the top is black and I had some reservations about wearing it with navy pants, but there is navy and royal blue in the print.  Once I added the red-orange belt I felt like it tied everything together.  I put the blazer on and I liked how it picked up the khaki in the print.  I added two new pairs of shoes in to my edited collection about a week or two ago and I have really been wanting to wear them!

Today was the day!  These wedges were purchased for the intent of being a casual, but professional shoe to wear in the Spring and Summer.  I wanted something that I could wear with skirts and dresses, especially maxi dresses, and something that I could wear with shorts.  These closed-toe espadrille style wedge fit the bill!  I also like that the toe part is a black fabric, but the heel strap is a light khaki leather and the ankle strap is a tan leather.  These shoes make it easy to wear them with outfits that have black and brown because they have both colors in them!  Also, I particularly like how the jute-wrapped wedge went with the khaki blazer and the khaki in the top.

I threw on my long strand of pearls and doubled it, added red-orange earrings, and a swipe of matte red lipstick and I was on my way.


Snow in April

Thursday I just wanted something easy to wear.  I had spent some time trying to build an outfit on Tuesday evening, but it just wasn’t working.  I was supposed to wear my new khaki trousers or my red trousers.  But, I wore the red trousers on Wednesday.  That sent me back to the drawing board.

Earlier in the week, I came across this outfit on a blog that I read.  She is copying Queen Letizia.  The outfit components are easy: a pink cardigan/sweater/or twinset, light grey trousers, and grey shoes.  I have actually even worn this outfit before.  The forecast was calling for cold temperatures and a chance of snow so wearing trouser pants and my soft and warm pink cardigan was right up my alley!

April 7, 2016 Tr (m)

Previously when I wore this outfit I went with my grey and black shoes, pink pearl and silver jewelry.  To mix it up and make it feel new I opted to go with my silver mary janes, gold earrings and a gold watch.  I was going to add a necklace but I didn’t like the way any of them worked with the outfit– I thought that it detracted from the pearl buttons on the cardigan.

You may have also noticed that I had my hair re-done.  Red is a very difficult color– it’s hard to keep it in your hair and it’s also hard to get rid of it!  There is no in-between with red.  I think that it is a bit too red at the moment and doesn’t have enough richness or depth, but I know that in a few shampoo’s it will calm down and be a more natural red.  However, I did pass a student in the hallway that commented, “I like your hair color.”  I always find unsolicited comments like that from strangers such an anomaly.  They have to feel something really strongly to over come any potential social stigma of giving a complete stranger a compliment.