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Wednesday was a beautiful day!  I was excited to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt and a skirt.  This outfit is modeled after this pin, here.  The models skirt is more of a mottled grey and slightly longer, but I think that I still captured the gist of the outfit.  I am wearing my round toe pumps that match the color of the belt.  This outfit is out of the realm of normal for me for a few reasons.

First, it’s not often that I wear a t-shirt to teach.  Second, I can count on one hand the number of times in 5 years that I’ve worn a skirt without tights or pantyhose!  But, it was such a nice day and the outfit was a bit more on the casual side so it just seemed appropriate.  I really like the way that this outfit pairs 3 different neutrals together in one outfit.  I took along a black cardigan just in case I got chilly but I didn’t end up needing it.

Thursday I went with another outfit comprised of a basic t-shirt and based on a pin.  I think that this outfit looks put-together and just slightly above basic, but also casual and comfortable.


My burgundy t-shirt is scoop neck as opposed to v-neck and fits closer to the body than in the pin-spiration.  I paired it with my distressed boyfriend jeans, a cognac belt, my tan/suede booties, and gold and purple pendant necklace.  I liked this outfit, too, and felt that it was a great choice for the weather of the day and the occasion.

On Friday I went with a slightly dressier outfit but on Saturday I was back to my t-shirt and jeans.  Check back for those two outfits.


Prints Galore

Easter Sunday was a lovely day of family, food, fun, and candy!  As I mentioned in my last post my husband and I hosted our parents.  There were 7 of us all together.  We made the ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, and apple pie.  I bought a cheese ball and crackers and a lemon layer cake.  My parents brought potato salad and a cherry cheesecake.  My sister-in-law brought Hawaiian salad and my monther-in-law brought ribbon jello.

After some deliberation, I finally decided on an outfit.  I wanted to dress up but not so much that I would look out-of-place.   A frilly and lacy dress might have been appropriate when I was younger, but not so much anymore.  Instead, I opted to go with my flowered print pants– which were a big hit!

I paired them with my blush colored blouse and sparkly gold ballet flats.  My husband changed his shirt from the Spring green t-shirt to a sky blue polo shirt.  We took a group photo and it turned out great– everyone had on bright and Springy colors and we looked like a bunch of Easter eggs!!

Here is the last time that I wore these pants and blouse:

I focused on the blues and teal in the pants the first time around and went with black ballet flats.  For the blouse, I went with dark wash skinny jeans, a sparkly gold cardigan, and gold ballet flats.  Above, I am wearing it untucked.  But, with the flowered pants I opted to do a front-tuck.  I think that the proportions worked in my favor– my mother-in-law said that I looked skinny in my pants, so I’m going to wear them every chance I get! LoL.

Looking back through my gallery, I noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses to class.  I didn’t really realize it, though,  If you had asked me I would have thought that I’ve worn pants the most– but the tally is dresses 9, pants 6, and skirts 5.  So, I created two outfits featuring skirts for this week to even out those numbers some.  Here is the first one that I wore Monday evening:

My outfit is based on the pin, above.  I paired my brown skirt with a leopard print top, red blazer, and pointy-toed brown ballet flats.  I really liked how this outfit came together.  I didn’t add nearly as many accessories as the inspiration photo– my blouse has a keyhole opening with a bow so I skipped a necklace and bracelets can tend to rattle around and be noisy when I am lecturing so I just went with gold hoops and my gold watch.

I’m really glad that my blouse has sleeves and I was able to take off my blazer because about half-way through class I did get warm.  Usually I don’t like to pair red and leopard print together because I think that it comes across as a bit too sexy, but in this instance I didn’t get that vibe at all!  I think that it might have to do with the very demure and almost sweet cut of the blouse and the blazer is very professional and business-like.  Is that just a weird thing that I think?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Hippity Hoppy

Hello!  Happy Easter.  Today is supposed to be warm but a little rainy.  My husband and I are hosting my parents and his for a mid-day Easter meal.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to wear yet, but here are some outfits that I wore the last week.

Wednesday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  I was off and it turned out to be a super-productive day for me.  That evening I finally put together an outfit with my newest dress.  I have to confess that I bought this dress to duplicate this outfit, here, but I don’t have a long-sleeved striped shirt in those colors.  And, we’re slowly moving away from the season of long-sleeved shirts and layering.  But, never fear– I adapted the idea into a season-appropriate outfit.

I paired my chambray shirt dress with a short-sleeved blue and white striped t-shirt.  I skipped the bandana around the neck even though I had one that could have worked well.  I kept the original fabric belt of the dress and instead of going with my short tan/suede booties I decided to go with my black and brown espadrille wedges.  I absolutely loved the look but I have to admit that I did feel a bit self-conscious over the length of the dress.  It’s by no means inappropriate but it is shorter than all of my other dresses so it felt a little awkward.

Since it was such a beautiful day and my husband was home and I had time before class we took a bunch of photo’s of this outfit– including these outside on our balcony.  Love, love, love.

Because I didn’t wear this outfit to work on Wednesday, just to class for a few hours in the evening I wore the striped shirt to work on Thursday.  My outfit was based on this idea, here.

It’s pretty basic: striped t-shirt, medium wash skinny jeans, brown ballet flats, and a turquoise bubble necklace.  I like the outfit for its simplicity and subtle style.  Also, I liked how my hair looked that day.  Friday I wore an olive-green t-shirt with an olive-green boyfriend cardigan over top, dark wash bootcut jeans, and my knock-off Sperry topsiders.  It wasn’t anything spectacular and I didn’t have time to snap a picture before work.

Saturday was all about comfort– I paired a graphic tee with light wash bootcut jeans and tennis shoes.  I threw a hoodie over top and called it complete.

There you have it.  I’m excited that the weather is slowly becoming more mild and warmer on a consistent basis so that I can start wearing my Spring and Summer clothes.