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Fat Cat

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Sunday evening, after work, I was looking through my gallery to see what I’ve worn during this semester.  One of the things that I use this blog to do is not fall into ruts.  And one of those ruts is not making use of the items in my closet.  Also, sometimes I get into a habit of wanting to wear more casual outfits and pants.  It takes a conscious effort to force myself to vary how often I wear pants, skirts, and dresses.  I determined that I wanted to wear a skirt on Monday.

Then, I went through and listed all the skirts that I haven’t worn at all this semester and the ones that I’ve worn to my T/Tr class.  I came up with this list:

  • black/gold
  • pink lace
  • new khaki
  • light khaki
  • black midi
  • black pencil, black leather
  • pinstriped

The challenge here is that many of these skirts are dark or black— not what I think of when I think of Spring and a beautiful day full of sunshine.  But, I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.  I set about seeing if I could take one of those dark or black skirts and create a Spring-like look.

Black button up: (thrifted.) Bronze belt: Old Navy. Black and gold jacquard skirt: JCP. Nude pumps: Target. Gold watch: target. Gold and diamond bracelet: Versona. Earrings: Versona.

Black button up: (thrifted.) Bronze belt: Old Navy. Black and gold Jacquard skirt: JCP. Nude pumps: Target. Gold watch: target. Gold and diamond bracelet: Versona. Earrings: Versona.

My Early College High School students finished up the last 7 demonstrative speeches.  This is one of the first times that I have even broken over the weekend.  It’s something that I try really hard not to do because I don’t think it’s fair for some students to have nearly a week of extra practice.  I can manage a day or two, but I think that a whole week is a little unfair.  In this circumstance I didn’t have much choice because it takes us three class sessions to get through all the speeches.  So, although it was not ideal I had to make it work.

In my second class, we continued our discussion from last time over Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.  My students were not very forthcoming with their discussion.  We read the transcript of a speech and then I had them go through and mark where the introduction ended and the body began.  Then, I had them determine where the body ended and the conclusion began.  Most all of the students were in the right area with their idea’s.  Then, I had them focus on the body and determine where each of the three main points began and ended: the problem, the solution, and the visualization.  They had a little more difficulty with that task, but we talked about it and puzzled through it.

After that exercise I showed them a video of a different speech organized with Monroe’s and after we talked about it.  A little tiny bit.  They didn’t have much to say.  I passed back their homework and then they sat there and looked at me.  We had about 10 minutes left.  I asked them if they had more remarks to share about the video, but no one did so I dismissed them.  I don’t know what was going on, but I hope that they come back on Wednesday ready to go.

After class, I had to take my cat to the vet.  If you are eating, preparing dinner, or enjoying any type of food or drink, you may want to stop reading here.


Have you backed away from any food or drink?  My cat started scooting.  At first, I thought it was funny when he was dragging his but across the floor.  And then I thought it was kind of gross.  When I saw him do it a few more times, I looked it up and discovered that it is a bad but good problem to have.  It is good because it is a clear indicator that there is a problem and the cat needs to go to the vet.  It is bad because there is a problem.  From my reading, there were a few possible causes— worms or other parasite and impacted anal glands.  Oddly enough, I was hoping for impacted anal glands.  Apparently, a cats anal glands should naturally empty when they defecate.  But, sometimes if their stool is soft it won’t provide enough pressure to empty them.  Also, if a cat can’t or won’t clean themselves properly it can become a problem.  But, it is also pretty rare.

My cat does not like going in his carrier or traveling.  The whole way to the vet he sat and meowed at me.  Once we arrived he calmed down a bit.  He is fine with the vet, it’s just the going to and from that he hates.  The vet checked him out and asked a few questions.  She checked his anal glands and they were full.  She applied a little pressure and emptied them for him.  We also talked about why it happened and how to prevent it.  My cat is 13 pounds and he is overweight.  They don’t go by a pound chart, but rather a description with visuals.  My cat is “Tootsie roll” shaped and chubby.  The vet also gave me a sample of diet cat food and asked if I wanted to participate in The Biggest Loser Contest that they were starting in May.

I was kind of embarrassed.  it’s one thing to call me fat, but quite another when someone says that your cat is chubby.  So, everyone in our household is going on a diet, even our cat.

Here are some other ways that I’ve worn this skirt:

Have a great day,


3 Responses to “Fat Cat”

  1. Jonathan

    I must admit I like the shine. It draws attention to your legs, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

  2. Karen Swanski

    Love this outfit a lot! Shoes are my favorite part. What shade/brand nylons do you use to get that shine?

    Also do you use different colors or just different shadow effects taking pictures?


    • writergrll

      Thanks! I like the shoes, but they are also the shoes that I fell out of last Monday. . . . It’s funny that you like the shininess of the hose because I am not particularly fond of it! But, they are L’eggs Everyday Support. I ran a pair last week and had to break in to these! I like the other ones better, but I don’t know what they are. 🙁

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