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Hippity Hoppy

Hello!  Happy Easter.  Today is supposed to be warm but a little rainy.  My husband and I are hosting my parents and his for a mid-day Easter meal.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to wear yet, but here are some outfits that I wore the last week.

Wednesday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  I was off and it turned out to be a super-productive day for me.  That evening I finally put together an outfit with my newest dress.  I have to confess that I bought this dress to duplicate this outfit, here, but I don’t have a long-sleeved striped shirt in those colors.  And, we’re slowly moving away from the season of long-sleeved shirts and layering.  But, never fear– I adapted the idea into a season-appropriate outfit.

I paired my chambray shirt dress with a short-sleeved blue and white striped t-shirt.  I skipped the bandana around the neck even though I had one that could have worked well.  I kept the original fabric belt of the dress and instead of going with my short tan/suede booties I decided to go with my black and brown espadrille wedges.  I absolutely loved the look but I have to admit that I did feel a bit self-conscious over the length of the dress.  It’s by no means inappropriate but it is shorter than all of my other dresses so it felt a little awkward.

Since it was such a beautiful day and my husband was home and I had time before class we took a bunch of photo’s of this outfit– including these outside on our balcony.  Love, love, love.

Because I didn’t wear this outfit to work on Wednesday, just to class for a few hours in the evening I wore the striped shirt to work on Thursday.  My outfit was based on this idea, here.

It’s pretty basic: striped t-shirt, medium wash skinny jeans, brown ballet flats, and a turquoise bubble necklace.  I like the outfit for its simplicity and subtle style.  Also, I liked how my hair looked that day.  Friday I wore an olive-green t-shirt with an olive-green boyfriend cardigan over top, dark wash bootcut jeans, and my knock-off Sperry topsiders.  It wasn’t anything spectacular and I didn’t have time to snap a picture before work.

Saturday was all about comfort– I paired a graphic tee with light wash bootcut jeans and tennis shoes.  I threw a hoodie over top and called it complete.

There you have it.  I’m excited that the weather is slowly becoming more mild and warmer on a consistent basis so that I can start wearing my Spring and Summer clothes.




I noticed last year that kimono shawls starting popping up in a big way.  I liked the look last year but didn’t pounce on it.  However, this year I decided that I wanted to get in the game.  I bought a kimono shawl a few weeks back but I struggled with creating an outfit with it.  I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and the looks that I liked the most were very basic with the shawl/scarf as the star of the show.

I went with a more casual outfit for the first part of my workday and paired the shawl with a white scoop neck t-shirt, dark wash skinny jeans, black espadrille shoes, a gold watch, and gold pendant necklace.  I liked the outfit but wasn’t too sure about it since it was somewhat out of my comfort zone.  But, my husband complimented me and a random stranger in the hallway at work said “nice scarf” as I passed by.

For the second part of my workday since I am not allowed to wear jeans I traded them out for a pair of burgundy trousers.  I also traded out the casual t-shirt for a crew neck sleeveless shell.  I went with peep-toe burgundy pumps and kept the rest of the outfit basically the same.  I do prefer the more casual option, though.  What about you?


This week started out on a high note– I really liked the outfits that I created for Monday and Tuesday.  But, I didn’t really love the outfits that I wore later in the week.  I’m not really sure why– just one of those things where I look at the pictures and I just don’t think that the outfit looked as good as I thought it did/would.

I wore this flowered maxi-dress to class on Wednesday evening.  I put a v-neck magenta/mauve sweater over the dress to make it weather appropriate.  I accessorized with a silver and blue bauble necklace, silver watch, silver hoop earrings, and brown ballet flats.  I’ve worn this dress a few times before and it was a challenge to style it in a different way.  Here are the ways that I’ve worn it before:

As you can see, I’ve done it with my black espadrilles, blue pumps, and nude pumps.  All 3 times before I accented the waist with a belt (skinny silver, medium grey, wide cognac brown.). Two out of the three times I added a pearl necklace– once my long-strand white necklace that I wore tripled up and the other time my pink pearl necklace.  All three of those times I layered a completer piece over the dress– two times my denim jacket and once a grey cardigan.  I thought that I had also worn this with my light pink cardigan but if I did I didn’t take a photograph of it for the blog.

On Thursday I wore a different floral patterned item– I guess that’s sort of been the theme for the week.

I don’t wear this shirt very often and I’m not in love with this outfit.  The proportions don’t seem to be flattering to my body.  I think that a wider leg pant would have balanced out the top half of the outfit better.  What do you think?

I’ve paired this shirt with dress pants or trousers each time in the past.  Once with navy, blush, and black.  I’ve also worn a completer piece over the shirt each time–once a blazer and two times a cardigan.  I have also accessorized with a necklace two of the three times that I’ve worn it and the orange/red skinny belt two of those three times.  Each time that I’ve worn it I’ve gone with black shoes.  The only photo that isn’t here is my favorite styling of this outfit which can be seen here.  I think that the next time that I wear this top I should try pairing it with a skirt– a navy one or a red one (which I don’t have) and/or my royal blue blazer and a khaki/tan skirt.

There you have it!  What do you think?