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Final Push: 2014 Resolutions Update

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Well, here we are: in October! That means that there are 3 months left for calendar year 2014. The end of the year always seems to come faster than the beginning goes, but that could be just me. I think it’s all of the holidays that are clustered so close together.

My last check-in/update was at the start of August, about two full months ago. I almost don’t even want to write this post because I feel as if I haven’t accomplished much, but here goes anyway! Let me remind you of my goals/resolutions for the year of 2014:

pay off credit card debt by end of year
look into student loans
retirement plan/savings

future planning with teaching–check out options/other schools

Health/Well Being
drink more water (6 eight ounce glasses, per day.)
work out (3x’s per week. Cardio and weights)
lose 4 lbs. by 2/27/2014
Brush teeth/ remove makeup nightly before bed

cultivate/improve friendships
travel more
blog- regular posting, organization, ad revenue
read 12 books
sew/make stuff (3 useable items by end of year)

Let’s go backwards to jazz things up a bit. For the misc. category, I have been doing good. To cultivate/improve friendships I have been making more of an effort to join my co-workers when they are going out after work for a drink. I have also been talking to and texting one of my co-workers more often and establishing a friendship outside of work. Lastly, I have been extending the offer to do lunch and get-together’s.

I haven’t done any traveling really this year, but there may be a small trip planned after the end of the semester. Not too sure on that yet, though, so I don’t want to jinx it.

I am back to regular blog posting now that I am getting dressed and going to work 3 days a week. I’ve been posting on somewhat of a schedule. A few times I put up my post a day or two later than what I had planned. I am also doing the youtube thing now, too, so I am trying to post a video once a week over there. I had a monetary goal that I am hoping for, but I don’t think that I am going to make it based on my history of earnings so far. But, we will see!

I just updated my Book Report page with the last to books that I’ve read, which brings my total for the year up to 11. I am well on my way to meeting, and maybe exceeding, my goal of 13 books for the year.

And last in this category, sewing! I have continued to use my sewing machine to hem pants and do quick repairs on clothes. Also, I am nearly done with my second skirt that I am making. Once I finish that, I will have two items down and 1 to go!

The middle category, health and well being, is by far my worst category for the past few months. I don’t know why, I just can’t seem to pull it together. I have not been drinking water, watching what I eat, working out, or any of the other goals that fall into this category and it is making me unhappy. But, not unhappy enough to do anything about it yet. Go figure.

For the first category, finances and work, I have been doing o.k. I am not going to pay off my credit card debt by the end of the year, but that is because I have made a new plan with the help of my BF. I am getting bowled over by my student loan debt and I needed to find a way to make a bigger impact on the principal of those loans so that I can stop giving them my money! What I have decided to do in lieu of paying off my credit card debt or car early is to fully eliminate one of my smaller loans. This will then allow more of the money that I pay to go to the principal and help me eliminate those debts quicker in the long run. I will be clearing out most of my savings, but it is a calculated risk that I think will be worth it in the long run.

I didn’t make an appointment with my department chair like I keep saying that I am going to (like eating better and working out) but I did volunteer to sub for one of my colleagues. Also, I went to a meeting that adjuncts aren’t normally invited to and got in some good face time with my boss and full-time faculty in my department. This in turn, led my department coordinator to send me a link for a full-time faculty position at another college. So, this is all good!

All-in-all I am not doing horribly, but I have let a lot of goals slip in the health category and I feel a bit blue over it. There is nothing to do but make it happen. I know that it will be good for my mind and my waistline!


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