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This week is the start of Spring Semester 2017.  I am extremely happy to be back in the classroom.  But, I am also a little nervous.  I am going to be working full-time (40 hrs.) 8-5 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday through Saturday.  I am off on Wednesday and Sunday.  The class that I am teaching is on Monday and Wednesday evening at 7:30-8:45.  The one great thing is that my junior college is expanding and has opened a satellite campus that is almost in my backyard– my commute time to school is now 10 minutes.

Wednesday was our first day of class since Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I may have mentioned this before but I am doing things totally different this semester.  Starting my new job back in August was beneficial to me because for the first 6 weeks I was back in the classroom.  I was reminded of what that environment is like and the struggles that you deal with as a student.  It caused me to re-think my approach to teaching and how I structure my course.  So, I did a total overhaul.  I want it to be less technical and focus more on giving the students lots of practice speaking in front of others– after all that is the main goal of the course.  I have taken out a good handful of chapters of assigned reading in favor of more hands-on type of activities.  And, those chapters will still be in the textbook for the students who want a deeper or broader knowledge base.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know how this new philosophy works out.

I went with what I consider to be a very “teacher” type of outfit— pencil skirt, cardigan, scarf, and round toe mary jane shoes.  My outfit was based on this pin here, albeit in a different color palette.  I liked the outfit well enough but I am not sure how flattering it is to my figure.  I think that the cardigan worn buttoned up like that looks boxy and a tad frumpy.  And, I thought that my hair looked better than I think it does in these photo’s.

Oh well, I guess.


Hello!  I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate).  I had a fun Christmas Eve working on a puzzle with my husband that Santa dropped off early and then a day filled with family– my parents and his and then back home to finish out the evening.

I did get some new clothes for Christmas even though I didn’t ask for any and certainly need them, but it’s the thought that counts, right?!?  I love me some new clothes.  Today I decided to wear one of my new shirts in my take on this pin, here.  In the photo a bright reddish-orange top is paired with dark wash skinny jeans and a multi-strand turquoise necklace and earrings.  I decided to pair reddish-orange and turquoise/teal together but in the opposite pairing: reddish-orange necklace and earrings and turquoise sleeveless top.  And, because it’s Winter time I also layered a red boyfriend cardigan over my top.  Check out my look, below.


I wasn’t sure what shoes to wear since I obviously wasn’t going to wear sandals in December.  I opted to go with my leopard print ballet flats.  Lastly, I did my eye makeup in a neutral tan and went with a berry lip.  I like the outfit but I don’t love it as much as the inspiration photo.  I do have a reddish top and a multi-strand turquoise necklace that I might use to re-create a more spot on replication of the inspiration photo.

Oh, my new gear.  Santa brought my husband and I a DSLR for Christmas.  I am extremely excited but also a bit overwhelmed.  Please bear with me as I start to learn how to use such a magnificent tool for my blog photo’s.  Today’s photo’s were taking with almost all Auto settings and the 10 second timer but as I get more comfortable with my new Cannon camera and watch some more YouTube tutorials I hope to dramatically improve the photo’s on this blog.

Thanks, in advance, for your patience.


Wednesday was forecast to be the coldest day of the week so I rearranged the order of the outfits that I had pre-planned.  Although it may not seem like wearing a dress on a chilly day is a good idea I believe that with the right layering it can be just as warm as wearing pants.  Plus, I don’t work outside in the elements—I work in a cooled/heated building.

September 28, 2016 W (m)

This outfit was based off of this pin:

March 23, 2016 W (m1)

I’ve done a version of this pin before, also.  That time I added grey tights and wore my silver mary janes.  This time I went without tights and purple ballet flats.  I also added my purple belt and a peacock necklace.

Thursday I also wore teal, but the photo’s that I took of my outfit have disappeared into the abyss.  But, it was based off of this pin:

Pinterest 500

I wore my lighter colored bootcut jeans, a white sleeveless shell, a teal printed scarf, teal cardigan, and tan suede booties.  It was a great Fall outfit— I’m sorry that I lost the pictures.

I had an outfit planned with a flowered maxi dress but I didn’t feel like wearing it.  We were celebrating our last day of training with a potluck and I wanted something that was going to be better for sitting around and eating all day!

September 30, 2016 F (m)

I opted to go with my dark wash bootcut jeans instead of a dress.  I paired them with this silky green blouse.  I layered a gold sparkly cardigan over top and then accessorized with gold leaf earrings and a long layered gold necklace.

Next week I move into Phase 2 of training.  I will now be working 8-5 with Wednesday and Sunday off.  I’m looking forward to getting home an hour and a half earlier, but not getting up and hour and a half earlier.