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New Year’s Resolutions: October 2015

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Last month, I set my goals for the month of October.  Some of them were short term goals and others were more medium or long-term goals.  But, they were all in support of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.  Below is my list of goals or resolutions specifically for the month of September.  In this post, I will review how I did on those goals and set my goals for what’s left of the month of October.

Lose 4 lbs. by Oct. 5 (130 lbs. or below.) Made it to 132.8
Workout 3x’s per week: running/yoga Worked out 16 times during 5 weeks, 3.2 average
Re-up yoga pass Opted against this goal given the new teaching schedule
10,000 steps 5/7 days  Made this 4 out of 5 weeks, but FitBit was down that week
Continue brushing and flossing Great!  Only missed 5 out of 45 days, 90% A
Skin care routine Meh, not very good here

Pay off credit card balances by Oct. Nailed it
Continue to pay on student loans Yep–back to paying more than the minimum
Retirement planning: contribute to 401k, rollover No action taken
Savings: continue automatic deposit of 10%, don’t touch Yep, automatic deposit= easy!
Check and accept sub jobs as applicable One, not much time with new schedule

Blog 2x’s per week Yep!  Even had 4 posts a few times
Continue reading: 3 more books by e.o.y Yep!  Gonna hit this one early
Sew! 1/3 useable/wearable items This is probably not going to happen by the end of the year.
YouTube: minimum 3 videos for Sept. Posted 4 videos and was on a good schedule

As you can see, I met 9 of my 15 goals.  That’s only 60% which is not very good.  I had some reasons for not making all of the goals– for instance with the yoga pass and sub jobs it’s just not feasible.  The same with my 401k, I can potentially do nothing and there is no harm done.  If I take out those 3, that means that I met 9/12-75%.

Here are the goals for October:
130 lbs. by Nov. 1
Workout 3x’s per week
10,000 steps 5/7 days
Continue brushing and flossing
Skin care routine

Pay off credit card balances by Nov/ don’t use
Continue to pay more than minimum on student loans
Savings: continue automatic deposit of 10%, don’t touch

Blog 3x’s per week
Continue reading: 2 more books by e.o.y
YouTube: minimum 2 videos for Oct.

We will see how I do in a few weeks!


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