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Oh, Baby!

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I’ve been keeping a secret from you.  Maybe you’re quite a keen observer and you’ve caught on.  Or, maybe you haven’t really given much thought to the clues and just look at my pictures.  But, I am now ready to announce to you that I am expecting!  For the past several weeks I have been moaning about being tired and not having energy to do both my hair and makeup on the same day and that I adopted a uniform of sorts when it came to getting dressed.

As I write this, I am 13.5 weeks.  Around 11 weeks we told our parents and then slowly started telling friends, bosses, and colleagues.  And then around week 12 we made it official with a baby announcement post featuring my husband and I and our cat, Pumpkin.

The first few months have been pretty easy-going.  Now that everyone knows it seems that people love to share horror stories about having the worst morning sickness and throwing up daily.  But, not me.  The first few weeks I felt nauseous but then I read up on it and modified my eating habits and didn’t have any issues.  The number one thing that plagued me during my first trimester was fatigue.  It was seriously no joke.  But, now I am just entering in to the 2nd trimester and that blanket of fatigue has dissipated.

I can see why they call the 2nd trimester the honeymoon phase.  I have gotten so much of my energy back.  I actually have the energy to do my hair, makeup, and outfit on the same day and I no longer hit the couch and doze off after work.  Plus, now that we’ve made our announcement it is so much easier getting dressed.  I’m no longer trying to hide the changes taking place in my body and/or worried that people are thinking that I am getting fat.  That’s extremely liberating.

This blog is going to become a maternity blog for the next 6 months and there will be lots of talk about babies.  I totally get if that’s not something that interests you but I sure hope that you’ll stick around.  In regards to clothing, I’ve read a lot of articles that give tips and tricks on wearing your own clothes for as long as possible but that’s not my jam.  In fact, I practically made the jump in to maternity clothes as soon as I could.  For me, it has made a world of difference.  In my other clothes I felt stuffed and uncomfortable and not cute.  Now that I’ve added a few maternity pieces to my wardrobe I have felt like getting dressed and creating outfits because I am so much more comfortable in my pants.  I also did another very important thing the other day on my day off and that was re-do my dresser drawers.  I had my Winter sweaters still out and there’s no reason for them not to be in storage at this point.  As I shifted them in to under the bed storage bags I also edited my wardrobe and took out anything that doesn’t work for my ever-changing pregnancy body.  This was such a great investment of time.  It allowed me to see what I have that works and what I might need to buy.  Also, now when I open my drawers to pick out an outfit it’s only things that will fit and feel good– not button-up blouses that won’t close over my growing boobs or pants that won’t button.

Perhaps in the next few days I will write a post on the maternity pieces that I have added to my wardrobe thus far, but for now let’s get to some outfit pictures.  This is sort of my first maternity outfit.  My mom was very excited to be able to buy me something to wear.  She bought both of these items at Wal-Mart.  The top is not maternity but it is an XL and I am normally a medium.  The capri pants are maternity and feature an elastic panel that comes up over the belly.  They just fit currently so if my rear or thighs expand they won’t fit very well but I am hoping by the time that happens it will be the end of Summer and I won’t want to wear capri’s.

If you look closely at this top it doesn’t actually have any purple in it, but from a distance the way some of the colors blend together it reads a purplish hue.  I decided to wear my purple ballet flats for that reason.  They don’t match precisely, but they do “go.”  This top isn’t exactly my favorite and I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself but it did accommodate my new shape quite well.

Stay tuned for lot’s more baby talk and maternity outfits.


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  1. Charlene c

    Well omgosh look at you !!! Sooooo happy for youon the wonderful news!
    I think it’s wonderful you get to share this chapter of you life here! Your style choices will change but its all exciting. All the best to your growning family!

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