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I Heart Monday’s

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I know that some people probably looked at the title of this post and thought that it was sarcasm, but it’s not!  I’m telling you that Monday’s are one of my favorite days of the week.  Now, just hear me out for a minute.

Because I work two jobs I don’t have a typical weekend.  Where one job leaves off the other picks up.  Currently, I am teaching 3 sections of Effective Speaking.  I have one class on Monday and Wednesday evenings, one on Tuesday and Thursday morning, and one Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  I work as a bartender on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  That means that my “off-time” is Monday and Wednesday mornings, Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday mornings and all day Sunday.  BUT!  I have a weekly standing date night with my husband on Thursdays.  And, we tend to spend Saturday mornings grocery shopping, cleaning, or doing laundry.  Sunday has been “family” day lately and I volunteer on Wednesday mornings.  If you’re keeping track, that leaves Monday and Friday mornings as me-time.  Thus the reason why I can say “I heart Monday” and mean it!  I get to sleep in, play outfits, watch Youtube video’s and go shopping.

That’s what I did yesterday.  Except I didn’t go shopping because I had to prepare for the school week.  But, I did sleep in and catch up on my Youtube videos and blogs.

Now that the weather is finally breaking I am excited to pull out some of my Spring pieces.  And to wear more dresses and skirts.  That is exactly the plan for this week.  However, I do have to content with rain, but I’ll take the milder temps and rain over the cold and snow.  Here is what I wore to class yesterday evening:

April 6, 2015 M (m)



Believe it or not, this pin served as the inspiration for this outfit.  I know that you may be thinking, What?! if you clicked on the link.  But, just like I tell my students when they are doing stream of consciousness brainstorming— I don’t have to understand how you went from one idea to the next, just generate as many ideas as possible.  I think that the starting point is obvious: a dress.  I wore my teal dress last week so I was going to do something with reversing the colors: a blue dress with a teal blazer and brown or neutral accessories.  I pulled this blue dress out of my closet and my teal blazer.  But, hanging in the closet next to the teal blazer was this brown blazer.  If you look closely, this blazer has stripes of navy and burgundy running through it as well.  So, I grabbed it too.

Looking back at my archives, I noticed that I haven’t worn this brown blazer at all on Monday or Wednesday.  And I just recently wore the teal blazer.  That is one of the only reasons why I went with this blazer.  I still went with neutral accents with my belt and shoes, but chose dark brown instead of tan.  I liked the way that this outfit turned out and can still do the teal blazer idea in the future.

Here are some other ways that I have styled this dress before:


I’ve layered button-down dress shirts under it twice and worn it with a cardigan and statement necklace twice.  I think that there are a few others ways that I’ve worn it before but I couldn’t find them readily in my archives.  I think the blue striped button-down is my favorite styling so far.  What’s yours?

Oh, and please check out my latest Youtube video:


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