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Olive Day

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I wore this casual outfit yesterday.  I paired my olive-green skinny pants with a white crew neck sweater.  Both of these items are non-maternity and happen to be from Old Navy but they were bought at least 1-2 years apart.  I would have loved to add an infinity scarf to this outfit but with the baby it would have been used as a spit rag!  Instead, I went with dangly gold earrings and my oversized gold watch.

My makeup had been done earlier in the day and looked much better but by the time I took these photo’s it was after a nap or two.  My lipstick had worn away and I didn’t reapply and I had my hair up in a messy/undone french twist but it was held in place by a claw clip and I couldn’t nap with it so out it came!

I didn’t realize it but my husband had also worn his olive-green khaki pants to work that morning, too.  I guess it was just a green sort of day.


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