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I wore this outfit on Sunday and then a modified version of this outfit to work on Monday.  This is a pretty dressed up outfit for the grocery store.  Normally, I just wear jeans, a hoodie, and tennis shoes.  But, on this particular day I put in some more effort.  I paired these olive-green trousers with a bright pink v-neck t-shirt.  It was on the warmer side but I still needed a jacket so I added my jean jacket for warmth.  Because we were just going to the grocery store and back home I went with sandals as opposed to ballet flats or my white leather Converse.

What do you wear grocery shopping?


Prints Galore

Easter Sunday was a lovely day of family, food, fun, and candy!  As I mentioned in my last post my husband and I hosted our parents.  There were 7 of us all together.  We made the ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, and apple pie.  I bought a cheese ball and crackers and a lemon layer cake.  My parents brought potato salad and a cherry cheesecake.  My sister-in-law brought Hawaiian salad and my monther-in-law brought ribbon jello.

After some deliberation, I finally decided on an outfit.  I wanted to dress up but not so much that I would look out-of-place.   A frilly and lacy dress might have been appropriate when I was younger, but not so much anymore.  Instead, I opted to go with my flowered print pants– which were a big hit!

I paired them with my blush colored blouse and sparkly gold ballet flats.  My husband changed his shirt from the Spring green t-shirt to a sky blue polo shirt.  We took a group photo and it turned out great– everyone had on bright and Springy colors and we looked like a bunch of Easter eggs!!

Here is the last time that I wore these pants and blouse:

I focused on the blues and teal in the pants the first time around and went with black ballet flats.  For the blouse, I went with dark wash skinny jeans, a sparkly gold cardigan, and gold ballet flats.  Above, I am wearing it untucked.  But, with the flowered pants I opted to do a front-tuck.  I think that the proportions worked in my favor– my mother-in-law said that I looked skinny in my pants, so I’m going to wear them every chance I get! LoL.

Looking back through my gallery, I noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses to class.  I didn’t really realize it, though,  If you had asked me I would have thought that I’ve worn pants the most– but the tally is dresses 9, pants 6, and skirts 5.  So, I created two outfits featuring skirts for this week to even out those numbers some.  Here is the first one that I wore Monday evening:

My outfit is based on the pin, above.  I paired my brown skirt with a leopard print top, red blazer, and pointy-toed brown ballet flats.  I really liked how this outfit came together.  I didn’t add nearly as many accessories as the inspiration photo– my blouse has a keyhole opening with a bow so I skipped a necklace and bracelets can tend to rattle around and be noisy when I am lecturing so I just went with gold hoops and my gold watch.

I’m really glad that my blouse has sleeves and I was able to take off my blazer because about half-way through class I did get warm.  Usually I don’t like to pair red and leopard print together because I think that it comes across as a bit too sexy, but in this instance I didn’t get that vibe at all!  I think that it might have to do with the very demure and almost sweet cut of the blouse and the blazer is very professional and business-like.  Is that just a weird thing that I think?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Monday evening I wanted to wear a dress to class.  However, I have to admit that I didn’t wear this to work that morning.  It was a cold and chilly day and I did not feel like wearing a dress and heels so I didn’t.  I actually wore the outfit that I wore the day before to visit my in-laws.  But, after work I did come home and change into this outfit which is appropriate for teaching.  I did not base this outfit on a pin but rather I looked back in my archives at the ways that I’ve styled this dress before and came up with an outfit that way.  With the peplum ruffle on this dress it can be difficult to layer a cardigan or blazer over it– it obscures the detail that makes this dress unique.

I chose to layer a button-up shirt underneath of my dress.  I’ve done a blue and white striped shirt under this dress before so I opted to go with a white dress shirt this time around.  After I chose the white dress shirt, I picked out my long pearl necklace.  I liked the way the white of the pearls complemented the white dress shirt.  I feel like it made it feel more cohesive than if I had chosen a silver or gold necklace.  Lastly, since I almost always wear my navy blue pumps with this dress I went with my tan pumps.  I like the way that the outfit turned out!

On Tuesday I paired  a top that I’ve worn many different times with jeans.  I realize that doesn’t seem earth shattering–but when I looked back at the ways that I’ve styled this printed top I’ve always done it in a more professional way with either dress pants or a skirt.  Also, I’ve never paired it with this blush colored cardigan, either.

I had originally planned to wear it with my dark wash skinny jeans and ballet flats but we had a snowy, Wintry day (a normal January weather day) and I didn’t want my tootsies to be cold.  Instead, I chose to go with my dark wash boot cut jeans and these black Oxford style shoes.  I like them because they are dressy and have a heel but I can wear warm, thick, fuzzy socks with them, too.  The best of both worlds!  To finish off my outfit I added a skinny black leather braided belt, silver hoop earrings, and a silver watch.