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Last Monday, May 8th, was the final exam for my class.  The official last day of the exam period was May 15th.  By noon on Wednesday the 17th final grades had to be turned in along with attendance records and the other end of semester paperwork.  Luckily, because I only had to proctor one exam on the first day of the week I was able to have ample time to get them graded and my final paperwork submitted Friday of last week.

This week I’ve just been taking it easy and enjoying the extra time that I have outside of the classroom and freed up since I don’t have to prepare for lecture or grade papers or any of that sort of thing.  But, I’ve also been taking a much-needed break from other things too— namely pre-selecting outfits and blogging.  I am going on vacation soon so a lot of my “favorite” and versatile pieces are set aside for vacation.  It’s not like I don’t have other clothes but I just haven’t been feeling very inspired and energized to create outfits.  I’ve sort of just been throwing on whatever suits my fancy in the morning.  Here are two outfits that I wore this week.

This outfit I wore on Monday.  I bought these jeans over the weekend from Old Navy.  They are a dark wash cropped boyfriend style jean.  I thought that they would be a good addition to my closet.  However, I thought that they would be a bit looser and more relaxed than they are.  I maybe should have gone up a size to get the look that I was going for.  I wore this collared henley tunic over a turquoise tank top and topped it with a teal blazer.  Lastly, I added in some silver and turquoise earrings and slipped on my black ballet flats.  This outfit was comfortable but felt pulled together.

Tuesday I went with a different silhouette.  I paired my medium wash skinny jeans with a t-shirt.  This t-shirt is pretty long so instead of tucking it in and blousing it I opted to wear it out.  It’s a small twist but I think it brings some interest to an outfit that’s otherwise just jeans and a t-shirt.  In keeping with the slightly more elevated feel of the outfit, I cuffed my jeans and went with gold sparkly ballet flats as opposed to tennis shoes or another casual type of shoe.  Silver earrings and a silver watch completed the outfit. That’s it so far– I didn’t snap any pictures of my outfit from Thursday and I’m not planning on taking any this morning, either.


This week I’ve worn a lot of blue!  I wasn’t that conscious of it until I sat down to write this post and was brainstorming a title.  I have noticed that sometimes I tend to gravitate towards certain colors and I’ll wear a lot of green one week and a lot of pink the next.  That’s the one thing that I like about pre-planning my outfits and keeping this blog.  It pushes me to be creative and to notice those patterns that can quickly become ruts.

Although, I will admit that for the past week or two I haven’t been planning my outfits.  Class just wrapped up on Monday evening with the final exam and it’s pretty normal for me to do a casual outfit or two on the last few days of class.  This particular Monday I just wore the same outfit that I wore to work that morning.

Monday’s outfit is loosely based on this outfit that Reese Witherspoon was photographed wearing.  It’s pretty basic and easy to copy– medium wash skinny jeans and a blue sweater layered over a button-down.  I had a v-neck navy blue sweater and a blue gingham top so that’s what I went with.  It was a tad chilly on Monday so I opted to go with my suede booties and blue argyle socks.  Because I wore my booties I did a large cuff on my jeans instead of a small roll.  I still cuffed the shirtsleeves over the sweater and let the collar peek out.  And, just like Reese I kept the accessories to a minimum.  I do have to admit, I wish my hair looked as good as hers in the picture.  I didn’t wash my hair that morning– instead I just sprayed it with dry shampoo and pulled it back into a messy bun.

Tuesday my blue came from a striped t-shirt that I paired with olive-green pants and a denim jacket.  I thought that I had done that combination before but when I looked back in my archives I didn’t have any pictures of it, so I guess not.  (Screenshot or it doesn’t exist, amiright?)

This is a great casual and comfortable outfit that doesn’t look boring to me.  I think that the colored pants give it that bit of interest and intrigue.  Again, this is an easy outfit to copy– I think most women have some sort of striped or patterned shirt in their closet, a pair of khakis/chinos, and a denim jacket or some other layering/completer piece that could be used.

Oh, and I do like my hair in these pictures.  I went home Monday after work and washed my hair before class that evening.  So, I didn’t need to wash it on Tuesday morning.  I just quickly smoothed it out with the flat-iron and then I pulled back pieces on the side.  Normally, I just pull them back and secure them with a clear elastic so that they create a poof at the crown.  But, this time I got a bit fancy and braided the pieces.  LOL, it’s the small things.

What do you think– are you going to try to re-create either of these outfits for yourself?  I suggest that you do.


Wednesday was the last official class day of Spring Semester 2017.  It flew right by like I knew it would!  If you’ve followed the blog for a long time then you may be familiar that on one of the last class sessions I like to dress down in jeans and a t-shirt or something similar.  This is just that outfit.  It was a little chilly that day so I paired this wine colored sweater with my dark wash bootcut jeans, a brown belt, brown Oxford shoes, and a silver watch.

I always think that it’s important at the end of the semester for my students to view me as a peer and no longer as their “superior.”  Next Monday is their final exam period.  This is the first time that I am administering a written exam as opposed to making their final speeches their exam.  I’ve tried several different things this semester.  A few of them have worked and some of them haven’t.  But, that’s OK.

Thanks for reading,