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Date Night: Picnic in the Park

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Two Thursday’s ago, my BF and I had a very traditional date night: dinner (Mexican) and a movie (Tammy). But, this week we really used our grey matter and came up with something that was out of the box and uber-fun! We went to Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens to watch Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Before the show begins, you are encouraged to walk around the gardens on the estate and either buy or bring a picnic to enjoy before (or during) the show. We opted to bring our picnic, and I made a thin crust Margherita style pizza and strawberry hand pies to feast upon. We arrived early and had a bit of time to look around and picnic before the show. Upon arrival, we were given a ride down to the open air stage by the lagoon. We went down to see the seating arrangements and check out the stage before slowly making our way back up from where we came to the manor house.

Stan Hywet 7

We walked through the Japanese garden and across the lawn towards the back of the house. Then, we went around the side and found some tables and chairs to enjoy our dinner. After we ate, we used the restroom and then stopped by the car to deposit our picnic supplies. Then, once more down the hill to the lagoon to claim our seats and watch the Greenshow. The Greenshow is the pre-show and consisted of song and dance. It was very amusing and quite entertaining.  Once the show began, I was wishing for more of the greenshow, but after a little while my ear became attune to the iambic pentameter and I was quite enjoying the performance. I was not familiar with the plot of Twelfth Night so I had to pay extra careful attention!

July 10, 2014 Tr (m)

Purple cardigan: Gift. Flowered sleeveless button-up: Target. Purple earrings: Gift. Skinny jeans: target. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Gold bracelets: Versona. Bronze sandals: Wal-Mart.

Although it was quite warm when we arrived on the property, I knew that as the sun set the air would cool down. That cinched the decision for me of whether to wear shorts/skirt or pants. But, to make sure that I was comfortable while the sun was still out, I went with this lightweight silky (and sleeveless) blouse and sandals. I grabbed a purple cardigan for after the sun set and was quite comfortable for the duration of the evening. Towards the very end I was slightly chilled, but that is because we were near water.


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