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Clothing Equations

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Tuesday morning I was originally going to wear jeans since it is one of the last class days and I like to let my personality come through. But, then I chickened out! On T/TR I teach early in the morning and on main campus so I come into contact with a lot of other faculty and staff. It’s not unusual for me to pass by the Provost or President of the college.

Instead, I turned to my gallery page and pinterest to help me pick out an outfit. I’m so reliant on getting inspiration from these sources that it’s hard to remember how I managed to get dressed before them!

I found two items pinned on my outfit inspiration board that I drew from. The first outfit features a crisp white shirt, grey blazer, statement necklace, and black skinny pants with flats. Although I think I technically could get away with wearing skinny pant to work (as long as they’re not denim), I don’t think it’s quite appropriate. But, I thought that black trousers would be a bit boring. The second outfit is also composed of a grey blazer, but with a grey tank top underneath, burgundy skinny pants, and cognac riding boots.

I kept the grey blazer from both outfits, the white shirt and statement jewelry from the first, and the burgundy colored bottoms from the second. I was originally going to go with brown shoes, but they didn’t look right with the overall outfit, so I went with pointy-toed black pumps instead.

Grey blazer: (thrifted.) White button-up: JCP. Necklaces: gifts. Silver watch: Fossil. Black belt: wal-Mart. Burgundry trousers: NY&Co. Black shoes:

Grey blazer: (thrifted.) White button-up: JCP. Necklaces: gifts. Silver watch: Fossil. Black belt: Wal-Mart. Burgundy trousers: NY&Co. Black shoes: Shoe Carnival.

During class I collected my students outlines and we talked about Special Occasion speeches. The semester is quickly winding down, but I hope that my students realize with the way the points are weighted in this class, there is still a large portion of their grade undetermined– something like 25%.

Only time will tell, right? As much as I love teaching, I also enjoy the breaks between semesters. This semester has been a good one, but there have been some rough patches along the way. I do feel that I gain more knowledge and confidence each time, though.


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  1. Christine

    LOVE this outfit. The crisp white shirt looks so sexy on you!

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