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Make a Statement

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Wednesday was a busy day.  As I mentioned last week, I am volunteering on Wednesday mornings.  The weather was warm but grey and gloomy with rain clouds looming overhead.  I think that this kept most people at home.  It was a tad on the quiet side during my volunteer shift but I was able to read a few chapters of my newest book, The American Lady.  Apparently, it is the second book in the glassblower trilogy.  I never read the first one.  Oops.

The week flies by so fast now that I am booked pretty much all of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I can’t believe that it is Friday already.  I feel like I have so many things to do and so little time to do it.  But, who am I kidding; everyone feels that way.

Monday of this week I played outfits and that means that I spent about an hour or so selecting my outfits for the entire week.  I find that taking a bit of time to do it allows me more time to be creative and thoughtful in my outfits.  If I just got up and got dressed I think that I would wear a button down and black pants practically every day of the week.  As time-consuming as it is, I truly do love being able to express my creativity in this way.  (Remind me of that the next time that I am complaining.)

The pin below was a recent addition to my outfit board.  When I saw it I was immediately happy and thought of Spring.


I love the crisp white pants, the neutrals of khaki and brown, the denim shirt, and the pops of color with the bracelet and necklace.  Oh, and I knew the moment I saw it that I could easily re-create this look with items that I currently have in my closet.

April 8, 2015 W (m)

I do have white pants but they are denim and we’re not supposed to wear jeans to school.  I know that sometimes I push the envelope with wearing a denim jacket and this chambray top, but I don’t like to rock the boat too much.  Plus, I am doing a self-imposed challenge of wearing skirts and dresses all this week.  As you can see, I kept the top half of the outfit very close to the inspiration.  I am wearing my chambray button-up and khaki blazer.  I have also added my own pops of color with this twisted turquoise bead necklace and bracelets.

For the bottom half, I opted to go with this very light khaki skirt.  When looking back in my archives I noticed that I hadn’t worn it on M/W.  Also, I thought that because it is so light in color it almost reads as a white skirt.  Lastly, I thought that given the cream striped lining of the jacket that it would tie in nicely.  I chose not to add a belt and went with nude pumps instead of a more casual camel/cognac brown wedge.  I felt that I was already skirting the issue of no-denim with a chambray shirt so I wanted the other elements in my outfit to be more dressy and professional.  I loved this outfit and I can’t wait to duplicate it with the white jeans to an event where it is appropriate!

Thursday was a relief because my students are doing group work.  This means that I have zero class preparation for this week.  Also, it means that I don’t have anything to do during class while they are working.  On Thursday I graded papers in my first class and in my second I worked on preparing for the next unit that I will be teaching.  It’s nice to be ahead instead of behind!

My outfit for Thursday sprang from this photograph:


I feel like I’ve done an outfit similar to this in the past, but maybe not.  I originally pinned this because I had most of the elements to duplicate this outfit.  It wasn’t until quite recently that I bought a polka-dot t-shirt.  But, I do have a few other blouses that could have performed as a stand-in for it.

April 9, 2015 Tr (m)

You may look at my outfit and the original photo and think “What?”  How did she get from point A to point B?  Again, I am wearing all skirts and dresses this week, so I swapped out the pants for a skirt.  I could have gone with a brown or dark khaki skirt to match the original idea more closely, but I haven’t worn this black circle skirt that I made yet.  Thursday seemed like a good of day as any!  I kept the rest of the elements very similar– a polka dot blouse, burgundy cardigan and matching peep toe pumps.  I did go with more of a statement necklace, though.  I liked this outfit, o.k., but I have other ideas for the skirt that I can’t wait to try out.

I hope that your week has flown by, too, and you have some time off and/or exciting plans for the weekend.  I am working at the bartending job and going grocery shopping.  (Don’t be jelly.)



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