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Last Friday I ended the week with my flowered pants.  I only wore these a few times before getting pregnant and it’s a bit late in my pregnancy for them, but I made them work.  Luckily, this dark teal sleeveless t-shirt is quite long and covered the waistband of my pants.  Because the top is sleeveless, I added the short-sleeve white cardigan.  I also wanted to lighten up the outfit some.  Additionally, to keep it light and airy I went with my trust black sandals.  For jewelry I went with my silver watch and coral/orange wooden ball earrings.

Here are two ways that I styled these pants before my pregnancy.  Back then, I was able to wear them fully buttoned and zipped.  This time around, I wore them unbuttoned and folded the waist band down so that it laid somewhat flat and under my belly bump.  The long shirt is covering everything that is going on!



I mentioned in my last post that I had a goal of doing my hair, makeup, and wearing a cute outfit all on the same day.  So, last Friday I was selected to attend a quarterly round table meeting with my boss’ boss and represent my team.  So, naturally I wanted to look more polished and professional than I do on an everyday basis.  That’s sort of the great thing and the worst thing about working in a call center– no one see’s you so if your hair is sticking up in all directions and there’s toothpaste crusted on your shirt it can be your own secret.

I started with navy trousers and then added this printed blouse.  It’s new and I thought that it paired really well with these pants then to keep it more Summery I chose a yellow cardigan.  I added an oversized gold watch and navy pumps to complete the look.



I mentioned in a previous post that I recently bought some new clothes and one of the items that I bought are a pair of flowered pants.  I was super-excited to wear them as a nod to the first day of Spring.  I had planned to wear them with another new item, my chambray shirt, but the look didn’t come together quite like this.  Instead, I paired them with a sleeveless teal shell that I got for Christmas and my navy blue boyfriend cardigan.  I had some issues with what shoes I wanted to wear and in the end I didn’t really have the time that I wanted to decide or try other options because I would have been late to work.

I felt pretty great in the outfit, but after looking at the photo I think that the proportions are a bit off.  I think that I look top heavy and something with a slimmer silhouette would have been better.  Oh well.